Budget Gift Ideas for Mother's Day – Katy Beach

Budget Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - Katy Beach

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Hello loves todays video is gift ideas for mothers day , I hope you enjoy it x


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hi guys hope you will okay today doing a video out I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna call it I think it's gonna be something along the lines of bargain Mother's Day Poundland idea something like that basically I think there is a lot of everybody loves their mom okay almost people general with them you love the mother figure in your life and I think there's a lot of pressure to you know so I set this thing on I think I was on Twitter the other day whereas like my mom deserves a desert island and all I can afford as a candle do you know what I mean it's like everybody wants to go in every video without doubt there's a Darwin George everybody wants to spoil their mum but sometimes budgets don't go that far so that's a thing in in modern life I think it's also the case that I'm gonna for and one will get a lot of stuff on Mother's Day also I have a lot of nieces and nephews and quite a lot of them buy things my mom on Mother's Day and volumes of thinking also in my family my mom's birthday is also in March Mother's Day is in March expensive and yeah everybody has different budgets some people buy their mums you know for Mother's Day I don't but being on a budget doesn't necessarily mean you know it's it's just showing that you care it's a token and they have some really nice things in Poundland at the moment and I thought I could show you something that might help you think we can put together also probably a good video for dads you've got younger kids because you know that's don't always think about that until the day before or the morning off um anyway I've rambled enough my mom personally I don't think would like all the heavily embossed mum stuff but my mom's been a mum over 50 years so she's probably had all of the variations of mum branded stuff I'm not over fifty clearly but I have seen things um so I don't have that kind of thing here which probably means this would be a good gift also for somebody who is like a stepmom or a caregiver or just an auntie that you love or the girlfriend that you just want to spoil but maybe you know I have friends that don't have partners that have young children that you know their kids austie can go out and do this but this might be a nice thoughtful gift to give to a friend who doesn't have or to give to a friend's children to give to them on a mom's day you know what I mean anyway I got this basket it's from homeland it was a pound you can only pick these type of things really really cheaply in chops like 50 B but it's a nice clean condition white turned basket I've also got some of the shredded paper it's like hastily pink again most card factory type places do this as well but this is from a pound job nice pink color late and then there's some things like obviously you buy a treat that you're personally given to likes but chocolate orange always a winner and then I picked this really lovely bath bomb for a pound obviously if your budget stretches too lush that's what you can do but you know it's I don't know if it has a certain I've just cleaned my kitchen so all I can smell is still flora but it looks pretty and then I picked one of the Jo Malone esque candles this is in red currant Oakwood it looks very nice these all smell nice as well oh this is new I've not seen these prior to this trip I've got Gilly giving herself a little wash next to the sofa next to the camera nice um yeah I've not seen these before it's a beautifully scrumptious coconut face face mask yeah I've not seen these empowerment oh but there you go it's quite a good size I think you'd get quite a good set of goes out of that but yeah pound and then this is where you kind of start personalizing things to the individual so I picked up this this is candy cotton cocktail topper just add alcohol my mum isn't a big drinker so this wouldn't work for my mum but someone's need it I've got friends with kids I know so yeah they also had Prosecco glitter which was quite nice not to say my mum's bag but other mums out there might like it and just kind of give you an idea so you could go out and get quite a large bottle of wine for a couple of quid or four quid wouldn't fit in your basket though these tiny little champagnes you get these at home bargains they're normally about pound $19.99 and I just think that next to each other in the basket would look quite nice however if your mum or person you isn't a drinker that bag how nice is this Cup this carpet in Poland this is so a marriage water it's not quite but it's kinda I really like the parent designed by average water um it's a lovely shaped cup it's a good base it's a good size pound and it's it looks a lot more pretty than pound and then you could buy you know your mum's favorite tea another really good idea is if you know if your mum's more of a coffee drinker it doesn't really work with the cup but you could get like a Starbucks or a caustic gift card and pop in or selection Oh hot chocolates if you prefer do you not I mean and then carrying on with the individual saying pick up some movies you know if your mum is a movie watcher good idea Poundland do loads of movies they've been like reconditioned so the good quality they've just been pre used and they silicone they put the wrap back on them so they're like a pound another really good place for bargain used CD dvd's cex we have them in Como I'm assuming they're a nationwide thing they do DVDs from like 50 P the ones I've got here this one came from I think I got it from home bargains this is a three set my mom would like this one so this is the Royal Box and it's got a young Victoria the King's Speech in the Queen and quite sure I paid like I want to say it was in the range and I want to say was four quid it might have been a fiver this one is Pride and Prejudice they've got this currently on it Sainsbury's in the mother day in the Mother's Day section for five pounds I freaking love this DVD and then another one that's also from Sainsbury's in the Mother's Day section this is three pounds it's got Chris Evans in I've not watched it because it's so kind but I've seen the trailer on YouTube and it looks beautiful it's called gifted and then you know you pop in a bag of popcorn voila so it's kind of you can really make it your own you know I'm not always have nice branded nail polishes like Rimmel and things really cheap you can really make your own without spending a whole lot of money so you know if you wanted to do like the movie night box with a face mask is like one pound for the basket one pound for the Shred three quid for that I think I got a multi pack of popcorn for a pound pawnshop you know a pound a pound pound you know you can put together something really nice for less than antenna you know if you are one of this before you have to buy multiple gifts you can make it even more reasonable you know in our family we obviously buy to Mother's Day presents because John's got a moment I've got a mom but they're obviously their families out there where they've got a mom and a stepmom or like my it's a lot of my sister's kids they buy for their granny so they're buying for their mom and their grandma you can you know to be completely honest a couple like this you know with some chocolate in or something it's a really nice gift they saw cellophane empowered land for a pound you can wrap it up put a ribbon on it it looks fancy and you know it's cost you about a fiver oh I got rumbly and quick there this was only gonna be a four minute video and I've rambled for 15 minutes great I hope this helps you with your pound pound I hope this helps you with your mother day mother's days ideas you know if this is beyond your budget right your mama no when we were kids we would go pick daffodils Julie living in the countryside it is you know make her a cup of tea give her a cuddle most moms seem to like that stuff but you know hopefully this helps with some ideas if you are on a budget I hope you enjoyed this video if you have please give it a thumbs up comment subscribe share and I talk to you in the next one bye guys

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