Best Beauty for New Mums

Best Beauty for New Mums

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Watch my Current Skincare Routine here:

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My name is Ruth Crilly, I’m possibly better known for being “A Model Recommends” – I live with a house cat, a dog, my husband and my baby who is, at time of writing, 18 months old. My husband does not appear in videos but is very much present!

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16 thoughts on “Best Beauty for New Mums

  1. Hi Ruth, please can you do a day in the life/ routine style video? And an update on feeding and sleeping? I have children very similar in age and although I should know better than to compare with the second child, it's always good to hear what others are doing and pick up some ideas. Thank you! X

  2. Hi R! amaizing stuff, loved the video. I have two babies, and both times i used Mama Mio products which are actually formulated for pregnant women and post natal period. You prpbably know about this Brand, no doubt, just wanted to remind you to check  them out. They r seriosuly the best thing that happned to my skin care routine while pregnant! xxx P.S. Looking good!

  3. I have 6.5 month old twins and to be honest I rarely do any skincare now or makeup actually. Changed days from being totally makeup obsessed but I only do it now if i'm going out for dinner or the like which isn't very often, my skin has also taken a back seat. This has inspired me to sort out my dull dehydrated skin! I'm buying some new things just now and getting the glow.

  4. Hi Ruth, I'm 3 months pregnant and really want to add a Vit C serum into my routine – just wondering do you know if Kiehls Powerful Strength Line Reducing serum is safe to use during pregnancy? Thanks a million x

  5. I have super dry and sensitive skin, particularly to fragrances. Weleda's White Mallow cream from their baby range is excellent on my skin. I bet it would be a good staple for anyone with temperamental skin that's on the dry side.

  6. Loved both this and the skincare routine video on the main channel. I really wish Neal's Yard Remedies was more widely available in the States because I would love to try the Frankincense cleanser you have recommended so often and see how the clarifying benefits compare to that of Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip, which I know its claim to fame is that it is clay-based, but the formula also contains frankincense and other wood resins, so I'd love to rank those two. You or anyone else have a take on this? If so, thank you and everyone so much as always 🙂

  7. still two months to go, till my baby is born and this will be sooo useful!!! I found that my skin also turned dry from being combination. Perhaps you could recommend a simple make up routine for new mums Ruth? With some nice, non transferable products?? ( not over the edge expensive, if possible 😀 )

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