Christian Prenatal Yoga: 40 Minute Flow

Christian Prenatal Yoga: 40 Minute Flow

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Welcome to this 40 minute Christian Prenatal Yoga Flow!

This mindful and dynamic flow targets all the pain points of pregnancy so you’re left feeling stretched, strengthened, and soothed!

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hello my friend thank you so much for joining me today for this 40 minute prenatal yoga practice this practice is a bit more dynamic which means we're going to be moving a bit from the front of the mat the back of the mat but keep an eye out keep your ear open and you'll do just fine if you have your blocks totally grab them because we're gonna be using them throughout the whole practice and they just make all this moving way easier and I'm actually gonna show you how to set up for a very first pose right now we're going to use a blocks to get set up if you don't have blocks what I want you to do is grab a pillow or two something to help prop you up but but I'm going to show you with the blocks we're gonna gonna do a pose called supported fish what it looks like it's taking one of your blocks at the medium height so this is low medium high medium height placing it kind of towards one end of the mat and then you're gonna take your other black put it on the high height a few inches behind it so this medium height block is gonna go right at about your shoulder blades you decide where it's comfortable either a little bit below or right add it's different for each person this tall block is gonna be for your head and what this is is a really beautiful chest opener heart opener so to get you put your blacks there and I want you to do now is to slide your hips a few inches in front of this medium-sized block and then using your arms rather than your belly unless just slowly lower down and roll yourself so that the medium black is right about your shoulder blades and the tall block is right under your head whoo this feels amazing and then adjust as needed to find your perfect spot knees can be bent feet on the floor like this aren't that to the side or you can bring soles of feet together knees wide or you can straighten your legs or all of this just feels way too intense because it is a pretty big heart opener roll over onto one side press yourself up grab that pillow lay it on top of these blocks it's gonna take away some of that intensity but you'll still get the chest and if you don't have blocks just lie a pillow lengthwise like this come to lie down on it so the pillow is the length of your spine you'll get same kind of heart open or just a little less intense so settle into your pose and let's jump in and do some yoga you wherever you find yourself begin to invite and embody a sense of stillness external stillness as well as internal stillness slowing down your breath wrangling your thoughts and becoming aware of the presence and the goodness and the nearness oh god I came across this poem recently that it's gonna be the theme for this class and the more that I think about it and read it them the less I understand and the more it scares me but the more truth feels you know it's by the poet named Mark neppo and he writes all the Buried seeds crack open in the dark the instant they surrender to a process they can't see alright we've heard about the the underground seasons the seasons of darkness and wilderness where things crack open but I think what was so profound to me about this poem is the noticing that that you're surrendering to this process you can't see you don't know that you're gonna be this mighty oak tree you may not but you surrender to the process nonetheless and this reminds me of of Abraham way back in Genesis and in Genesis chapter 12 very first verse chapter begins with the Lord saying to Abram this is before he God changed his name to Abraham he was still Abram I've always said to him go from your country your people and your father's household or the land I will show you and then he makes Abram these very specific promises this verse is crazy to me like nowadays we leave our countries and our families and our friends quite frequently you know like the the power of travel and globalization means that that a lot of us don't live in the places we were born with the people we were born with but in these days like this was everything this was Abraham's livelihood this was his identity this was his safety this was his provision and God not only tells him to go but he doesn't tell them where he's going to he just says leave leave to the land that I will show you do you trust me and my promise is enough to surrender to this process that you can't see so as you are stepping into a new season of motherhood perhaps this is your first child or a second or third or fourth or whatever whatever this is for you a new baby brings an entirely new season an entirely new reality and we can choose to resist that and hold tightly to the things that we know to stay bundled up as a little seed crack an uncracked underground in the dark but over and over in the Bible and I believe today God's offering us something much scarier but much richer which is will you surrender to me will you trust me will you leave what you know am i enough for all of that so god I just ask as we begin to move through this yoga practice today that you would speak to our hearts as well