Advice for Moms Who Lose Pelvic Floor Strength After Childbirth

Advice for Moms Who Lose Pelvic Floor Strength After Childbirth

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The experts at Premier Integrated OB/GYN offer advice to women who have experienced a loss in pelvic floor strength after childbirth.

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Dr. Laura Boyer, Dr. Diana Kumar and Dr. Sarah Payne are established physicians in the Denver community and passionate about women’s health. We’re happy to welcome new patients to our practice.

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(gentle music) – Well first thing is I reassure them that that's very normal. Even for myself after every baby, not feeling that you're
controlling your bladder and not having that
strength is just normal. You can't expect your body to carry a very, rather small or big size baby and just return back to normal like in a couple days or so. And then there are other things to do if things are not getting better. You can do pelvic floor exercises. We can send you to physical therapy. There's medications to try. But, and there's surgery and usually that's the last resort. We'd like you to try
the other things first but basically very normal
and it gets better with time.

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