BABY NURSERY Tour | DIY Gender Neutral Modern Room | African Mommy Blogger

BABY NURSERY Tour | DIY Gender Neutral Modern Room | African Mommy Blogger

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Hi lovelies, I’m finally showing off Kai’s room! I’m sharing ideas on how to decorate your little one’s room, combining minimalistic and colourful themes. Please remember to subscribe and share with a mommy-to-be or new mama! Which stores do you love to shop for kids decor?

Full details of where I got items below.

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I got most of the items featured (including the baskets) from Mr Price Home:

Chair: @Home –

Shelves: Simply Home –

Hooks: Superbalist –

Hampers: Makro –

Toys: Cotton On Kids

If you spot anything you like that I didn’t mention, comment below and I’ll let you know where I got it from πŸ˜‰


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hi guys welcome to Kai's nursery we dying to show you ever since I was pregnant but I haven't had the time and things have been rearranged and I came a few weeks earlier so I'm finally doing it now so I wanted to share with you how his room looks and where I got some of the pieces when I was pregnant this is my favorite room to come into a distance it's just I love this space I wanted to create a space for KY that was basically you know calm but also conducive to playtime something colorful by the same time is it realistic so I'm sort of like taking ideas from all over the place drawn inspiration from Pinterest from YouTube and so yeah this is this is the final product as it stands now all right so let's start off over here this is the main feature of his rural business his cot this was a gift from Kevin's parents my husband's parents just before he was born so we got this actually some mr. price home I love this because it's so simple I love the design it's really minimalistic and it just goes with the entire sort of theme of his room so in a nutshell I wanted to have his room predominantly white but also have you know a secondary color of gray and a turn color of yellow so as you can see there that's pretty much what this walls sort of symbolizes we have a bit of a funky textured wall so my husband suggested that he actually paint the triangles on rather than getting D calls because there they were just going to like fall off so this was really a labor of love this entire room but particularly this wall because he'd spent days painting every single one of these triangles and then over here this is my favorite baby quotes that I found online three big little one so all of the artwork in his room I you know sort of went online and I saw some really great illustrations I just recreated them and all of these frames are got from mr. price home I love them very simply just work so perfectly in this space and then over here right next to card I've got the really cute hooks I got these from subscriber list I had no idea superb that's actually sold like kids furniture pieces so I kind of stumbled on this but when I found them I thought that perfect for prize room so I loved that and as you can see here is just some spare sort of outfit for him so when I'm changing him I don't have to like rummage through everything especially in the middle of the night some more artwork I love that absolutely love that I think this one is so hilarious and yeah I wanted to bring most of the color into his room in the artwork that we found ups like I definitely think that that works really nicely we really wanted to minimize the number of brand-new furniture pieces that we bought for him so this is actually repurposed what do you call it organizer I guess my husband actually used this for in his home office but then when we were rearranging the house to accommodate Kai's room in the nursery I saw this and I thought this could actually be quite perfect why do we need to buy a completely separate changing table we can put fast kids we can put clothes and put a whole bunch of things here and so we tested it and it works out perfectly the highest is great so we just sort of it was vertical before and then for Kyle's room we'll just turned it horizontally without this mattress at my baby shower and as you can see I haven't actually put any mattress covers on this because I just felt like I don't know they're a bit expensive considering they're going to be watered and soil all the time so what I've done is I've kept the original cover but that's underneath as you can see I just got unpacked a really cheap tea call from mystified home and so that's what we used to put on when we're changing hands that way you know it's really no big deal if they get messy and if they get stains just dump them in the laundry good to go then over here again it so this is a repurposed thing this is a cake stand that we use at our wedding so we use he sort of popped like some flowers on the tables and so I kept all of them so when it was time to decorate his room again it was really thinking about what can we use that we already have in his room and this is one of the pieces I really love that a part of our sort of past is now in Kai's room so and then over here this is how I'm organized is Matthew I just had a bit of a sort of like lightbulb moment when I was shopping at mr. price home and I saw these what they call I think they're called yeah I saw these kinds of sensors see that little plastic sort of trays that you put in your fridge for soda cans and I thought well that looks like it would be perfect size for nappies so that's what I'm doing and it works out so well because you know we put his main sort of like sweet pack of nappies in storage and then we just refill these trays when you know they're a bit low so everything you need is right here and then this is just a simple tray also I think from mr. flice home just a ya simple tray to put their lamp mr. price home and then just a tissue box and then underneath here as you can see I've got all of his carvings clothes I love this color I love this print really simple so in each of them I just have different items of clothing and accessories of organizer said that his short sleeve back or one side he's long see that's one another and as a backup custom-house pads and he's cool one piece and then over here this is sort of like he's going out clothes whenever we go training grandpa's or playground or to a restaurant or