as our bodies about what surrender looks like about what faith looks like how do we let go and surrender to something that we have little control over that we don't know the outcome of that could drastically change our lives can we surrender willingly to that go obediently and with joy god I ask you to reveal any parts of our heart that harden against those words and Holy Spirit would you lead us in the way everlasting well your kindness lead us to repentance we thank you for our bodies for these babies for this season of life and we just honor you in it in this yoga practice today in Jesus name we pray all of this amen slowly begin to take some deeper breaths make some circles with your wrists here reach your arms up over your head as you take a big full breath in and then that as you exhale bring your hands over to the right side gently press yourself up to a seated position if you are lying on blocks you can bring those to the front of your mat and if you have a blanket or a pillow nearby that you would like to sit on to lift your hips up I would recommend sliding that under your hips right now I'm come to a comfortable seated position and then tip your head over to the right side and soften your left shoulder away from your ear slowly sink your chin down into your chest and roll it over to the left side right shoulder falling away and again very gently roll your neck over to the right side and roll your neck over to the left side good slowly bring it back up to the center interlace your fingers behind your back roll your shoulders forward up and back as you reach your knuckles to the floor expand your heart forwards but gently drop baby in good take your hands clasp keep them behind you but just bring them over to your left side and drop your right ear over to your right shoulder notice if that changes the stretch at all and then take your head over to the other side and notice if that changes the stretch at all and then roll your chin down into your chest take your clasped hands over to your right side drop your head over to the right again and then roll it over to the left good back up to the center release your hands make your elbows into gold pose alongside of you as you inhale expand your arms arch your back reach your heart forward and then as you exhale interlace fingers in front of you press your palms away from you round your spine especially that upper spine and press them away inhale expand your chest open your arms take up so much space exhale round forward press palms away one more time inhale roll open exhale round forwards good bring your hands onto your knees now and start to circle your upper body let's see if you can get your ribs involved see if you can get your shoulders involved maybe even your heads moving at your tempo and your expression and then start to take the circles in the opposite direction and start to make those circles smaller and smaller and smaller until you find yourself in a space of stillness with your head stacked on top of your shoulders your shoulders over your ribs your ribs over your hips and your sit bones those bony bones at the bottom of your pelvis ground down into the floor take a moment to set your own intention for this practice this could be a simple prayer to God of what you would like him to do for or with you to be a confession of something that you want to cultivate it could just be a simple surrender and open your eyes come on to your hands and your knees no your knees are sensitive I'll always slide a block I'm sorry I blanket across the middle of your mat to give them a little extra cushion when you find that tabletop position walk your hands forward a couple inches and sway your hips really deeply from side to side so that you feel a really nice stretch on the outside of each hip move through this slowly and mindfully and then come back to the center hands back underneath your shoulders extend your left leg back behind you keep your toes on the map but just slide the those left toes over to the right side keep your right hand where it is but extend your left arm over to the right side so you're making this kind of C shape with your body and that stretch that was just in your hip now you feel it perhaps in your side body and your ribs deeper into that left leg good now plant those left toes on the mat extend that left arm up to the ceiling grounding down into your right hand for a supported side plank good and return hand and foot to the mat and let's take this on the other side so left hand right underneath that left shoulder right leg extends back toes on the mat slide those toes over the left side and walk your right hand over to the left breathing big full breaths into the full length of your right side body good and now ground that right foot down really stretch that right arm overhead lift up through your ribs and your hips for the supported side plank good and again return hand and knee back down on to the floor we're gonna roll all the way up to our knee so that you're standing on your knees see if you can stack hips over knees shoulders over hips just like we were sitting uh-huh inhale reach both arms up over to overhead as you exhale reach your left hand back your right arm forward twisting over the left side hips and baby keep pointing forward just your upper body twist to the left good extend your left hand down the back of your leg reach your right