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all right oh it's chase and I and we're headed to the grocery store chase actually was the only one that went to school today how was that were you coughing a lot at school no he sounds sick still no so the weather's pretty crummy here today it was actually like raining ice this morning when I took chase to school and I guess we're supposed to get dumped on tonight with a bunch of chaste claims that chances of them having school tomorrow are pretty slim so Ken is still pretty sick so basically we're trading places this week now I'm the one doing all of the running around and he must have went to the grocery store how many times last week three times at least so I'm running there right now cuz we need milk and something for dinner and everyone wants Starbucks inherent what else at least more cough drops are we ever gonna stop coughing so we can talk all right more literally I already to Kroger already because we just sat and coughed the entire way here if I wasn't coughing chase was coughing I don't know how we're gonna get through this video today um I was trying to say I feel like it's been a long time since we've been like organized in her house to the point of we went to the grocery store got food for the week and we just constantly keep making these trips back to the grocery store all the time to pick up random stuff that we need because we haven't done like a full normal grocery gosh we trip grocery trip in a long time god I hope next week things are just like back to normal alright so we just got done eating dinner and look what I bought at the store the good dinosaur and I don't even care if no one else wants to watch it with me pitbull watch it Daisy Oh watch it kids were like I don't care to see that movie but I want to see it so it's out on DVD so I'm finally gonna be able to watch it so everyone in the cabins wants to know what you thought of the episode of the flash yesterday you didn't know why you were watching it in here and I didn't get to finish it what oh that's all I was gonna do I watched on Lulu because it comes out literally a day after okay well soon as it's over you need to come up and talk to me because it's a really good episode and they want you to talk about it I've been in my bedroom like all day long seriously and oh I've been watching is sorry she's a youtuber she's like more kind of a beauty person and I'm watching her vlog Channel let's hey its array and this is all I've really been doing so I'll get back to you all right here comes chase Oh with his blanket we should call you blinky chase ernõ wait who's that kid on Charlie Brown with the blankie Linus and Caillou Linus all right say did you get did you watch the flash and was that what you expected no no so without giving like anything away what do you have to say about it like that's possible if you're stuck in the first season I would stop listening now I'm here what if you're still in the first season I don't all right chase this given spoiler alert so if you haven't seen the latest episode of the flash no not just okay well you're not up-to-date on the flash don't watch the next minute the so in the new episode there's a shark again yeah again and he's bigger and scarier and now he talks so that's crazy yeah he's a big shark ah yeah he was dead no any kick ah well they thought he was dead that's what the people wanted the flash to think but he really wasn't dead then he escaped from his Laser grid place and then he tried to kill everyone so that's pretty crazy yeah so I'm just sitting here at my desk let's see it's almost 8 o'clock at night and I had this huge pile of mess here two tiles of papers and things that need to be gone through receipts so I actually have a whole bunch of receipts up there too I get these earrings the other day I'll show these to you guys I ordered some curtains from JCPenney calm but I need to take them back but they had these earrings the set was a hundred dollars but it was on sale for like $30 or 35 something like that so those go there I thought they were cute because I like to just we're kind of like stud earrings and they're not like studs they're bigger than that pearl looking ones I thought they were really cute because there's four pairs of like sparkle ones and then these actually look kind of like blue I guess you can tell those are gray kind of pink and the white ones that I have in and then those are any of the great questions survivors this season I watched it last week with Ken even though I barely remember it because I was still not feeling very well was just sitting on the couch kind of dozing off watching it but I think that's on tonight right Wednesday night survivor and I don't know what else is going on I think Carly has the other camera up in her bedroom we actually filmed a video for her channel today she filmed uh what to do when you're sick and bored or something like that just because this was the second day she stayed home from school and so she had the idea of to film that video so she's got that all done and what else hopefully the kids have school tomorrow we're supposed to get dumped on a bunch of snow and we might have a snow day tomorrow which would be crazy cuz that'll be the third day in a row that the kids didn't go to school well chase me today but like Carly I've been home the past two days so it's been kind of a weird week and it's almost March which is crazy and then we have spring break coming up and we have CVX live coming up you guys don't know we're gonna be at CVX live March 25th and 26 it'll be our first like official meet-and-greet we're gonna be selling t-shirts while we're there and we're gonna have some signed photos to give to you guys and we'll give you more details on all that closer to the date but so we're kind of like mentally getting prepared for that and what else that'll be our first part of spring break and then we'll have a second part to our spring break chip but we will share the details with that with you guys later oh one more thing I got this at the grocery store so I don't know if we'll have it today though cuz we already had the Starbucks so I already had a treat but have any of you guys even heard of this kind of ice cream never even heard of it before oh and I seen it I had to try it and add that one and I just got that fudge strikes up here comes the snow I see snows coming down if you can hear it hitting the ground but they claim it's supposed to get bad tonight and we might not have school tomorrow so Carly came to join me while I'm getting my desk cleaned up oh you think it's boring right now literally you just sit here then she so she has a computer here and a computer here for like five minutes she's here then she's here for ten minutes and she's here for two minutes I was easier for thirty minutes and she's here for two minutes against that boring head it's for an hour yes that's very boy all right so bye that's it for today please subscribe to our channel thanks for watching oh she just looked in my nostril please thumbs up this video she's Tanya you need to go brush your teeth by licking my nose yeah Wow and the question of the day is have you had a snow day yet and if you have a snow day how do you spend it and usually it's called a snow day so usually we go in the snow but I'm sure we're gonna have math school tomorrow because it's me bad outside it's not because of snow it's because of ice so we're gonna have ice are you gonna play in the ice yeah here slip and break my bones no they don't think of this there's way more people in this world that never have snow days than people that do have snow days so for the people that never have snow days do you ever get school canceled for anything else do you think they do like oh like maybe tornadoes and hurricanes and things like that maybe alright that's a reason I don't want to move somewhere because they have like earthquakes and volcanoes yeah volcanoes I don't think they have volcanoes oh yeah but they don't have schools and stuff by volcanoes they do they canceled school because of a volcano alright well we'll see cool well we'll see you guys tomorrow thanks for watching our video today we appreciate you everyday bye

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