All Known Musical References in MOTHER 3 (Almost!)

All Known Musical References in MOTHER 3 (Almost!)

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After about 3 months of on-and-off work, I present to you a (to my knowledge) complete list of every piece of music MOTHER 3 references / takes inspiration from. Due to a lack of a comprehensive list online, I decided to step up and make my own. These types of lists are interesting and let you into the mind of the composers, seeing their inspirations and nod of respect to various other musical pieces. All tracks are shown in their order of encounter in the game.

The video is a bit lengthy, but if you are a big MOTHER fan like I am, you will definitely enjoy it.

I had to pitch-shift and edit the audio for the Beatles playback due to their insanely aggressive copyright striking. I hope you don’t mind.

Thanks to:
/r/Earthbound on Reddit
& Various other online communities for allowing me to piece together all of these connections.

Intro music by Shane Mesa / Dani Person, used as a spoof of the intro for the MOTHER 4 Trailer.

All music and images used are credit to their owners.

39 thoughts on “All Known Musical References in MOTHER 3 (Almost!)

  1. If you've listened to the soundtrack of Paper Mario: Color Splash, it seems that they got the inspiration from the Fun Bazaar. Blew my mind the first time I stepped in that building <3

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