Advice For The Dad-To-Be! | Kristen from Millennial Moms

Advice For The Dad-To-Be! | Kristen from Millennial Moms

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Today Kristen shares her advice for expecting fathers! From taking charge in the labor and delivery room to being the cheerleader – Dad’s role in the birthing process is critical and not to be taken lightly. Let us know in the comments your best Dad-to-be advice! 💋

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– Hi guys, Kristen here
from Millennial Moms. Today's video is for
you expecting fathers. I wanna talk to you about
why you are so important in the birthing process. When I had my daughter Chell, I would not have been able
to survive the labor process if it hadn't have been
for my husband Corey. He was invaluable, he kept me calm, he handled the situation. It was amazing to have him there. And today, I'm gonna tell you what he did that made it so great. The first thing my husband
did that made the world of difference was take charge
of everyone else in the room. Instead of my mom being
the one to kind of call all the shots or having a
doula there to do all that, that was Corey's job. He told the nurses what I needed, where if they were
standing too close to me, if it was too hot, whatever
it was he was my guy. I was in the zone, I was
all in my head in pain and just focusing, so he
was my outside presence that communicated with everyone else. The next thing my husband did
that was equally as important is know where everything
in the hospital was. Guys, go on the hospital tours. You learn so much about
where everything's located. Corey knew where the ice was,
he knew where the lounge was, he knew where everything was. Super valuable, again,
it kept me from having to worry about it. And if I needed a cup of ice, he could just tell my mom, Angela, Kristen needs ice, go down the hall, turn left, get a cup, it's right there. So, so nice for me to
not have to worry about any of that logistical stuff. Next is understanding
what mom-to-be wants. For many, many months before
my daughter Chell was born, Corey and I would sit down in the evenings and just talk about the process, what my wishes were, what his wishes were, and I just made sure that
he was on the same page. So, when it came time for the big day, he knew what kind of labor
positions I thought I would like, he knew just everything. He knew more than I did
about the process of birth. He was very, very well versed. So, if I was in pain in one position, Corey would come to me and say hey, why don't we get up? Let's try and go in the shower,
the hot water will help. And moms, it's your job to just say okay, this hurts, let's try something new. The next thing is take care of yourself. Its super hard, I feel like, for dads and anyone else
in the labor support group to take care of themselves
because you're so worried about the mom, but be sure
you take care of yourself. Feed yourself. A lot of times, mom to
be doesn't want to eat. For me, I physically
couldn't stomach the food, but that doesn't mean
dad to be doesn't eat. Corey, he didn't eat as
much as he should have, but when he got a sandwich
he would just take as many bites as he could
between contractions. And then the minute a contraction started, he was back at my side again. The last thing is to
grab all of the freebies you can from the hospital. Our hospital gave away
hospital grade a nose sucker, and pads for me afterwards, diapers, changing cloths, just
anything you can imagine. Ask the hospital, 'cause
it's probably there for you to take, and take it. They have good stuff there, man. Just take whatever they will give you. So dads, that is your last
task, take the free stuff. So, there you have it, those
are the things my husband did that made my labor process so much easier. I would not have been
able to do it without him. If you guys liked this video,
please give it a thumbs up. I would love to read
your comments down below on things that the dads
to be did in your life that made things easier, and be sure and check out
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