At Home Workout 10-Minutes Full Body | Nap Time Postpartum Workout, Post Pregnancy Safe Exercises

At Home Workout 10-Minutes Full Body | Nap Time Postpartum Workout, Post Pregnancy Safe Exercises

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Try this postpartum workout after you’ve been cleared to exercise post baby. This is also a great low impact workout for beginners.

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This postnatal workout focuses on the entire body, core, abs, butt, back and arms. Post pregnancy workouts are safe to do once you have been cleared by your doctor to exercise. If you have postpartum fitness question especially regarding a post baby belly or postpartum belly, leave a comment and check out my other postpartum workout videos.

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hey guys today I have an at-home postnatal workout that you guys can do after you have your baby and you've been cleared to return to exercise if you are a beginner you haven't had a baby this is also a great low-impact workout that you can do all you'll need is a set of medium dumbbells I'm gonna do today's routine with a pair of eights are you guys ready to get going let's do it all right the first move we're gonna do is high knees and we're just gonna warm up our core so first to stand tall bend in the knees and go exhales and tuck those hips on up so we're gonna add in those high knees in a socket here we go and let's do it so those first little movements we're just to get our abs engaged our belly button pulling towards our lower back it eats time you exhale here keep drawing your navel in good we're here for 30 more seconds make sure that you have balance so as you bring that knee towards your elbow you're crunching down give me 5 4 pick up those weights and 3 2 and 1 grab your dumbbells we're coming into a sit squat with a bicep curl – a shoulder press so sit back on a bench or a coffee table stand up bicep curl shoulder press back down so if you don't have a bench you can do it just a regular squat I really enjoy this squat as a prenatal exercise because it really forces you to put your weight in your heels awesome job you've got 30 more seconds here and then we're coming on down to the ground for a glute bridge bridges are amazing to do after you have baby they do work your glutes but they also work on your core give me eight five four three two and one down to the ground you want to make sure that your heels are right by your hands you're gonna lift your glutes up and down if you've been doing this routine a few types through you could always make it a little bit more challenging send one foot up to the sky and just do a single leg today I'm gonna have both feet on the ground when you're up in your highest point exhale and draw your navel in towards your lower back Rechab course my Tyler's down here and back up here 15 seconds we're gonna work our ABS coming up and keep curling your hip bones up towards your collar bone I know that's a weird cue 4 3 2 m 1 hold it up at your highest point bring that right knee up place your foot right back down to the ground I call these marching a marching bridge because you're holding your bridge up high and you're alternating which knee comes on up into a tabletop position the bar goes back to again think about drawing your belly button towards your lower back you should be feeling warm if you don't we're coming on up into a tabletop position next you've got five four three two and one you can kind of roll up we're gonna grab our dumbbells and we are coming into a modified renegade row dumbbells are right underneath your shoulders and we're gonna roll right and left the entire time you're in this position keep drawing your abs towards your lower back try to flatten your stomach as much as you can keep your abs engaged but also drive with your elbow as that weight comes right by your ribcage after this move you're halfway through this workout side plank is next forty-five seconds each side as you exhale pull your belly button on in towards that lower back 5 4 side 5 & 3 2 & 1 put those weights up to the top of your mat and come on up into a side plank so if you're newly post-partum I'm gonna have you take this modification you're gonna drop that bottom knee and just lift right here awesome job you guys are doing great if you are postpartum nearly postpartum I don't want you to push it when it comes to abdominal work you really want to make sure that your core is ready so listen to your body 10 seconds we're gonna switch side 5 reach that hip up 3 2 and 1 let's switch sides I'm gonna continue with the modification but if you want feel free to come on up into a regular side plank if you think you may have a diastasis recti this side plank is safe to do and if you're curious what that is I have a video in the more info where you can learn more keep reaching out 15 more seconds stay with me we've got heel taps next again safe move if you have a diastasis recti trying to strengthen our core and heal at the same time in three two and one heel taps you're lying down on the ground knees right in line over your hips drop that left heel to the ground bring it back up so I know you guys can see my core here so you want to make sure your abs are not puffing up and that you have a 90 degree angle in your heel this move looks easy it's not press your lower back into the mat here we go last 15 seconds don't have to put your hands here I find it helps me remember to keep drawing my navel down five four three two and one we're coming up towards the end we have donkey kicks back into our tabletop position 45 seconds each leg so you've got your hands directly underneath your shoulder hips are even try not to rotate your hips open and that knee is just coming down and up the angle that Bend staying consistent you've got this last two minutes stay with me three two and one switch legs think about your abs here again draw your belly button on up and in Twitter lower back I'm shooting this six months postpartum my second baby and still I need the constant reminder to activate my midsection our last move is going to be a chest fly so you're going to need those weights one more time 15 seconds you've got ten five four three two and one chest fly come on down to the ground it's like bend in the elbow open that with those weights up like a buck and then come back to the top so it's almost like you're opening a giant newspaper it's like bend in the elbow and then when you come up to your starting position almost like you have kind of a beach ball being held in between your arms if the fly is too hard you can of course take this into a chest press which would just look like that but for most of us these medium dumbbells aren't perfect for a fly awesome job you guys are so close to being done we've got just kidding we've got 15 seconds left if you want to add in a little bit more gloop work you could even add in a bridge while you do these and practice some people's if you want five four three two so today was just one of my favorite simple postpartum workout routines that you can do after you've been cleared to start exercising again it is on the more gentle side if you want to take it up a notch add in one or two more sets I hope you enjoyed this video check out the more info for more pre and post natal workouts I'm Sarah I'll see you soon

3 thoughts on “At Home Workout 10-Minutes Full Body | Nap Time Postpartum Workout, Post Pregnancy Safe Exercises

  1. Hi, are postpartum works good for beginners that struggle with ab strength to begin with? I have trouble with my sciatic, I am told by physical therapists that lack of ab strength can be the cause. I am also looking to loose about 20- 25lbs. I am a 23 year old working college student as well so time is a bit of a issue. I do carry a lot of weight in my mid section and upper body.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!
    Love your videos.

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