Advice For Working Moms Of A Newborn – Natalie Fischer

Advice For Working Moms Of A Newborn - Natalie Fischer

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Natalie Fischer, Working Mother, shares advice for other working moms of newborn children, on how to best balance your time between being the parent that you want to be for your child and focusing on your career.

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making sense of being a new mother while you have a demanding career can be very challenging the first thing I say is to let go of the Guild's realize that you were providing for your family and that it's something to be very proud of the second thing is to realize that you're setting an amazing example for your children especially if you have girls it's great that you get the opportunity for your kids to see you the for the rock star that you are I also think it's important to know that if you want to breastfeed even if you're going to be working out of the house 10 or 12 hours a day you can provide your kids with breast milk you just need to invest in a very good pump or rent a hospital-grade pump and then you can do that and that's an important connection with your children and then I always just try to make sure that I can spend some focused time with my children each one each day whether it's an hour that you have or only 10 minutes and it's important to really fill them up with that focus time and to teach your children that you know how to turn off and turn your BlackBerry off and really spend some time with your kids it's the quality not the quantity of time that really matters for a working parent

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  1. I love this!! this is me!!! I am a working Mom with two kids and I have and still breastfed and pumped and spend my time after work with them. the hardest part is the guilt but I want to be that example fir my kids!

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