Being A New Mom | 2 Months Postpartum

Being A New Mom | 2 Months Postpartum

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You Guysssss! So if you watched my last few videos, the news is finally out that IM PREGNANT! So crazy i know lol BUT I have now delivered my beautiful baby girl and I added the title of MOTHER to my roster. I wanted to share every detail with you guys of what I’ve been going through since giving birth 2 month ago. Motherhood is definitely something new but I’m enjoying every minute of it! If you have any video suggestions or questions feel free to comment down below & DONT FORGET TO RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE 🙂


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one thing I do wanna say is that all y'all likes me everybody who said I must finally get a booty when I was pregnant lied because my booty is gone girl like my body squared I look like sponge about 1 2 3 I'm so faded justified hi guys it's Jess and welcome back to my channel if you're new here welcome if you've been here for a while so as you can see by the title I am here to do my two-month post partum update / if you're new here in this your first video for me thanks for watching you might be here to compare and contrast your post partum it's my post partum you might be pregnant and one to see what it's like after delivery you might just be here watching because you just want to hear some info for later on down the line we have kids I don't know but whatever your reason you here for watching thanks for coming true if you don't know I recently had a baby two months ago a little over two months ago on May 13th I had a baby girl her name is aria y'all meet her at the end of the video so yeah I'm gonna come on here and tell you guys what's been going on me as far as postpartum how I'm adjusting is being a new mom and all that if you haven't seen my last few videos as far as like my labor and delivery story or my baby shower blog or gender reveal vlog or just any of my past videos go ahead and watch those and then come here if you want to get caught up in order let me go ahead and get started this video for it so it's not too long um I did post post on Instagram asking people to ask me questions if they have any or any type of so me to talk about so I had everything written down so if you're not new here and you know how my videos go I like to ramble but today I came prepared and I have it in my nose so let's go ahead and get started with this video make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe this is gonna be the beginning of my return to YouTube so I'm going to be gradually coming back so let me know any views you want to see from me whether it's me talking about certain things mom stuff I don't know I have some ideas so we're gonna test those out in the next couple of weeks oh yeah if you did watch my labor delivery story yes is the same rope and yes I'm wearing it again because so c'mon Chattanooga was clean so I felt that two months ago I could wear what I want okay so I'm gonna start from the beginning and basically start back from where I stopped in my last video where I talked about my delivery so now I'm gonna be talking about after delivery so yeah once I delivered I did not have any tears or anything so I didn't get any stitches so once the epidural we're off because that's that they get an epidural I did not go natural I tried to but I just could not after the epidural wore off I was good to go I was walking around all that like people were like do you not hurt like you just pushed the human out of here no no not really yeah I delivery got ate my breakfast waited for the numbness to wear off and then they changed me they took the little catheter out and then they check to see my bladder was full and then they like empty my bladder into the catheter and then from there took that out and it was about yeah like three hours after delivery where I went to the recovery room so went to the recovery room and I was able to like walk into my wheelchair and they willed me to the elevator to the all bad you know I work though I was really walking like I didn't just push out human and I'm so great to me and everybody who is there because they will come visit me and I'll just be up walking walking to the bathroom I speak in the bathroom so I know people talk about like their first pee and my first coop it's so painful or so uncomfortable the only thing with the first pee after giving a baby is like you just don't have any control of your vagina muscles at all so I was trying to like songs but like people were visiting me so I was trying to hold my pee but I could not so I got up went to the bathroom and it was like I barely made it to the toilet and it was finally anything or any things like I said I didn't have any tears or stitches so nothing was really down there to sting so yeah and then my poop came out normal it didn't hurt or anything cause like I said no stitches no tear so I was good I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to deal with the painful pee and poop after delivery so then I wouldn't also talk about my first latch with Aria when I first like latched her on it was kind of difficult cut didn't know what to do and then like her mouth was like this big and my nipples like I really big nipples and areolas so I got really big moves so yeah I was like kin her mouth even fit on my nipple cuz I bet her mouth a lot trying so hard to get my nipple it was so funny but she got the hang of it and I'll get to it later but I do breastfeed exclusively I do not supplement