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On my Facebook breastfeeding support page I recently learned about couples who are TTC using breastmilk instead of urine to take pregnancy tests and some are getting earlier positives. But I’ve also heard that some people are getting false positives when they aren’t pregnant. So we decided to conduct a little experiment. Since we aren’t trying to conceive or pregnant but I’m still breastfeeding I wanted to take a pregnancy test as a control experiment and see if I would get a BFN or a BFP for science. Plus baby and kid swim lessons, grocery store budgeting and dad gets heat exhaustion in the Arizona summer. Enjoy today’s daily vlog of our happy family.





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you think it's going to be constant feels like you know when you open the oven door and it's like blows on your face except it's all over your entire body and we got to collect the urine rasayan that would be a beam that just gave up breast milk popsicle good morning guys I guess that I am starting this day off by taking a pregnancy test now I do want to say that we are not trying to get pregnant and this is purely for science some of you may know I run a breastfeeding support group on Facebook called more than milk and one of the girls posted on there recently and said that some women in her trying to conceive group which we are not trying to conceive and I'm not pregnant for the record like unless there's some magical thing that I don't know about because we are definitely not trying but some girls in her trying to conceive group have tried using breast milk instead of urine on on their pregnancy tests with the theory that it shows a positive earlier now I've read a lot of information I know an awful lot about breastfeeding I think I know a decent amount about trying to conceive I posted a ton of videos on my other channel about this stuff and this particular thing is something I have never heard of and so I was commenting on it and I was she also said that some of the women that were in her group got false positives doing it this way so it's not on there that I really want to try it you know for science and see if I get a false positive because I know that I am not pregnant unless there's some I mean the only way using 100% prevent pregnancy is abstinence but Ken and I are very very careful and I don't even think that at this point in my cycle I could be pregnant unless I happened to be pregnant and still have a cycle if you follow what I'm saying but if people are doing this and then becoming popular but you're getting false positives that's going to lead to a lot of sad people so I'm at Walmart I am picking up two pregnancy tests one as a control which I will use urine for and one that I'm going to use breast milk for and we're going to see if it comes back positive or not and of course this is not a definitive experiment if we had a perfect experiment we would also have a pregnant person who is nursing and see if we could get a positive with her breast milk but I just thought it was really really intriguing so I'm swinging Walmart picking up the 88 cent ones because I'm cheap and I'm not going to waste money on a first response for something that I fully plan to be negative and then Ken's watching the girls I'm going to go grocery shopping real quick after that got it now I know a lot of people give these kind of like a hard time but I have read that the 88th cent Walmart ones or the dollar store ones are more accurate than a lot of the other tests because they have pink dye now I don't know if that's just a myth or if that's actually true we have I've read it on the internet but I've always gotten good results of this when I've been pregnant and taken them so like these are the ones I took after we found out I was pregnant with Irene to make sure like I'm a serial pregnancy test taker like I'm taking them right now when I know full well I'm not but before I can take these I have to stop off and go to the grocery store and do actual grocery shopping so these are going to come with us hopefully I'll bring them inside because it is crazy hot and I doubt that I'm supposed to store them outside tomorrow when you're watching this it is a hundred twenty degrees in Phoenix Arizona it's it's going to be crazy so I think I will bring them inside with me because I don't want them to go bad in the car I know there are some things that you're not supposed to store and heat but first to the grocery store all right I am going grocery shopping and this time I did not bring Ken and the kids so let's see how much less time it takes me last week it to seem like it took like two hours to get through here and Ken thinks that that's the kids but really it's him stopping for everything so got my list got my phone out for my calculator because I always stay on budget much better with the calculator but I'm also going to start this stopwatch good here we go let's see how long it takes [Applause] all right $44 41 minutes definitely not my best time I could have done that a lot faster but I didn't do it the most efficiently I was kind of running back and forth all over the store because it keeps me longer when I had the calculator out and I'm trying to calculate and make sure that I stay within budget but it's worth it to me because first off if I had had the girls and Ken it would have taken two hours or at least it did last week but secondly I just got a week's worth of groceries and it was weird man weird okay because $88 which is way below budget I'm really proud of myself whenever I do that like it's like a challenge for me and if I don't pay attention to prices I I could easily spend three times that amount at the grocery store just throwing things into my cart but that will see this all week and we hardly ever go out to eat we will go out we will eat out one this week my mom will be bringing us dinner on Wednesday but other than that like that should feed us all week and you know I just always feel awesome shop sales guys and seriously if you're on a budget take out your calculator because you will save so much money I'm really proud of it it's back home now to take that pregnancies so I think we've got enough milk I'm just pumping milk with you're getting a curious the spectra pump works with the Amade apart just a random fact but you only need just like a couple drops so really this is probably more than enough milk next I should have gone to bathroom before I started pumping because then we got to collect the urine for science all right Ken are you ready I am ready so how do you process call my attention that there's some sort of thing happening here and literally did not know that this was the same size I read on the more than milk page that some people do um pregnancy tests using breast milk and I thought that I would do this as just a control because they were saying that they were getting their positive pregnancy test a couple days thinner then when they use urine