Bad Mother: Episode 6 – Benign Neglect

Bad Mother: Episode 6 - Benign Neglect

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In this week’s episode, after missing a session of soft play, Bad Mother wonders what’s wrong with a little bit of benign neglect. Don’t miss the latest episode of Bad Mother – the hit new series exclusively on Mumsnet.

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good day today yeah you get up – why you asking reassessment I'm just interested so I took the kids too soft playing soft play of playing playing explain first of all he said I'm lying why would he lie he just came straight out with it he just says I'm he didn't take just a soft play which is weird cuz I mean children don't really volunteer a lie they lie when they don't want to get caught out may professor of child ology at the world college of bullshit sayings weightings libel a person oh well we didn't actually end up going going I mean we were going to go already and everything and then suspect accident that you can link and so we didn't go because because Becks wasn't going what so you didn't go to soft play because your best friend wasn't going to soft play she's my best friend school girls so why didn't you go by yourself why did you think and the only reason any sane person would ever go to soft play so they can have a coffee and a chat with their mate relatively uninterrupted see how they thought the only reason anyone would ever want to go to soft play was for their children just me bollocks bollocks bollocks fucking softly Hayden Finn fainted it anyway crap but it was a man who suddenly had to deal with a child can thought how can I cut out doing this shit I know I'll build a huge cage pad it without defaming shoved the little bolsters in there all day and I'll make it waterproof they can piss all over and when the mommies come in they can sit in the piss and mop it up with their arses so I won't even have to do any cleaning either I can just sit on my own fat dry ass and do bugger all kind genius actually when you think about it brilliant genius probably owners idea octopops snugly playing our daily walk arrived it's just came here will you please should have taken them always carrying around of children that the next thing of them over at all or some with a bit of benign neglect it legal test about another god everybody will you long limited uranium a share an imagination that social the need don't we play on a similar note its first play very in the children's Dean's otama right sorry why would I be taking my children anywhere they're in the garden of course playing in the sunshine flag you must have me mistaken for one of those mental modern mothers who think that baby is if they don't take their kids too soft playing or monkey music or wine time now god I think that a blind or expensive Gymboree or sing and sign in Mandarin or ideally all of the above in the same day every day on a Luke's forever lovely figure – serene sensible seventies one that raising children with imaginations will know no bounds who will become famous parents rich famous parents because no one else will be a poet because they were all too busy at La Salette and people would ask me what is the secret to these imaginative geniuses 20 genius I anyway I will hurl awfully benign and neglect from what nursery not my problem stare not my problem don't you just bugger off I do being a top level executive ball drinking right now being very important good shit this is something that can happen to them yeah I'll be fussing about from bollocks for my forgotten to fill in yeah told you here we go yeah please ensure this doesn't happen to your child if your children playing outside only muscle as one screen old fans of neglecting to apply sunscreen can cause serious damage to our skin and two loops of skin cancer may too much see what naughty mummy has done this then you

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