Advice for Working Moms

Advice for Working Moms

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welcome back on I know everybody's so excited to see you back on good day yeah it's great we've been asked to kind of give you some advice from our perspective as parents right as the the man here I guess I should say don't forget about intimacy with your husband oh my god I know your focus will be other day yes don't let the agency go forget don't listen to him at all intimacy it is gone Laura and forget about it it's all about that precious baby gone I guess until you want baby number two and then it comes back enjoy yep I can't believe you went there did you really go there you did huh some good advice for my co-workers Heather Hayes and Steve eager now that I'm back after work after having my little girl thankfully Diane Patterson is here with some expert advice to help us out and help all those moms out there heading back to work she is the author of the birth of the book work pray love also a mom Harvard MBA holder executive and mentor for working women through a nonprofit called forward and you say new moms first have to set their priorities yeah you definitely have to set your priorities and know your strengths and I think the CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer did such a great job as preparing to be a new mom and her first interview came out and said it's God family and yahoo in that order and she lives eight and Cassie church early that can be hard though I mean I can be really hard it's hard to balance the two it is it is very hard yeah also you say to set boundaries and that's one way that you can do that if you're a working mom because a lot of times it yet the kid that's screaming over here on this hand and then you got your cell phone ringing on this and it's the boss calling right well you've got to figure out when you're going to go home how much you're going to travel when people call you from home when you're at work the etiquette around when people call you at home from work so that you can really live out this life that is a challenge that means you have to be willing to say no that is not easy for a lot of us saying no is hard and I think I'm sure sandberg the coo of facebook did a great job in saying you know i'm going to be at home by six o'clock every evening with my family when i'm in town and i tried to do that while I when I was at Trammell Crow and CBRE and it was it was something that I really tried to do every day yeah yeah did you feel guilt did you feel a lot a lot of moms that I've been talking with on Facebook and Twitter say whatever you do just try not to feel guilty but that just is part of it you're going to feel guilty at one time or another yeah I think guilt can be your enemy and so the more you can get used to feeling confident about what you've decided important to you and we do talk about that in chapter 17 of work love pray because it is probably the key thing that working moms deal with is guilt yeah and it seems like sometimes they get it from other women you know like it's not just the people at work that are pushing it on you but sometimes it may be you know the people who the very people you think that should be supporting you know you're exactly right and the more we can learn to support each other it's going to make all the difference having a support system to is huge and it may be your family you may be lucky enough to have family in the area but if not maybe you try to find some other system that works maybe mom's help other moms out or something like that right or maybe having a network of babysitters that you can turn to yep you're going to need everybody I mean Kate milks in Dulce a new mom and she's going to have to learn how much she's got all this to happen all these people waiting on her hand and foot so the last thing you do say is pray that was your last definitely you've got to take time for you spiritually physically and emotionally and praying then go to spa those are the do exactly do you need to have a little time for yourself done for sure you're exactly right all right we've got a link to at Diane Patterson's book a work Pray Love and also to her website for women at my Fox dfw com thank you so much for being here we didn't preciate it run great to be

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