Being a stay at home Indian mom | Indian happy stay at home mom

Being a stay at home Indian mom | Indian happy stay at home mom

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In this video I share some tips that I feel useful for being happy and to manage being a stay-at-home Mom. Being a stay-at-home Mom and/or housewife can definitely feel tiresome at times. There is a whole community of stay-at-home Mom’s on Youtube that you can always connect with and let us build this community stronger
Hope you find the video helpful.
Do let me know what is your survival guide trick for staying happy as a mom
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hi welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be all about stay-at-home mom so if you are a to mom please keep on watching and if you are not please consider sharing it to someone whom you knew so I have being a working mom as well as no one sdh home home for almost equal amount of time and I am NOT here to tell which one is better it will each one has own pros and cons and it's a personal decision what it used to be but since I was no – Kato mom I love sharing with you on how to enjoy if you choose to be one so let's get started for what plan your date set your morning alarm 10 minutes earlier than what you're doing now get up get into your mom uniform and get ready to take up the business for the day and get managing your house is like business it is work and I give this high time that we change our title comes here too long so something like work from hormones or something like that because we are simply staying at home we do a lot of work so leaving aside all other everyday in the morning I think of my planner when I have ridden think like my kids doctor's appointment or just swimming lessons I think like that but I also make sure to write down one rule for each day my goal should be something I think life cleaning the Wardrobe wall separating the kids clothes and outfit they must think like them which you which I don't do on the routine basis and busier days my goal could be much smaller than done by writing now so go for each day and accomplishing it increases the feeling of self-worth so I try to do that every day now just push tip number two which is selflessness as mother's we have our selflessly treat our family as the priority but what I'm trying to tell you is to be mentally present with the people who matter the most to you so I would say to mom me see our children almost all the night but it's so important to spend real time with them even if it's just for 10 minutes or so this tip has been a little hard for me as well because it's so easy to get carried away with the work in the kitchen or with my oil and even when I was spending time with them I used to treat for my calendar to take their cute pictures and it is definitely worth clicking pictures but it's so much work to enjoy that moment of their children when they are right in front of you so this dip is definitely worth could spend more quality time with your children which makes understand that we are so much wanted by them which would increase our happiness tip number 3 set time me times all of us know that knee time is so much important then at least 30 minutes of time each day to do something that you enjoy doing so for me it could be things like filming these videos and editing them all on videotape it could be just relaxing for 30 minutes on your own but whatever it is choose the thing that you would love to do the most to master pretty much every from your schedule every day for your me time because it's slow easy consistent clips away because we are Army's priority tip number 4 connect with other people get out of your house at least once in a date these will the tips to the part or to the gym or to get milk from the grocery whatever it is if you have friends around well and good but otherwise connect with the outside world in some way I will expose whereas this tip number five which is exercise I can't stress how good you feel when you do your workouts every day because it releases those happy chemicals in your brain so try to find a workout that you love to do for me it is blue bow it is a dance workout so on those days when I my name is make it to the gym for this workout I try to do mine mommy baby workout and I feel that is the best way to bond with my baby as well so these five tips have helped me just be happy and cope with the hard times of motherhood and I hope that this helped someone out there as well so thank you so much for watching and thumbs up if you like when you enter subscribe if you're not as you are a manic for you bye

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