formula I only breathe breastfeed barely use any bottles unless like I'm away from her which is rare like I might go to the store or like I went out for like my cousin's birthday now I really haven't been away from her for that long I did actually the ones I'm away from her was last week with me and the boyfriend went out for like a better State this is like our first date since having our in and we were away from her for like eight hours so I had like five bottles but that's the most I've longed is that everything we prepared I wanted to touch on like my first night in the hospital like I did not go to sleep I don't know if there was anybody like anybody else has been through this but I was just like so nervous to go to sleep I just thought like oh my god something's gonna happen to her so like I was like watching her sleep yes so I was so nervous to go to sleep close oh she I don't know what someone's gonna take her like when the nurses had to like come get her every day to check her vitals I was so nervous like I was just like oh my book on my Twitter when I go can I worry so I don't know that's like a form of anxiety or some type of postpartum anxiety or something but I've definitely had that like I did not sleep for a few days because I just was like I can't have sleep I have to watch her every moment eventually like I really just had to be like okay like I have to go to sleep then it was just like I don't know and I still kind of am that way like I don't really like being away from her for too long unless I know like if she's with my mom then I'm okay but I even if she's like with my boyfriend for just a couple of minutes nine minutes okay a couple of hours I when I go to the store or something I'd be like nervous the whole time so maybe I get out of that but I don't know cuz I was you thinking like I plan on going to Miami in October and I'm already stressing about being with her for two days look I know it's only two days was just like oh my gosh like I'm thinking like all the things that could go wrong and it's literally three months away and I'm stressing about it right now so I don't know that's the form a postpartum depression anxiety I don't know but I guess I'm like whatever that title is I have some type of anxiety from being away of my play I'm always around her yeah so like one of the nights I think it was the first night out of the hospital and she kept crying and I did not know what to do like I was like the are you hungry I don't I didn't know what to do and I got so frustrated and my boyfriend came in and helped out and basically she just had gas with breastfeeding like I just didn't know if she was getting enough milk or like enough nutrients so I'm milk incoming yet so I was giving her formula in the beginning and the formula just was upset in her stomach so that was the reason why she was crying because I think I overfed her and then it was just like she had gas and I just did not know what to do but after the first night it was pretty good it's been pretty good you're not getting the hang of things she's crying but because my mom is changing her diaper she hates getting her doctor change along with that someone asked me how about how they asked me how I cope slice prevent postpartum depression and like I said I think I might have it as far as with anxiety from being away from her for too long I basically I just have to think that she's okay like I can't stress out because if I stress then she's gonna feel the stress and then she's gonna get agitated and then it's just not gonna be a good thing so I always try to keep calm when I'm around her let's see how am i emotionally since being a new mom I'm actually really good as far as you know just addressing back to reality and going from being a pregnant lady to a new mommy in the beginning I was feeling really left out because like my boyfriend like he kind of just didn't stop his life I guess like his friends invited him somewhere he would just go and I'll be at home or like I remember one time right after hours probably two weeks old and he wanted to have a barbecue for Memorial Day weekend and I was just like so upset like mad become just like why would you have a barbecue and I can't even go and it was in our compartment like one in our apartment so – nobody to come our paranoid apartment complex he had a barbecue and I was just like so mad because I couldn't go she's not watching a baby and he didn't understand that so now he does but it's just like in the beginning I just felt really left out so that was kind of bumming me out because I always think people having fun and you know looking cute in their swimsuits and it's like Here I am just had a baby with you know a stretched out stomach I'm actually on my stomach later but I'm not I don't know you know I'm stretched outside I stretch my stomach and fifty pounds past where I've ever been before so yeah in the beginning it was a little hard but now I don't care okay I know eventually I'll get back to being able to have fun but right now my job is to take care of my new baby so it is what it is okay so next thing I was talking about my breastfeeding journey so I like I said I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby she basically always nurses she barely uses a bottle unless I'm away from her but if I'm with her it's always my boob in the beginning I wasn't sure how my breastfeeding was gonna go because my mom didn't breastfeed she said her milk never came in so like when I was first you know feeding her it's fuzzy like this coat was called colostrum or whatever like what comes in