Ballet Beautiful Quick Tip – Postnatal Workout

Ballet Beautiful Quick Tip - Postnatal Workout

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Mary Helen Bowers is one of the most sought after names in fitness. A former ballerina with the New York City Ballet, Mary Helen’s signature Ballet Beautiful Method is inspired by ballet and designed to give anyone a dancer’s toned, elongated and powerful physique. Sought out by A-list celebrities, supermodels and people around the world, Ballet Beautiful is the go-to regime for anyone seeking a targeted and highly effective workout with transformative results. Dance experience is not required.

Mary Helen personally trained Natalie Portman for her Academy Award winning role in Black Swan, bringing ballet and ballet fitness into the forefront of pop culture as never before. Embraced by thousands of members in over 100 countries worldwide, the Ballet Beautiful method shares Mary Helen’s expertise as a fitness trainer, dancer and innovator in the world of wellness and health.

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hi I'm Mary Hart our founder of Valley beautiful and I'm excited to talk to you today about postnatal fitness and coming back after having I mean I am now a mom of two little ones both under the age of three so it's been pretty quick having those two kids and I've learned a lot in the process about getting back into shape after a baby and what that really means and so people ask me all the time how do you get back how do you get your pre-baby body back and I would say that your body after you have a baby is never going to be quite the same that's not a bad thing it's a magical process of creating another human being until your body is going to be different after you have a child but it doesn't mean that it destroys it for the worse it could be better you can come back stronger tighter leaner than ever and so I think that's something that's very important to keep in mind when you're starting back after having a baby number one check with your doctor anything that you're doing in terms of three and postnatal fitness always going to make sure that your doctor has approved terms of your timeline you may be looking to start sooner later whatever it is just make sure that you've got the green light from your doctor that's very important and then from there you want to build slowly particularly when it comes to working the core your stomach has been stressed out this tremendous amount and so you've got to really go slowly when you're looking at rebuilding that strength through your Center and your core one thing that I like to do is file a beautiful often I'll incorporate our prenatal workouts and exercises when we're cutting back from a baby for postnatal training because you want that slower speed you want to be able to build up your strength build your endurance and do it in a way that really nurturing and support it for your body you don't need to shop yourself I would do anything too extreme to challenging particularly right out of the game so I'm a big fan of doing what you can when you can especially when there's a young baby in the house maybe it's when the baby is taking a nap because baby does it naps at all and you're going to have to lie the baby down in the box on the mat do a little tummy time together where you're doing your telling you're starting to work back on your inner thighs and your outer thighs do a little bit of bridge while the baby's down on the mat with you and just remember every little bit adds up and you don't have to make exercise and do a huge ordeal I think it's important to make the workout fit into your life and that's going to grow and shift and change as the baby gets bigger and hopefully starts to sleep more and you'll have a little bit more time on your hands as well and then I think the last thing is to be patient and to know that everything is not going to change overnight and that's okay too it can take a series of weeks of months and for me I felt like coming back after my first daughter took me over a year to feel like my body was really at its strongest its Venus and its best and so just knowing that you're working towards that goal every single day it doesn't mean that you wait until the baby is much older to start that process you just get going wherever you are be patient and treat your body with lots and lots of love you

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