Baby Blues: my best coping tips for new mums | ONE FAT MOTHER

Baby Blues: my best coping tips for new mums | ONE FAT MOTHER

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How to cope with the baby blues – by a mum who has been there!

When my daughter Edie was born, I thought we’d never be a happy family… I had the baby blues. Here are some of the things I found useful to help me cope, and I hope they might help you too. You’re not alone – and you’re doing a great job!

If you are affected by the issues raised in this video or think you might have Post Natal Depression, help is available here:

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5 thoughts on “Baby Blues: my best coping tips for new mums | ONE FAT MOTHER

  1. I want to sit here in front of my laptop and thank you personally! Me and my partner are trying for a baby and I've been so worried about getting the baby blues when i eventually have a baby, my mum had the baby blues for a year after she had me and sadly she isn't around to tell me how to cope with it. So Thank you for reassuring me of the tips i can do if i do get the baby blues!! Rachele xx

  2. It is so encouraging to hear such an honest account of the early days of motherhood. I will recommend your channel to friends.
    Forcing myself to rise to the challenges you mention (public transport, changing a nappy in public) were game changers for me. I wish so much I could have watched this in those dark early days.
    Can't wait to see more of your vids!

  3. Me again!! My tip is to remember "this too will pass" and have a bucket full of chocolate. When I had my LO, I took each day as it came. Thank you for making these videos. I also second, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Also nobody's life feels good after just 2 hours sleep! x

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