whatever I've got the monkeys chops and vests here and his pants and leggings on this side and then at the bottom there I've got three baskets full of blankets so I've organized them from you know one basket has big blankets the other one has thinner blankets and then the other one has like a sticker sleep suits and seat backs but I'm not such a fan of rocking chairs so this was also something that we couldn't actually read purpose I needed something quite big really comfortable and something that still went with the room and then we keep used at a later stage as well so this chair we actually got this from at home and it was also another labor of love we searched for this chair for weeks when I was pregnant and I tested every chair I put my Goldilocks sitting in all of the different chairs like this is too small this is too big and so um this chair when I finally found it what sold me was these little sort of like headrest wings on the side so I can rest my head if I'm sort of feeling a bit tired or or drowsy and then I got these cushions both of them from the surprise home and then this ottoman over here absolutely love this I didn't want to get sort of a pedestal or like a typical stool so when I saw this I knew I have to incorporate it somehow into Kai's room and just worked out so perfectly to rest my feet and now that he's crawling and he's more active it also like sort of pops himself up here and just plays around this Ottomans love that I got that from mr. price home as well this is pretty much like 80% of this room is mr. price home and then over there my husband put up with this shelf this was also repurposed we used to have this in our living room so we just put this in the corner just for and their core kind of touch I got that nifty cushion from cotton on kids I got this love lamp sign for mr. price home so we got this boy heis Eastern present from his grandparents and you know he's grad was just like you know I just saw this I thought of him and it'll go really nicely with his room so I agree I love this and then over here as you can see I've just sort of decorated with these little flags saying baby oh so this is actually for my baby shower it was part of the decoration of my baby shower so I just kept it because I thought it was so cute and I wanted KY to sort of have a bit of you know his name before he was actually officially here and name hi and then over here I've just got another basket where I have my pregnancy and mommy and baby magazines and books this was really helpful especially when I just gave birth and I was in the room and KY was sleeping and I wasn't sleeping just to you know have something to read in the meantime and kill time really and then over here are some baskets my guards these baskets from macro I love the chevron print I absolutely love chevron my husband's not such a fan but he he saw these and thought okay we can have that little bit of Chevron in his room that's cool so this one's toy box so when he's you know finished playing we just dump all of his toys in there and then this one on this side is his laundry bin ok so then on this side is the third hook from that set of hopes but then I got from super bliss and so this is just where I didn't see how to sign up some towels for him find the door is his little reading section so yeah I had looked everywhere for shelves like me that's all the Munchkin chests and they're available in the US and okay and an end but I couldn't find them anywhere in South Africa until I came across I believe it's simply home the website I will find the link to the website and like attach it somewhere to the video so I ordered these from them and they're absolutely perfect they're minimal they're very like slender because I knew I wanted to store his books behind the doors I needed something that would accommodate for that lack of space and then I've got these little toys from Portland kids I love this stuff you know from their clothes to their toys really mimicking and then as you can see I've just got a range of books for him I think it's really really important that his books are representative of him as well so I really tried to get some books with some mixed-race characters like a little black boy as well I yeah I think I'm going to talk further on this at some point on my blog and then just some really cute you know more educational so that's it that's my nursery tour the disguise room I'm so glad that I finally was able to show you everything that my husband had worked really hard to put together without this room and really think that it's a room that I can naturally grow into so um yeah that's it thanks for joining me on the toei thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel for more mommy videos and if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and comment below you know if you have any questions about where I got some of the things if you have any ideas or any kind of like we'd purposing ideas that kind of stuff let me know in the comments thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one bye get something that could actually detect if God forbid he's stopped breathing for some reason or something like that so what's great about this is that it clips on puts on to your baby's nappy

10 thoughts on “BABY NURSERY Tour | DIY Gender Neutral Modern Room | African Mommy Blogger

  1. I really love the look of he room. The pouf was a great idea…. not too heavy like an ottoman or footrest.
    May you please tell me where you got the lamp from?

  2. Thank you so much for this video Aisha!! I loved it. There isn't a lot of these from SA youtubers so I'm really glad for this video. Where did you get the other pieces of artwork?

  3. OMW, I really loved watching this video and I like how you re-purposed most of the things. A great way to save mommy…total winner…you have an eye for deco hey. Especially when it comes to cordinating the colours…LOVE LOVE LOVE the book shelve..after watching this video, I am really broody for a baby boy…more so decorating nursery room…really enjoyed watching…now where the vlogs at?..LOL

  4. I love love love it Aisha! its beautiful and bright and just magazine-ish!… well done. I really like that book shelf and am going to order it asap, I also like that it is a bit out of reach for the children. thanks for the ideas! you've given me plenty!!!

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