Amy Schumer Talks Pregnancy, Husband's Autism Diagnosis on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' | THR News

Amy Schumer Talks Pregnancy, Husband's Autism Diagnosis on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' | THR News

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Amid the recent release of her new Netflix stand-up special ‘Growing,’ Amy Schumer made a visit to ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Wednesday night to discuss her pregnancy and latest comedic venture.

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I just want to thank your your wardrobe department don't worry guys Amy Schumer is actually pregnant this has not been an elaborate bid for her latest Netflix stand-up special growing although you'd have to give a man props of a commitment if it had been during a chat with late night Seth Meyers Schumer revealed that while she may be the queen of comedy her pregnancy at times has been anything but a love the comedian revealed that she's still suffering from hyperemesis a pregnancy complication characterized by extreme nausea and throw up a few times on the way the late night said adding that she is lucky to have such good health insurance if you had a good pregnancy like if here's someone who enjoy being pregnant I just hope your car flips over when my loss is guessed whether she knows the sex of the baby Shema replied however the baby identifies as long as they don't identify as a DJ oh yeah that's and also lucky could be I feel pretty saucy has some really good friends she can turn to for advice including my his own wife your wife she told me that um that prenatal yoga really helps with the birth so I immediately signed up for a c-section next it was time for the two funny pals to discuss the honesty Shoom it displays in growing the comedian's second Netflix special which is currently available to view on the streaming service during her routine the trainwreck star gets very candid about her personal life and reveals that her husband Chris pisha is on the autism spectrum referencing his diagnosis is high-functioning autism Schumer took a moment to raise awareness on the stigma in our society about seeking medical help the tools that we've been given have made his life so much better and I encourage people not to be afraid of the stigma Schumer said adding that her marriage to Fisher has improved since they received the tools to understand autism more clearly in fact one such example occurred right before Schumer walked out on stage rehearse it down with Myers they changed outfits I'm like does this look okay and he was like well it's too late he's right though it was too late during her Netflix special Schumer also reflects on her arrest in October 2018 after being detained for protesting during Brett cabin has a point to the Supreme Court some people criticize me she revealed they were like that's irresponsible you're pregnant I was like well that's why I went down there I want to be able to tell this kid that I did everything I could read more on this story Ted stay calm the hollowed reporter news I'm Lin's Rodriguez

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