7 thoughts on “Being a special needs mom. Day in the life of a mom of 10.

  1. We intuitively feed our 4 year-old too, she has level 3 autism so she doesn't say a whole lot. I have done the same thing, (forgetting to feed after a long day) and I felt so bad! But a hungry kid won't sleep easily, so if she settled without any extra fuss you're in the clear haha.
    Where you live is so pretty with the mountains all around! I loved the panoramic view you gave us at the park in this video, so pretty!

  2. Little miss Freya is so adorable.
    She has a great personality too.
    Does she say any words?
    For having down syndrome, she seems pretty high functioning.
    Is there different types of down syndrome?
    I see what you mean about Lemon's hair getting lighter. It already looks a lot lighter than when she was born.
    Talking about hair..I absolutely love what you did to your hair! It looks really good.
    If you get a chance, can you introduce us to each of your kids and tell us a little bit about them?
    Also, can you make a video about how you and Chris met, fell in love, and got married and a bit about each of you?
    I love your videos!

  3. I love short hair. I found a pic of a style I thought would be really cute on you. It had bangs and shaved sides kinda. A really funky pixie cut ! I think it would suit you. I am not a hairdresser but love hair transformations on people πŸ˜‚

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