hand up to the ceiling perhaps you feel a nice stretch in the front of your body and then come back to the center reach both arms overhead big breath in exhale not twist over to the right right hand back left arm forward maybe your gaze goes over that right shoulder keep sneaking that right hip forward uh-huh and now lower right hand down to the block straight and left arm all the way up to the ceiling big breath in as you exhale return to the center hands to the mat open your knees nice and wide toes together hips reach back to your heels for child's pose let this be a moment of surrender maybe even of imagining or visualizing the seed underground in the dark being cracked open and surrendering to a process I think the beautiful thing is that's what your baby is doing right now that's what the miracle of life is it's in our DNA to grow in the dark to trust that God will work all things together for good spread your fingers really nice and wide here plant your hands into the mat tuck your toes start to hover your knees up draw low belly in reach hips back downward facing dog you can pedal your heels here bending one knee and the other or maybe stillness is what's calling to you take one more big full breath in here and then as you exhale lower your knees down to the mat bring your hands to the block step one foot forward between them doesn't matter which check your back toe lift your back knee and then step your back foot forward so that you're in a forward fold at the front of your mat keep your hands on the block here take a big breath in lift halfway up low belly draws and so your back is flat as a board shoulders back top of the head reaches forward and then exhale fold all the way down inhale lift halfway up and exhale fold and release once more inhale lift halfway up grow will image longer through your spine that's it and then fold forward bring your hands to your thighs roll all the way up to stand reach your arms overhead big breath in exhale hands come together at your heart inhale reach them overhead again this time with your right hand grab a hold of your left wrist pull that left wrist up towards the ceiling and then over to the right sides maybe even mend a little bit into that left knee to help stretch a little bit more into your side body good come back to the center and let's just switch sides so grab a hold that left wrist and try your right wrist extend it up find length first and then find some depth as you stretch over to the left good return to the center release your hands back behind you interlace fingers heels of the hands come together as you draw your knuckles towards the floor expansive across your keeping this interlacing your fingers fold forwards open up across the front of your shoulders let your head relax down let your neck soften and then let your fingers release down to the blocks draw your weight into your heel so lift your toes off the mat feel that weight shift now put your toes back down bend at your ankles your knees and your hips as you sit back into a chair posture bring your hands together at your heart and lift your heart into your thumbs for chair pose continue to draw your tailbone down and away like towards the back edge of your mat okay and now lift your right heel off the floor and lower it lift your left good you can let heel again or maybe just hover that right foot off one inch and lower it down and lift the left and lower it down good fold forwards breathe in lift halfway up exhale release all right what do you mean to flow a bit here lift halfway up keeping this length and stability through your back start to lift your right leg up for a supported warrior three so we're trying to make a t-shape with our body so lift from that inner right thigh flex that right foot and I could have a cup of tea on your back take one more breath in here and then we're gonna reach that right leg back back back back back tap your toes down to the floor find a high lunge so that left foot should be able to stay flat on the mat as you bend deeply into your left knee let your hips sink forward reach your heart up to the ceiling for a supported high lunge good now as you exhale we're gonna start to straighten that left leg draw your hips back for pyramid pose reach that right heel down to the floor and draw your left hip back so your back stays flat just like when we were doing those those halfway lips good now keep your right hand on the block why don't you bring it right underneath your shoulder if it isn't yet and twist your left arm up to the ceiling baby keeps pointing forward again just upper body twist to the left side draw your shoulders away from your ears grow a little bit longer through the crown of your head good and then place your left hand down on the mat plant your back heel down start to bend into your left knee rise up warrior one and warrior one that back leg is really straight and strong and in that back thigh is spiraling into the center and that front left foot is planted firmly into the mat and that left hip is drawing back so your hips face the front of the mat take two more deep breaths right here and then return your hands to the blocks we're gonna meet in a wide-legged forward fold on the right side so take those blocks for a walk all the way to the long edge of your mat point both sets of feet both feet you have one set of feet to the right side of your mat and hang in a