Advice for new mums❤️🤰🏼|TEEN MUM

Advice for new mums❤️🤰🏼|TEEN MUM

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Hope you all are okay! This video is too young mums and any age mums! It’s advice and I hope it can help some of you ☺️
*not all of my videos will be based on teen moms or about having a baby but stay tuned for the other videos soon to come🎥 I love you all for all your support 💗💗💗

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hey guys so I'm back I again move another video so today's video is gonna be on advice mainly for moon yes I wanna say thank you again for all the support of your show yeah I'm just going into the video as always so my first tip of advice would be don't lose your life regardless of your age when you have a baby like you can still do what you won you can't do everything you used to be able to do there's nothing stopping you from having a life just because you'll have a baby don't go you know going through a little shell and everything when you have a baby the coins yeah you have to take a break from time to time you know go shopping or have this body or go to love your friends go out for the night you know to a club or do you something you want to do you know some things you need to have a break without that if I haven't have a Greek you know pattern you never have a big beam up haven't food you know like it's meant to be a 24/7 job so you need to obviously have a my next aware of us would be don't take advantage of people that want to help don't be like if they offered to have you baby one time have my baby today or can you have don't be like that yeah you want to know let them have their time have your time and just use them and you really really need to have done when you really want to do something don't be doing all the time that because your babies only a baby for a short amount of time you know spend that time with your baby if you take advantage of people as well like they're going to be like no like they're just using this have the baby and they're not going to want to help you anymore so my next tip of advice would be if you and your baby daddy don't get along or don't have a healthy relationship or it's a toxic relationship leave leave the relationship even if he says you know introduce the baby then even if he says he doesn't so it's hard to be relationship you can't damage the child while scrubbing off so don't stay if you baby but that just because you're gonna have a baby that because I'm gonna so so many girls out there yeah dude only some of my babe that so their baby has a dad that literally like don't do that if your baby dad isn't involved after you leave him it just shook he wasn't really you know a father figure and it just shows that he only want you do really and if he says hit shows with him and you know stop the contact because you're doing your childhood go walk and you know get hit or anything but yeah if you just don't have a relationship don't be don't be a toxic come over ivar that's my other tip do not do not be selfish and go right well you've got a new girlfriend or you have your child to have a father yeah Gusterson are called economy child a sharp way that she eats he or she is gonna be like Mullins a dickhead mom is a twat for not let me have concert of my dad my next tip advice would be even if you have even they have a baby never settle for less no your wife like you've still got our work just because you have a child it doesn't mean you're less of a person doesn't mean anything because while you know you were sleeping with your baby title song you know you two planned a family Wayne gave his pregnant wife I too but it didn't work out so don't think having a baby can stop you from moving on and being in the nice relationship come on darling don't pink that that goes on my reason to treat you bad so I'm taking everything to heart you're gonna coaches will gladly share Garcia is Russia 14 15 20 25 for if you're gonna get rich too so the best thing to do is burn tea what people think and what you perceive you you 14:52 judge people yeah don't know what people think of you get to your heart yeah just be 50 you just you know because my six heart more can I take you down there's a person and he's gonna not meet you the best person you can be so my best advice would be to just let go she won't even answer the phone they're not just don't get you know your time leave your baby with you know just because they're your friends yeah I've got one thing that we chose to have my baby one friend yeah I will not never ever leave my baby with just one of my phones because I want to do something that will never happen always you know make sure your baby is with somebody safe like your mom your dad you know your boyfriend your baby dad your grandma with something always make sure your baby is safe beep my next guys be paranoid about you you know who your baby is around be onto that because you won't you try to grow up around good people you don't mean your child to you know be seeing alcoholics and like crackheads houses they're not gonna be walking in yeah so make sure your baby is safe at all times as I'm not sure what sponsibility to make sure your child is safe and with the best people it can be my next advice is proof every single person who doubted you and who said because you're you know whatever age or just a moment or more you can't do or be who you want to be yeah I'm still gonna go out wherever I wanted to be in laughs I'm still gonna go do my education I'm still gonna go to university I'm gonna I am going to a grand jury let me tell you I'm going to graduate I'm going to have my own business I'm gonna be you know I'm gonna be who I want to be Lacoste with a baby and having a baby may motivate you even more to be doing good things some that goes with not over advisable don't think benefits will help people yeah so many of you out here living like Universal Credit which isn't a problem yeah I claim on you my soul but what I'm saying is is don't finish you off forever option like I'm always seeing oh you have two pounds to last me the whole week you need to have a job because you get money whilst having a job so don't think you know living on credit and benefits just pleasure young or however old you are it's gonna be the rest of your life you run your child just not look it and I live non benefits this pool you mean your child to see you doing well sit me down do what my child would you know I want you to do I'm gonna motivate you to do every single day of your life even though he's only one years old every single day I motivate you know to do you know motivating him he's a clever clever boy do I mean and then then he's gonna be raised to be a proper man raise your kids how you would want you know your child to be don't look don't let your child sit down and think benefits were right benefits is well you should be living on because it's really not it's my next one this isn't advice book you're going to lose friends you have regardless for gossip your age when you have a baby your friends you find it of your friends because people treat a baby like it's a disease my concern my trap to me that they don't want to meet time for me you know my baby's really sad they're gonna make time for me because they're like oh used to loved I mean you find out who your real friends are they put it I will call me to meet your baby Titus when you know you need to take that into one ear and out door offer a role because if you and your head on you you know this is the answer to my baby's uncle it's not gonna happen sis it's not gonna happen yeah just know you're gonna lose friends you are going to that's that's also who you are like us anymore how much money you have no much how much like you know how much our house is worth as okay so don't don't think having a baby he's gonna keep people are gonna grow when they want to go when it does not benefit them yeah and just remember I live people are jealous of a baby I know quite a lot of people who are jealous of Diane thing and is one years of age my trials one use of agent people certain people not going to mention he was so jealous so jealous of much I read already that if I the true fact then you realize I feel a smart person you realize people are jealous of your child yeah of course they always have to have attention there you know they get in your your attention your friends and that I want to have my last of advice would be try get your baby into a routine yeah you're never gonna have a certain routine because every day is gonna be a different one day they might be ill one day they're gonna have teeth and you don't I mean but travel you're beautiful and young as possible I heard down to sleep and through the night until six o'clock from about a week old because I trained him like that and now he sleeps well I know two-year-olds one like wake bear times or not or even once or twice a night I what I do it I leave and leave wartime here's one of these cups I leave that any at the other end of his clock so he knows if he needed a drink in the night he can you know get on hot days there for him he doesn't he doesn't need a drink last night he won't come me up that's only cause of his team so you need to know that when your baby weight fits in the certain routine you're gonna know when your baby crying for because it's illa something jammy so that's that's my whole advice for you yeah for new one no I hope benefits you and I hope you can take something in from this because everything else at that point they're not the new these are all key points that I'll view life facts you know that's why I said what I said because I could give you a hundred but I could give you a hundred tips and advice the peanut parent doesn't call of a book yeah it doesn't you know when you give birth to the child it's not that I hear here's your book on how to manage a child there's advise putting places guidelines all that NHS guidelines and that but that or never your child is gonna be huge for being yeah so don't think don't get stressed if your child it has not got a proper routine if your child isn't eating as much as you want it to eat you just have to go your child and work around you than your child yeah anyways I hope you like this video please like comment and subscribe if you haven't already yeah my next video will be out in the next few days and I'm just a bit busy at the moment what

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