BEST Yo Mama Jokes for Kids – 2019

BEST Yo Mama Jokes for Kids - 2019

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Best Yo Mama Jokes for Kids in 2019 by Animeme Studios

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love yo mama and make sure to like our videos mom hey there buddy Gerard you're getting awfully close she see okay little guy he should I turn if you gotta go mama's so fat she was the iceberg that sunk the Titanic abandon ship women & Rohde curves Oh mom is so funny when she played Minecraft people thought she was under man oh no I made eye contact with it yo mama's so long when she installed antivirus on her computer it started deleting her photos yo mama's so when she got a question wrong in baldies basics Baldy said it's fine everyone makes mistakes here let me help you one plus one equals us yo mama's so stupid she stuck a battery up her butt and thought she was a Power Ranger wait wait what are you doing lady you're not trained for this your mama's so fat no one was laughing but the ground was cracking up oh man what a classic yeah huh the background just talk yo mama's so skinny when she played baldies basics bald the used her as the ruler stop bang sound still bad oh stop hitting me with that mama Wow yo mama's so ugly when she joined snapchat her phone snapped itself in half you know mama's so stupid when she saw spider-man she tried to squish him I'm just your friendly neighborhood ouch stop it yo mama's sold all when giant man saw her he thought he was ant-man time to get big Hank I don't think this is working yo mama's so fat when she plays Super Smash Brothers she's the freakin stage oh yeah I'm gonna play with my main man Kirby yo mama's so skinny paper mario thought she was Princess Peach the hell just happened did I win yo mama's so ugly when Jeffy saw her he stuck a pencil up his nose ah oh my goodness I need to get this image out of my brain much better [Applause] yo mama's so stupid she waited for a train at my freaking PlayStation right out of my way dreadfully got a war here yo mama's so old she knew Ben D when he was just an 8 watt all baby bendy so cute yo mama's so fat parole the whale said we are family I can see the resemblance yo mama's so ugly she's the reason why monsters hide under the bed oh that was scary is she gone why you tell Mike hey yo mama's so stupid she put an iPad in a blender to make apple juice hey hey give that back yo mama's so short when she took a bath she fell down the drain yo mama's so fat all Godzilla was hurt at this good sOooo and his owner yo mama's so fat when she plays fort night she farts out the soul boy gonna be number ward wait what's that smell Oh momma's so skinny sans thought she was papyrus oh hey papyrus you scared me half to death yo mama's so stupid she thought roblox was robbed blocks drop blocks no it's roblox rubber blocks got it ha ha no wait where'd you get those ruff these blocks from a baby yo mama's so ugly when she threw a boomerang it didn't come back yo mama's so hot when Thanos snapped his fingers the Infinity Gauntlet melted your heart when I could snap my fingers it seems to exist what's happening none of this is original

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