nice wide legged forward fold here it might feel even nice to point your toes in ever so slightly to help open across the sacrum and your low back all right now point those right toes to the back of your mat just a little bit we're gonna start to bend into that right knee straightening that left leg and lifting those left toes up to the ceiling good if you like you can stay here or extend your left arm up towards the ceiling take one more breath wherever you are deep into the stretch then place your left hand back on the block we're gonna take a twisted lunch to the back of your mat so take your blocks for a walk so that they're framing your right foot and you're now in the ball of your left foot keep your left hand on the block now twist your right hand up towards the ceiling as always belly keeps pointing down upper body's doing the twisting take one more breath so you can see if you can lift your hips a little bit higher and I'll return your right hand down step your left foot forward and fold forwards good your hands can come off the blocks if you'd like to help you fold a little bit deeper good and then bring your hands up to your thighs and slowly roll all the way up to stand we're gonna find tree pose here your right leg is gonna be the trunk your left heel is going to come to rest on your right ankle boom tree pose if you'd like to take it a bit farther you can maybe slide that left foot up to the outside of that left shin or maybe use your hand to help press that right foot into the inner left thigh just don't use your right knee as a Ledge for your foot there's a lot of pressure on a pretty vulnerable joint take one more breath in and then as you exhale release that left foot but don't put it on the mat yet float that left knee up draw your tailbone down and then cross your left ankle over your right thigh so you're going to sit your hips back like you're in a chair posture hands come down to the blocks and enjoy this really yummy or intense your choice of words hip stretch choose to surrender to the process trust that it's going to take you somewhere that God is you now we're going to call you someplace and then abandon you two more nice big nourishing breaths here and then after your second breath slide that left leg over your right so you're standing in a forward fold with your legs crossed this should feel really nice on the back of that right leg and then untwist your legs hang in a forward fold now our body has two sides surprise so we're gonna do this set of poses on the left side and slowly make our way back to face the front of the mat so in this forward fold posture place your hands on the blocks breathe and lift halfway up find that strong flat back and then float your left leg up for a supported warrior three left hip anchors down butt left heel to the crown of your head is filled with energy now start to reach that left leg way way way back so you can land those toes on the mat into a high lunge so you're bending into your right knee is your breathing and expand your heart forward hips down good and then as you exhale pyramid pose right leg is gonna straighten fold forwards left heel reaches down towards the mat keep drawing that right hip back go ahead and now crawl those blocks right underneath your shoulders if they're not there yet left hand is gonna stay on the block your right arm is gonna twist open and return your right hand down spin your back heel down for warrior one draw that right hip back Press that left hip forward and rise up take five deep breaths and warrior one good place your hands back onto the blocks and we're gonna take that wide legged forward fold over to our left side now toes point to the left side straighten both legs maybe even pigeon and toe those toes in slightly good then just play with with moving your weight into the balls of your feet and your heels and notice how that changes the stretch crawl the blocks over towards the left side Bend into your left knee lift your right toes up enjoy the stretch now on the back of that right leg option to raise your right arm here good if your right arms lifted lower it back to the block and let's find a twisted lunge back to the front of the mat now so blocks come all the way over the left side frame that front foot you're up on the ball of that back foot right hand stays on the block left arm twists up you got this good return that left hand down step your right foot forward and fold forwards beautiful hands come to thighs stand all the way up arms reach overhead breathe in exhale hands to heart left leg is going to ground down now into the floor and bring your right heel to your left ankle even out your hips here draw tailbone down feel that slight engagement in your low belly and then slide that right foot maybe up to the outside of your right calf or use your hand to bring it into your upper left thigh you choose how you'd like to express this pose in your arms and take one more breath as you exhale release your right foot but draw your knee up to the center use your core to lift it a little bit higher and then cross that ankle over your left thigh hands come to the blocks as you sink your hips back breathing deeply into the outside of that right hip and right thigh very good now slide that right foot all the way over that left leg so you're standing in a forward fold with your legs crossed and surrender to the stretch in the