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This video is about BEING A TEEN MOM IN AFRICA|WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU. I speak from my experience . I got pregnant at 17 and had a son at 18…so many things changed for me. In good and bad ways…..I came out of it victorious….you can too. Hope you enjoy this video. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. SUBSCRIBE SHARE LIKE!!

I mean you anymore most especially things that are happening in your life I think because I don't think there's anything else he just happens to happen first of all in Japanese lady wanted I guess my dear automatically that person becomes a second arrested I mean everybody in your family is very friendly that is it should any noise okay everybody will say it is ready you know in case we ever seen before no matter how intelligent you very small no matter how not how brilliant you are no matter how beautiful you are when you become a second-class citizen alright you start getting you you like everything used to get before promised to you know realeza alright you don't get that ring 18 you don't even understand anybody took my clothes really I'm ask myself well why do people always do this alright I didn't want for my child to get bring them along it just drops so many things in your life all right you saw so many things you become different even if it's forum or you become depressed because it's something you want it's not eating plan for in mind if you can have problems like you know wanting to plan how to have children then you know even prepared mentally speak of such responsibility I mean it damages your IQ first of all people don't look i anything anymore is why things become a second custody all right I mean everything changes in your life everything I don't care how will not win your parents treat any but before they treat you want that mean you're going to get it goes over your own magazine it is just it is just this is the reality of three African at the time secondly you become so funny one I really see for anybody would understand without me it simply sees you it's like anybody can do anything to you I mean you become completely vulnerable alright you company win this sense that men should that it can do whatever I want to do thank you and with you if you de can say whatever because what you wanna be don't we get meeting you know like what do you want to show what do you mean you already have a chubby meeting somebody to admire you I mean these are the things you get through here it is everything to get to see any experience you go through team right now in Africa a teenager Oh nobody noticing anymore in all of the soybean that's a bright future that everybody throw on soy or saw you having some banking burn burn look like I mean vulnerability does not only end you know people outside vulnerability comes in from the home to support BB daddy too because if you like active my name is buddy now verse 59 you know if a furnace was not dead you see with the same with you vamos a penalty anybody you don't even know that something does happen you what happened thanks up moving alright and onion excused for portraits of people because nobody wants to be liberal you know because the truth is no matter how no matter how good your family takes it no matter how hard a stroke would not lay effectively fighting no matter how comfortably us inside you have your sanity is completely thing if is going to be find Lisa at the moment it is not okay you yourself already have a problem so that it's true because of how people not really because of how is what is going to see you because of how your friends are going to be here with you bodies don't ever life sir you had at the moment is that beautiful ah so I just want to okay you know guys exactly how health pregnancy in the African side for a teenager awful you know effect national trends become enemies the reality of the present nobody wants to be a fashion bad girl bad girl because let me tell you it is your friend I see it is not our pregnant living with the man imported in your present occasion you are the present King you are the one with us Sigma force attrition everything is coming to you directly nothing is going to anybody else except you so your friends don't want to be attached they don't want anyone to have gained anything to do with you at all Italy they want what are you talking about you know like you say here anything guys I heard that you're friendly fake she's not she's not really my friend she's not she's going right or jealous no just need some hunger just needs to you know it just used to go to please show me to my friends I'm not really consider how my friends you know when I'm calling my friend um I kind of really think she's my friend and then kill no she's not that is the mentality not because nobody wants and attached to that person at the moment okay maybe can happen sometime Alyssa especially defined you successful at the end of the day everybody wants to have you pull out of this wow that was great I mean getting all those compliments and everything but at the moment nobody boys assess themselves to you that is don't even don't even spot is going to happen it's bands and happen your friends become your enemies automatically no girls must be are even just mean because but deep inside there's anything they won't tell you anymore they're setting things they don't want to do with you anymore body will just pretend alright yo just pretend because I don't want Alyssa to dis of conscience we just pretty huge for it okay what the trick is yeah so many things are going to cut away from you know because the scene is different you don't see you and the person didn't do before and if you have been suppressed you to use so confirmed depression is no joke depression it it's not a funny thing it's not something you want to be for somebody how could I become like that you couldn't see your friends and want to see you my child up there dormant for myself only for spoiled with its powerful because you're honest outside that's where things one is inside job is right that's all disappointing you betcha something like this happens to you and you know everybody is pushing you down and down and down and you don't believe so oh you know I can do it come back and the comeback is you're supposed to perform this is long this is no I want it should be this is not where I wanted myself to be at this point all right for you already you should not going to change anything about me music only just you know it's always something that's been happening for a morning you know if you're that kind of person if you keep seeing the stage here so if you know where you're going to you know where you're coming from you know the situation in which you are at the moment trust me you are going to get two days with me you're going to get to where you have to but you want the end you would be fine unity between its position I accept you my other things happen to you and you let people tell you as someone will are not that be conscious problem but in life any situation will find yourself in Europe on the continent I don't get Appa and the choice is just if you want to believe what I can tell you about yourself hi I'm good I'm skating together right are you scary anyhow you want you to do is to need to be got out already giving you what other we are giving you everything which pertains to life happiness giving you all those d so why on earth you want to let somebody or sorry different don't conform to me you're critical if the way of the people no you can't do that – so much that I always greater than that and that's how it should be all I being a teen mom doesn't in your life and then your life within you it's just a matter of choice it's a matter of you know decisions if you decide to do you're going to do I've always been the kind of person right I'm not scared of me and I know exactly they are going to be you know just except for everybody either defend it to you to know that it's a mystery find me but it's not the end of life you see mistake yes it's not thank you for seeing that please don't forget to subscribe don't forget you you share your thoughts in the comment section and also follow me on my social media platforms and we were saying it so it's n equations and anything that you might need see


  1. Well said Bb Aรฏ. The stigma that cms wf this is real to a certain level n goes a long way to ruin the said person's life in one way or the other. I truly admire those who come out of any situation successfully blc it's not easy and it all depends on 'You' and no1 else. Thanks for sharing darl.

  2. I just noticed ur nails
    ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿป soon yโ€™all will tell me how my nails are extremely long ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿคฃ! Nice video thou๐Ÿ˜‰

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