now I am not pregnant I'd rather not be pregnant you will do a control yes so I do have a little cup of pee that I'm not going to show you so we got two of these little little test here the reason why I'm doing this is because I also heard that there are sometimes false positive hmm so we're gonna see what happens let's open this guy up we'll go to the test at the same time I pop classical single negative I suspect that it's supposed to be the trouble with any body base which is very very specific 3 soul drop onto the section mark ah that right there all right cover it up so I can't see and now I'm doing urine which I won't show you just trust me there's pee in here okay and I actually do not know what's going on here okay to make an effort here I'm going to mix these up a little bit and cover the label and then how how do you look at them and that will give us an extra level of kind of lightness so that way it's a little bit more secure and drinkable test interesting is the interesting thing about sitting the test is that whether or not as a blind study or a blind test was actually really really important to how valid that particular study is this is not a good umm it's reasonable it's yes but we don't have a good sample size it's just me and ideally what we would have is another woman who is breastfeeding who is pregnant yes so that we could test to see if her breast milk would have it no I do multiple samples right now the pregnancy tests test your HCG levels which is the pregnancy hormone I don't see any reason why you would get a false positive with breast milk because well you do extreme hormones through here so I could see you at creating HCG hormones that you actually were pregnant right it's prolapse and estrogen and progesterone that affects breakfast and actually just gesturing to but there is no there should be no HCG in my system because I am not pregnant right sorry no it would it would be very unlikely it requires a surprise yeah that would be really cool – really be very interesting to capture I do not think that's going to occur though I never thought they'd be don't look look over there there's there's so much less at stake it feels over there look over there and then I'm gonna cover it's amazing I'm taking a pregnancy test and you're not holding one way or another just feels like so it looks like you know what there I know what the result to be good I've covered I've covered the labels so you can't see okay okay here you go what are the results um they both look negative so in my opinion both of them look negative now we cannot draw any conclusions based on our research thus far we need further further research is needed but at least primary prep primarily at least primarily it would appear that breast milk will not give you a false positive in and of itself I don't know that was fun I guess the more you know interesting I mean it's not conclusive no further research is needed yes I don't know if we will be doing any more for the research but we have reason to believe that we've reasons please based on our study that breast milk this was the breast milk one that I just brought to my face by the way that breast milk will not give you a false positive in and of itself false positives are very very rare on pregnancy tests so we recommend more testing Eirene does not drink milk out of a bottle ever she never really had and I used to donate breast milk but I have an ounce and a half here and I am NOT going to donate this because I'm pretty much done with donating so what I am going to do is make this super cool thing that Irene does use occasionally which are breast milk popsicles let me show you so we have this little kind of like ice tracing and what I do you just pour it a little bit in there and then you can freeze it and we're going to freeze them and then stick them in those little mesh teethers which really comes in handy when Irene is teething don't know if you guys saw that but it is 118 degrees out and today's not even as hot as it's going to be tomorrow to get to 120 there's an extreme speed warning why do we live here burgers it's true you never have to shovel sunshine but I have to say I walked out and I would just Curitiba's like the second I walked out it feels like you know when you open the oven door and it's like blows on your face except it's all over your entire body like that's what it feels like it's like the Sun is actively trying to hurt you but we have to go outside today because we have swim lessons and also I have this little spray bottle with us that has water sometimes it just gets hot and we just missed ourselves or I'll spray the kids in the back I feel a little like I'm spraying the dog like no don't cry it but it actually makes her giggle so you know good parenting skills suggest that before I know Rosalyn is in the water happy is a lamp ideas in the water with Irene happy as a clam and I and not in the water I am NOT happy I'm not a clam right now I am just I don't know a barnacle I feel like right now oh my gosh I'm just stuck to this wall gives the only sliver of shade if you step into the sunlight it just burns unceasingly I cannot even sit down on the bench because you have of course do I Romanians Walt you want to stand you look like a pillar of belief there learning this you know that it that would be a B that just gave up landed on the Spencer's like it's too hot and just gave up on life and died oh man shoot it's been about a minute and I don't know why people pay money did you pick her Ryoga these commentaries understand around employer same thing and I'll jump through flat the wife keeps smiling is working at me she seems confused why I am not returning the smiles and just generally in founding my header it is hot I'm covered in sweat and this wall keeps touching against a transitory well Ken seems to be experiencing some sort of heat exhaustion and it's really hot like I don't think we can convey to you guys how incredibly hot it is here and just being outside in the shade for half an hour while we were in the pool I guess gave him heat exhaustion so that's like how hot it can be here like you've got to take it really seriously you know kind of respect the heat which is why they have things like extreme heat warnings in Arizona but in the winter it's lovely and it's a dry heat but it doesn't matter when it's 120 which it will be when you're watching this is gonna be 120 anyways I hope that you guys enjoyed today's video I hope that you enjoyed this science don't worry I will let you guys know when we are trying to have another baby if we will be having another baby so you will be filled in on that information but if you are new around here subscribe hit the bell next to the subscribe button please do that I can tell that a certain number of you guys are doing that because I see you guys get notifications right away and that helps us out a lot when you hit the bell so if you could hit the bell that would be really great and we will talk to you tomorrow bye guys