before the milk so it was like little droplets of clear liquid and I'm just like how can she survive I feel so in the beginning I just wasn't confident in my milk so I opted to start just give her formula like not every time she she fed the light most likely at night time cuz I guess did you know she was getting up new shades I miss my hotness she survived off these little chocolates like I know their stomachs like the sign of grapes when they're first born but I just was not confident and my milk at all but after that night when she had that really bad guest and she was like crying from the formula I was just like no like I'm not I did a couple times like when I didn't have a bottle to give her of my own milk when I had to leave the house or leave her with my mom but if I'm gonna be like I don't see ya a simple minimal formula but after a while I was like okay I am for the night I was alright let me get let me get on it so I went to the actually that's my dad to go to the store and get like some the mother's milk tea and I started off drinking that three times a day drinking a lot of water you know getting my diet back to like really healthy like eating lots of fruits and vegetables and like at least three really good meals a day and my milk eventually did come in and I was so excited because I saw no I'm not gonna come in but I could feel my belt coming in because that my boobs are so hard you know so yeah I was really excited about that and I was able to breastfeed her so I brought some heat feed her all time she's like she loves to nurse she's a comfort nursery baby 13 y'all want me to do a more in-depth video of breastfeeding and like how I pump and how I got my milk supply to I don't know where I got to grow up my milk supply and stuff like that let me know and I'll definitely do a video or maybe just like one of my blogs I'll touch on it or something but let me know I'm an advocate for breastfeeding because of the cheaper words but which is cheaper even though I have to make sure I'm good as far as my diet and I definitely can't drink like I used to you know you can drink but despite too much work because you know you have to pump and I'm not really a pump but I don't really come like how they say you should because I didn't even get in they're like oh you have to pump pump pump you ever do did she ever do that you know just like after a while I'm just like why do I have to pump so much and I didn't even get my pump until like she's a month old anyway because my doctors hey like my daughter sucks that change like their contact information so when arrow closed trying to contact them took so long for them to finally send them back to paperwork gone for air flow to send me the freak burst pipe like it took so long I wasn't even able to pump until choose a month old anyway and then right there now just like do I even really need to put Mike I do pump but it's just like what I would see like all them like in the breastfeeding groups on Facebook and stuff and I'll show you like their big freezers – and I'm thinking like I wanted to make a big old freezer stash and then I thought about I'm like why do I need to make a big little freezer stash because now I'm going back to work it's not like I'm gonna be away from her so many times like if I know I'm gonna go somewhere on the weekend then I just need to pump like four times four times I like to make four bottles so probably like two on Thursday or two on Friday or pump once a day or just something like that like I don't need to have a whole freezer stash like also I wanted to say that when I first had Aria one of my friends told me about a baby tracking up the tracking app um it's called it's called baby tracker and basically just tracks like the diapers of feedings and all that so the beginning I was like oh shit a diaper change truck that truck that truck that let's just fit how long track that Oh what type of diaper that consciously put it when but once she hit like four we saw was like I'm tired my why do I need to track this again because I know in the beginning is good just to make sure that she's getting enough food or getting enough feeding and so just making the diapers and stuff like that but once I got the hang of it I'm just like why do I need to have this record like this is just too much work for me like I would get frustrated if Fred didn't uh me then he changed her diaper at four o'clock six o'clock and I was just like you didn't even tell me though I'm just like why no so I stopped doing that after like four weeks like it was good in the beginning so if you're a new mom or expecting mom or I just want to know what type of stuff eat me when you have when you get pregnant then I definitely suggest I'm downloading baby tracker app just so that you can get a hang of tracking how many diapers your baby has but after a while it's just like they make so many diapers I'm not going to track every hour every 30 minutes every two it never they know is too much the last thing I'm talking about is getting my body back because I didn't want to give my body that I definitely want to start making like workout regimen videos eventually once I get into the hang of working out but so when I wait I wanted that's what ten days I wanted to make this video cuz I want to wait I how much of the doctor's to see how much I wait and not gonna let them know I was good to go but I was healthy and all that so I'm healthy good to go everything's good I weighed 176 pounds at five mean I passed but at the doctor's office which was on July 2nd and and I didn't even tell y'all like I gained