Better postnatal care – here's why we need it

Better postnatal care - here's why we need it

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Overwhelmed, abandoned, unsupported… We asked mums to share their experiences of the postnatal ward in support of Mumsnet’s campaign for Better Postnatal Care: Aftercare, not Afterthought.

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I felt abandoned scared and terrified pretty much as soon as I came out of theater and has Harrison they were telling my husband to go to the labor room to get our stuff out we've just gone through massive rollercoaster they didn't seem to give us any time just to give a three of us and be like the world what have we just been through well actually went down to the firstnet ward and by myself with Henry and it was terrifying noisy people come and go all the time and it was just incredibly daunting I remembered feeling really overwhelmed I've been in labor for 26 hours has an emergency caesarean and then moved to this really busy postnatal ward I was completely petrified I been through an emergency c-section I felt like I've been in the car crash I just felt terrible I was basically told if not visiting hours now he always been having to leave and I'm like I've just given birth to the first time I'm feeling labor for god knows how long and someone's just caught me open I got this tiny little person who I've got to look after and you're sending my husband home I wanted to Bessie but I've really struggled and I felt like everyone that I came to contact with telling me I should be doing it but no one actually showed me how kind of all over the place and it was fun they can fire so terrifying and in the day make yourself so well because be a great star until please read alignment and redefine improve sketch Japan ledger ratio that rather the job you are really back to normal they'll help in who knows but you are is often something that I think that really would've made me go home feeling more positive and more conscious to be on that I can do it I can be alone

1 thought on “Better postnatal care – here's why we need it

  1. i just watched this and it brought tears to my eyes because a lot of what was said was so true to my own experience. I got out of hospital on Monday and I can say my post natal stay was one of the most overwhelming, lonely, scary experiences. I had no idea what I was doing as a first time mum & suddenly my partner was told to leave. I was told how to do things but almost lsughed at by the older midwives and HCas for not doing it right. I struggled with breastfeeding but didn''t het the support I needed only told how to do it and not. better support is needed

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