Angelo's Mom's Cooking Tips — Episode 2

Angelo's Mom's Cooking Tips -- Episode 2

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Angelo’s Mom teaches you how to make pasta tomato sauce with the help of a special guest in episode one of “Angelo’s Mom’s Cooking Tips”.

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welcome back to Angelo's mom's quicken kitchen tips this is the second episode last week it was the first episode and I can't thank you enough for your positive reaction today we're gonna make pasta sauce which is tomatoes olive oil spices and it's delicious so so let's start okay alright let's open them this is crushed Tomatoes okay and of course olive oil again this is McNeil's olive oil and don't afraid to pour olive oil it tastes good and like we say the more the merrier now garlic again garlic cloves crushed but we don't have it next is sea oregano just keep pouring okay no problem the it tastes so better and it gives aroma to the shocks okay maybe a little more okay and let's see Oh basil I'm not gonna sprinkle I'm gonna do this this is good and don't be afraid poor basil this is red crushed pepper you do this to give a little zest to the to the sauce so I'm gonna go little generous of this because I like hot and spicy okay I think that's enough okay so you have to have that and I like a little salty but not too much okay so I don't measure anything and I think this is okay let me see if I forgot anything a little more garlic okay yeah don't be afraid so let's see okay I think this is pretty good and I'm very excited now let's put this way okay it's a live show so let's cook let me let's stir okay and I think just keep stirring it's doing good Wow let's put all the ingredients in and I don't want to spill anything out I think this and even if you do it fast you don't spill any you know if you know how to to do it so again like this and give little energy put little energy to the food and I swear I can tell you it tastes better see no spilling well again I do the my finger this oh little more salt I think we need little more salt okay don't be afraid to pour the herbs let's see I think see let's put the oregano in it I think this is good do we have a spoon yes it's good now my process is complete and on we come back I'm gonna debut my pasta sauce with my special guest welcome back I have my pasta plated here I have the sauce ready to go and I'm ready to debut my pasta sauce with my son Angelo hi Angelo what's going on are you doing so good okay ready to try yeah all right let's see what's gonna happen here all right now I see olive oil out I'm wondering how you operated that into your tomato sauce because that's what we do olive oil olive oil and olive oil okay now let's see how you like this McNeil's olive oil my Kleos olive oil the best I think this is done well all right let's go I'm not sure about the tomatoes this time but why not just just let me try it I'll see hey that's good I like it this is unuseful Angelo it's my cooking he likes my cooking Wow you're hungry and tired you can think straight I haven't slept in like 27 hours now there you go that figures on Angelo is tired he can think straight well so far so good huh yeah yeah that's really good this is weird this is very weird wrap up the show okay okay well like I said this is very we this is very weird and very strange so I'm surprised anyway thanks for watching and we'll see you next week never mind that's what you say every time you try you try my food here but I've got some Tupperware this time no I don't think so that's enough okay I could bring it home this time I heat it up my boy whatever yeah just like you want me to take the place this place or mine though okay let's take it that one I don't believe it even I'd say that I don't believe all right well our eye you

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