30 thoughts on “BREAST MILK PREGNANCY TEST | For Science!

  1. I did this with blood (pricked finger using sugar level thing) and it showed HCG around CD 15-20 ish in non-pregnant cycle. Researched and found that after ovulation the body produces about 5miu of hcg. Not enough to show in urine but it's more parts per million in blood so it will show on a test.

  2. I used to live in AZ. My mom is out there. I was born and raised in NJ but when my parents divorced my mom moved to AZ then SC then back to AZ. So moved out there for awhile. Was pregnant with my second child in the summer out there. It was horrible!!

  3. I took a pregnancy test with my breast milk and I got a positive. I am 2 months pregnant with my 2nd child and still nursing my first. It's very very positive too. So I guess this means a pregnant nursing mothers milk could indeed give her a positive on a pregnancy test! 😍

  4. I know you are obviously not pregnant and the breastmilk did not give you a false positive so now I am curious to know if you were pregnant if it would show positive using breastmilk. Love the Popsicle tray. So cute!! 120 degrees holy crap that's TERRIBLE!!

  5. I just tried the pregnancy test with breast milk. I haven't ovulated yet this cycle and just recovered from a miscarriage, so definitely not pregnant. But I took a wondfo, and it appears to be a slightly positive. Interesting.

  6. It worked for me! I did this when I was breastfeeding my last baby over a year ago (and definitely NOT pregnant) with a FRER. Definite positive. The 88 cent Walmart test was negative. I still don't know why I got a positive result!

  7. I couldn't imagine living in Arizona. I live in Sydney and we had a couple of severe heat days this summer here which hit the mid 40's and the hottest one which broke records was 47c and I had to walk to pick up my child from school and felt like I was being cooked! so glad it's winter here now 🙂 also I do the meal planning and budgeting too and I agree it's so satisfying the weeks when I come in well under budget!

  8. Hi Heidi! I can't believe how hot it is in Arizona!! It doesn't seem humanly possible lol! I'm from New it was about 78 degrees and I was HOT! it would be so neat to see you guys spend a chilly January day up here…y'all would probably turn to icicles! Also, Ken is so funny! "I don't get why people pay money for bikram yoga. Just come to Arizona and stand in poses!" Lol! You guys are great 🙂

  9. in SW ontario it has been hot but this week it was mostly a very cool rain for 4 or 5 days. If I could send it to you I would – that heat sounds unbearable. I don't do well in heat either. We went to a dog park party for about an hour on the hottest day this year (it was around 35C – so 95 … plus humidity – so around 104) … and I was sick for the rest of the day.

  10. You should see if your regular grocery store has an app. That way you don't need your calculator, you can add the items to a list on the app, and not only will they tell you your total, they will tell you what aisles. I don't know what stores there are in Phoenix, but I know Wegmans food markets, Kroger, and Fred Meyer's has apps.

  11. We use to live in Palm Springs, CA and it was the same weather, it was also 120's this week. You described the heat well, it's exactly like being in an oven lol. Texas is hot (We live in Houston now) but not AS bad, although the humidity is a killer too.

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