back of your left leg John chapter 14 verse 26 jesus says when the father sends the spirit of holiness the one like me who sets you free he will teach you all things in my name and he will inspire you to remember every word that I've told you why can we surrender to the process because we have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us God's Word does not return void he says that the Holy Spirit's job is to inspire us to remember every word to teach us all things in his name she set us free that's the promise we live under and cross your legs and fold forward over them we have done a lot of legwork today and I think we're warmed up nicely for a squat if you are in your third trimester and you know that your baby is in a breech position I'm gonna recommend that you just stay in a forward fold or you can do a butt up Child's Pose to help encourage them to to flip around if you are not near third trimester or if you know baby is head down but I'm gonna invite you to take the squat position so you'll tell your feet nice and wide to the edges of your mat maybe even a little farther and I'm gonna encourage you as much as possible to keep your toes pointing forwards rather than out to the sides when we open our toes out to the side it narrows the pelvic outlet so when you're laboring squatting can feel really nice can be really helpful but less helpful if your legs are open to the side which narrows the pelvic opening when you keep your toes pointed forward that pelvic opening becomes a little bit larger then when you narrow it off by bringing your feet out so that might mean taking a super wide pose and that's okay it might mean rolling a blanket or even your yoga mat under your heels to help support them so that you can keep your feet pointing forward so if you're not there already yet sink your hips down instead of rounding your upper spine can you reach your heart forth so spine is nice and long and can you find a sense of softness in your pelvic floor here a sense of surrender good one more breath and then press into your feet fold forwards good bring your hands to the blocks step one foot back doesn't matter which lower that back knee down step your front knee back to meet to your back knee come to hands and knees spread your fingers really wide let's take downward facing dog just for three breaths so reach hips up and back big full breath in and out and after your third exhale lower your knees down find child's pose ask the Lord if there is any hardness or clenching or gripping or refusing to move that has taken residence in your heart ask him to offer something in exchange for that hardness because you can't take that hardness with you and grow at the same time we're going to move into just a couple minutes of specific pelvic floor work so start to press yourself up from Child's Pose you can do this just seated comfortably on the floor on a blanket I like to do this sitting up on block so if you have your blocks stack them one on top of the other you can take a supported squat which means feet on the mat knees up or you can take supported virasana or hero's pose which looks like your shins on the floor this is a nice opening for the front of your hips and your thigh bones find yourself whatever position feels most comfortable for you now our pelvic floor muscles mirror our diaphragm in how they engage and contract so when you take a breath in your diaphragm drops and expanse and the same thing happens with your pelvic floor so the muscles have this natural softening and expanding and then as you exhale your diaphragm comes together and lifts and the same thing happens in your pelvic floor muscles have this natural contraction so for this pelvic floor work we're not just gonna focus on strengthening and engaging because we want to have a balanced pelvic floor pelvic floor that's too tight it's not strong and it's not healthy in a pelvic floor it's too weak we obviously know the consequences of that so we're looking for something more balanced so as we breathe and focus on conscious engagement we're equally gonna focus on the inhaling and conscious relaxation all right so let's just take a breath in to prepare and breathe out and now as you breathe in see if you can fully soften and relax your pelvic floor muscles and then as you exhale begin to lift and engage good when you need to breathe in relax and soften and as you breathe out lift and engage a couple more times inhale release exhale engage and again inhale release totally and then exhale lift and engage fully good inhale to soften and then just return your breath back to normal we're gonna take this a little bit farther by adding some more control to it so as we lift and engage on the exhale see if you can engage at like 35% 70 percent and then 100% and then as we inhale to release can you release at that same level of control so instead of just engaging all at once and releasing all at once can you do it slowly and thoughtfully thereby bringing a little bit more tone and balance to the pelvic floor muscles so let's take a breath in and out to prepare and then as you inhale totally soften and relax and release and as you exhale now begin to engage thirty five percent 70 percent 100% full engagement breathe in now slowly release back down to seventy thirty five and zero good exhale lift and engaged level-1 level-2 full engagement breathe and select to release