ADVICE FOR MOMS | The BEST Mommy Advice I Actually Used | collab with Tiara's Turn – Sharron's Take

ADVICE FOR MOMS | The BEST Mommy Advice I Actually Used | collab with Tiara's Turn - Sharron's Take

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hey guys this run from Shawn's take and today i am doing a collaboration video with some other lovely ladies i'm going to go ahead and put their description to their videos in the link below but it's headed by tiaras turn and she's really awesome so guys go ahead and check her out and all the other ladies channels today what I'm going to talk about is the best mommy advice you've ever gotten you know mommy advice that you actually use when you first have a baby everybody wants to help you out everybody wants to tell you what you need to do how you need to raise your kid etc but um we all know after having a child or having multiple children it changes so the one thing that sticks out to me when I was asked this question is okay what does that go to advise that I have really used and has really benefited me and it came from my mom I was terrified to have a child I didn't think I was gonna be a good mom I didn't think I was ready I thought it was too young I thought a lot of stuff you know I had my first child at 23 and the best advice she gave me was it's going to be okay you know there's something innate about being a mother no one knows how to be a mom you're not born a good mother you learned so I remember her calling me down and telling me first of all calm down I've had five kids you know you're you're gonna be okay but is it's okay you know you'll learn and you'll be surprised how you'll go into that mommy mode and you evolve into a good mother so the best of my she told me was taking one day at a time and you'll be okay and you'll get there and to not be so hard on yourself when you fall short that was literally the advice that took me through and he I lost my mom early actually lost my mom when I was five months pregnant and that is what kept me through because I didn't have her there to continue to give me advice but that is the advice that she gave me that allowed me to raise my first song James and really carries me into my and Jase I am NOT hard on myself like I was and I've allowed myself to grow into that mom that I need to be for them and so that's the advice I definitely go to so to all you out there you know there's a lot of advice and there's not a good advice but there's also a lot of crab device I mean ursus be real but that go to advice for me was don't be so hard on yourself you know taking one day at a time and grow into motherhood because we're not born moms you're born you know you and you learn to get along so definitely that's the advice that if I could share with you and share with anybody about Ella baby I would thank you so much for collabing with me tiara and I look forward to more and for everybody else definitely please check out the other ladies videos and comment subscribe like all that good stuff share and for everybody else I will talk to you later bye bye

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