Cakes Kids Can Make | Alison from Millennial Moms

Cakes Kids Can Make | Alison from Millennial Moms

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I’m Alison and I upload to Millennial Moms every Friday. Here are four different cake recipes that are super easy, fast and fun for children to make! They’re super tasty, easy to make from scratch, and affordable!

Cakes for Kids:

Add a pack of Oreo’s into the blender until they are broken into small pieces.
Add 1/4 cup of melted butter and 2 T of sugar and stir.

Place scoops of cookies onto the bottom of liner and press and press and press down.

In another bowl add:
16 oz of cream cheese
16 oz of heavy cream
1 c of sugar
1/4 c powdered sugar
Mix it up until is a creamy fluff of goodness.

Put the creamy fluff on top of the cookie bottoms.
Add your choice of toppings:
Cherry Topping
Cookie bottoms
Reese’s peanut butter pieces

Freeze for a couple hours before serving. Yum. Deliciousness is about to happen!

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(upbeat music) – Hi friends, this is
Alison with Millennial Moms. Today I've got two guest
helpers. What's your name? – Bridges – Makayla – And Makayla, these are my two daughters. And I'm gonna give them a challenge today. Today they are going to see if they can do some no bake cakes. So that's today's challenge,
think you can do it? – Of course! – Yeah? (laughs) – Yeah. All right, don't forget
to subscribe below. And give us a big- – Thumbs up! – Thumbs up, all right let's get started. – [Voiceover] Let's make this interesting. We will leave the base
and the center the same, but get four different kinds of cake. Starting with the base first. It is made out of Oreos, yummy! Put an entire pack of Oreos in a blender. If they don't mix easily, stop the blender and move it around with a wooden spoon. Repeat until the Oreos are
broken into small chunks. A food processor will also work. – [Voiceover] Pour out the
chunks of goodness into a bowl. Add 1/4 cup of melted butter
and two tablespoons of sugar. – [Voiceover] Sugar plus
sugar equals delicious! – [Voiceover] Then stir this bad boy up. – [Voiceover] When it's all stirred up, scoop the cookie mixture into the bottom of a mini cake liner. And press and press and
press those cookies down. Aw, aren't those the cutest little cookie bottoms you've ever seen? Then you're gonna add your cream cheese, your heavy cream, your sugar, and even more sugar, the powdered kind. – [Voiceover] Put your beaters in the bowl and mix until it's nice and fluffy. – [Voiceover] Remember those
cute little cookie bottoms? Put the creamy, sugary fluff on top of them and smooth it out. Now you're at the part where making the four different kinds of cake. – [Voiceover] Number one is cherry. Our secret, use the can
of cherry pie filling and drizzle it on the top. – [Voiceover] Number two is caramel. And we just used ice
cream topping caramel. Hey Bridge, are you making an
"M" on there for me, Makayla? – [Voiceover] Ummm, nope. – [Voiceover] The third is Reese's Pieces. Just chop 'em up and put them on the top. – [Voiceover] Number four,
last but not least we used the leftover cookie bottom and
sprinkled it on the top. – [Voiceover] Those are the four cakes. The only problem was that Makayla snitched half of the candy toppings. – [Voiceover] Four yummy cakes! Oh yeah, put them in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving. Cherry, Oreo, caramel, and Reese's Pieces are all better when they're frozen. – Oh yeah!
– Oh yeah! – Oh yeah!
– Oh yeah! – Yep these are fabulous. – All right girls, was it a success? – Yes
– Yes – Yeah? – Minus one little thing,
we got cake in our faces. – Yeah, yeah I figured that. Follow us on our own personal
channel called How Does She. Michelle was yesterday,
check out her video. And then we've got an awesome
video tomorrow coming up. So we'll see you next Friday. – Bye – Bye

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