for three two and one and again exhale left four one two three inhale let go for three and two one back down to zero good return your breath back to normal these are just really I don't to say simple exercises because they may not be but they you can do them anywhere I anytime all it takes is just a little bit of awareness and concentration so feel free to incorporate these in to your Netflix watching or your cooking or your sitting at your desk whatever you have going on for now if you're sitting on blocks slide them out from underneath you bring the soles of your feet together open your knees wide flutter your knees up and down just a couple times to help release your hips and then let your knees soften down breathe and grind your sit bones into the floor karana the head reaches up and as you exhale start to fold forward surrendering into the hips good start to rise back up place your hands back behind you and put the soles of your feet on the floor make them really wide here the farther along you are in your pregnancy the wider they're gonna need to be we're gonna fold over our thigh so you determine how wide they need to be but I want you to take a breath and place your hands on the back of your thighs arced your heart forward like you were in cow posture and then as you exhale slide your hands over the front of your legs and let your upper body rest on your thighs so you get this really nice opening across your low back good we'll do this one more time inhale rise back up open your back you can even reach your arms out to the side if you like and then as you exhale round like a cat over your thighs draping your body over your legs and then slowly come back up to the center and we'll prepare for shavasana so you can take supported shavasana like we did at the start of class with your blocks or your blocks with the pillow over them would feel a bit more restorative than just the blocks if you were just lying with the pillow along your spine and that felt nice you can take that again or you can lie on your side onto your left side your left leg is going to be straight and if you have some pillows nearby which I know you probably do take that right knee and roll that right hip forward so your right hip can rest on those pillows if you have blocks and pillows you can place it pillows on top of the blocks or even more of a hip opening stretch here or hip opening restorative pose there's really not stretching going on but find your place of rest and Isaiah chapter 30 verse 15 God says in repentance unrest is your salvation in quietness and Trust is your strength not in in preparation and control is your strength no in quietness and Trust trusting the one who was calling you to go to go to the land that he will show you use these last few minutes to let go of anything else that you're holding on to that you don't need to be anything you're holding on to that's keeping you from growing father God we thank you that we are held by you that we are known by you that we are loved by you we thank you for these beautiful miracles of life growing inside each woman practicing and just as these babies are perfectly formed perfectly known by you just as each step of their growth is ordered by you so is ours so God give us the faith to trust you especially in this new season we're entering we love you God we praise you we draw near to you in Jesus name we ask all of this amen thank you friend for practicing with me today and I look forward to practicing with you again soon hey thank you so much for getting on your mat and practicing with me today this practice bless you will you let me know in the comments or find me on instagram at caroline w yoga i'd love to know i felt what you liked what you want more of and I have a prenatal a guide to prenatal yoga on my website did you know that you go to Caroline Williams yoga calm right on the homepage there you can put your email address in get this guy to prenatal yoga and a free video that's not public on YouTube this might just help encourage and inspire you so pick that up in my website and I'll see you back here on your mat again soon

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  1. Caroline, this video was SO life-giving to me! God so used your message and scripture to speak right to my heart. Thank you for posting your videos! I am also a fellow Holy-yoga instructor and it boggles my mind that there aren't that many people posting Christian yoga like you are- so, I'm thankful for you and your videos!!

  2. Hi Caroline….I am years of postnatal….like 34 (lol) but i did benefit from this practice today….with the seed of surrender….knowing the process is a process unseen. I love keeping in mind “I am KNOWN by GOD and LOVED by GOD….i can’t seem to hear this enough in my walk with Jesus. Thank You….Amy

  3. Even at nearly 16 years postnatal I STILL need to surrender to the process of my growing babies and how they are becoming women. This mommy body can still benefit from your videos. Thanks for much for all you do!

  4. Thank you for making prenatal videos!! I am currently 18 weeks and have been stretching with your other videos for a couple weeks, I loved this new video, it will definitely be a go to throughout the rest of my pregnancy! It is amazing how God is working through you, keep trusting Him, He has big plans for you! 😊

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