Advice for Mom's

Advice for Mom's

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This sweet lady is full of hilarious stories! We just love it when she shares her expert mom advice. #MomGoals

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my gender son was 30 days though we did helium for one month checkup he was fine and then the next couple of nights afterwards he's going to sleep at night and never have slept since but I was beside myself I was exhausted because here I had this new baby and he wouldn't sleep at night and so I thought the doctor and he sent out through the saw which was a blue liquid it was supposed to make John sleep so I gave John the computer saw and I went to be and put him in his bed and there's crying all night long with the Buddha saw so I called the doctors in expense it it didn't work and he said okay now this is what you did tonight they put him in the bed and he learn your bedroom and you took the buter saw my dad go to sleep so my advice is if the kid cries all night get yourself some beers' aw

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