so much weight when I was pregnant I gained I don't even know where I started I started like 150 I think I might have been like 140 something but I think 150 and then I gained like all the way to 210 by the time I gave birth so I gained so much weight and so I feel like since I went to the doctors I feel like I lost some weight but I don't know I need to get a scale or something because I really don't know but I'm definitely trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time October just my birthday and then from then just gradually you know eventually lose weight but I know what could be is a good comfortable size for me even though when I was going fifty last year before I got pregnant I was working out consistently so well see how my new body turns out one thing I'm doing this is that all y'all like to meet everybody who said I like finally getting a booty when I was pregnant lied because my booty is gone girl like my body squared look like sponge about no I wish I had the money cuz if I would I would get my booty thought I was gonna be be able to call it a day like but exercise but I can't fuck I do the hard way then someone asked me about sleep pattern did you start out sleeping in the bed with me and let me tell y'all I was so adamant about no co-sleeping blah Blee Blee Blee but guess what week three when she had that growth spurt and she was working it like every hour to feed I was just like you know what hey buddy hey girl you're sleeping right next to me so yeah she sleeps with me now my boyfriend is my kid at first he didn't like it but now he sees how like she sleeps with me and how good she sleeps and how it's easy to me just to roll over pop my boot up pop my boo out feed her and we will go back to sleep it's such easy process than me having so we roll over get her out the best and then put her on a boob wait for her to fall asleep which and then wait for to be in a good sleep and put her back in the bed then she might wake up sometimes I'd be sleepy so I'd be like putting her in the bassinet and not slowly though she'll wake up again that's too much like so you actually does think of me even though she does have a bassinet that I am gonna be using more once I sleep trainer which hopefully will be when she is four months so even in September it's yes so she sleeps like every two to three hours to feed some nights if like she's really tired or she doesn't get her nap during the day her naps during the day then she'll sleep for like five hours which is fine because she feeds enough during the day to where she's not gonna be too hungry cuz i was reading lying on people lie on my breast feeding or my mom face group facebook group and they're talking about how that baby's already sick tonight and like five weeks I'm just so confused I just can't imagine Aria sleeping through the whole night from like 8:00 p.m. to like 8:00 a.m. like that that sounds crazy to me the most I ever slept which I thought was so amazing was from 12 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. I was like wow girl this is the best sleep I ever had because I kept waking up thinking she was gonna wake up and she was just shelled and knocked out so I'm just like okay let me go back to sleep before she wakes up yeah so that's my little sleep buddy I love sleeping with her and we have like a king bed or like a California king bed so it's enough room for all of us to sleep in the bed and you still have a lot of space so if you have any suggestions on videos let me know I definitely want to do a more in-depth talk on breastfeeding once I get the hang of it more so maybe like next month I feel like I'm more of a Perla breastfeeding even though I am right now I feel like but next month is well okay I've been in the game for 3 months everyone so like a good duration of like no problem you could come on Fitness let me go ahead and introduce y'all to Aria see my girl hey listen she right here say hi my name is aria I look nothing like my mommy I look just like my day hey hey you see the baby look at the baby say hi virtual aunties and uncles or whoever watches me just my channel now look say hi you see the baby hi baby hi baby she is 2 months and 12 days old she's a Taurus she hi hi just our ears pretty yesterday and actually brought that so that I meet up next week along with just our weekly fun yes did she's baby obvious she said if you wanna see more of me just go ahead and follow me on Instagram you guys are on Instagram call I am I just go Aria on more obvious area so yeah within in the video so thanks so much for watching you guys make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe for Aria it's gonna be more of a vehicle you want you to make you baby sorry I'm I know he always came out but into who yes that's the end thanks for watching you guys and we will see you in our next video they buy they buy back empty bye she wait up bye-bye

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  1. It took me 3 months to drop my weight & 2 years to get my body back to a happy place…our bodies have major shock after carrying these babies but it's worth it (when they behave well anyways lol 😆)

  2. Shout out to all the moms who have their first child and they take they booty 😑/ hips from one sponge bob postpartum mom to another we fucking it up Jess lol still fine and milfing it period 💁🏽‍♀️

  3. I'm back and trying to get back into the swing of things! comment down below what type of videos you would like to see from me. vlogs? mom videos? videos of Aria? let me know!

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