Abundant Living FEAR of FAITH

Abundant Living    FEAR of FAITH

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Hey everyone, I hope your day is going fantastic! In today’s video I am sharing another installment of the Abundant Living series. I hope you enjoy and conquer your fear!
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hey guys hope you're having a great day today okay this is our abundant living series and this day is gonna be dealing with fear of faith it sounds kind of weird to see a figure of faith but do people have a fear of faith I think they do in the Bible it says in Romans 8:14 for all who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God for you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear but you have received the spirit of adoption as sons of God fear is a powerful thing it is a tool used by the enemy not by God how do you know that you are in fear like these are some questions you can ask yourself am i tormented do I question what to do because I am unsure am i agitated or annoyed am i upset or afraid of something so what do I do number one you relax and get in faith trust that God will lead you start saying I will always do the right thing be confident in your decisions stop doubting I'd like to say we've had a friend that would say doubt the dough and that's something to stick with you that you need to doubt that doubt fear can cut you off from your healing your provision people and from hearing from God if you act on fear you're allowing the destroyer our right to bring it on you just like if you act in faith so it's so important not to do things out of fear it's just important just to get in faith with God trust that he will do it and do it no matter what symptoms because you might be feeling those symptoms you might be if you feel it'll agitate it might be feeling I'm not sure I'm not sure just resist those symptoms no matter what's going on around you it is not you you are completely in control of what's in your mind you are in control when the enemy comes in and starts putting thoughts in your mind that is not you don't have to let them in there you're allowing those to come in your mind and don't let your heart be troubled these are the words of Jesus he says don't let your heart be troubled do not let it be dismayed resist the devil and he will flee that is in the Bible why would God put that in the why would he say to resist the devil if it was so easy to he would just say if it wasn't about if it was impossible to do he wouldn't put in there and tell you to do it you just closed to resist him and he has to plead that you have more control I think that our our Hollywood and our movies that we see of this devil is this great big you know thing that's just so powerful but he's not he's not that powerful it says that God means it so he tells you you just have to resist him and he has to flee and when Jesus spoke to the demons he didn't have to do this big giant thing and have to fight against him and be a hall you know all exhaust about me he just had to speak to them and they had to go one word be God in the name of Jesus and they had to go what it wasn't a big giant ordeal it was very simple Jesus and the Bible tells you those things and why does he do that because he knows the devil will do and he knows what you need to do he tells you it is our job to do it and then it's been our big theme here over the last few weeks is it's so simple to know all these things but if you don't actually act upon them and do it nothing's gonna happen so you need to start saying words like I resist this I refuse to fear you know don't allow the enemy in your mind he's in there you know I refuse to follow your thoughts I refuse to get out of my mind no no devil not in my mind not in my house no I refuse to fear don't allow me any access in your life think of it isn't a physical sense if you want strangers to stay out of your home what do you do you'll lock your door so you don't allow anybody in it right but if you leave it unlocked and open your welcoming any such person into your home true the same is true for our spiritual minds when you open the door for the enemy to come in by your words and your thoughts then they have but if you shut the door and refuse to listen I can't enter it's super simple I know it seems like a huge ordeal but it's not like they can't torment you they can't keep coming back to you you shut that door and nope not allowing you in my mind not allowing that they can't come in it's very very simple it's very simple so I want you to search out your Bible for some of the verses that say fear not that's a good thing to do and then write them down write down your little cards stick them in your window put them where you're at put them in your bathroom put them next to your bed wherever they're at so you can constant wherever your console where you're sitting and thinking about things and put those little verses so that you can read those over and over and get those in your mind it is said been said the Bible has 365 verses that says this I don't know because I never counted them out but I have heard that before so it's kind of like having an adverse every day of the year it's kind of just well why do you think the Lord would suggest that so many times over and over in the Bible because he doesn't want you to fear I think our world in our society wants us to fear they want you to be fearful our media everything they put on the news is to get you to be in fear they want you to be afraid of things they want you to be afraid of people they want you to be afraid of taking a chance to do this they want that's what our world which is Satan wants you to have is being fearful God says no do not live in fear he knows it's gonna be one of the biggest struggles of mankind if he gives us enough verses to cover every day of the year it must be something that we should listen to and understand so memorize and meditate on those scriptures get that fear out of your life when doubt and fear start creeping up on you start speaking those words from the Lord for you this famine says no no devil not in my mind get out of here start speaking back to the fear which is the devil and so a minute maybe speaking things out is different for you consider how you've got these thoughts of fear I know it sounds weird said no no divots like who are you talking to you're speaking to the devil so it's kind of weird to do that maybe if you haven't done it before but Satan brings them to your mind he speaks them to you he whispers them to it but so it's your job to speak the opposite back to him the Bible says we are to resist the devil and then he will flee so don't listen to him shut him down shut him down by your words and your actions so you just need to do it when he comes in your mind speak those things to him and he has to be gone it's not like he's gonna fight you back but if you don't keep speaking those words and you're used to listening to him he'll start to creep back in when there's a situation ooh you need to be for you sure that's what God wants you to are just like he tempted even the Bible are you sure that's what God said surely he didn't say that he'll do the same thing to you we learn from our history no no that's what he said this is what he says I am healed I am whole I am chosen not forsaken you can speak those words over and over in your mind and you can say them and know them so we're gonna pray now so that you can have no fear of your faith Lord Jesus I'm coming to you to ask for you to reveal to me the fear that I am allowing in my life show me in what areas that I need to resist direct me in your words to combat against this I don't want to live in fear I want to live victorious and free in you I am asking in faith and believing that I'm going to receive this Lord Jesus and I thank you in advance in your name I pray awesome okay I hope you guys have a great day today this is our good abundant living Wednesday it's a great day to do it hopefully you guys have a good rest of your day we'll see you soon okay you

16 thoughts on “Abundant Living FEAR of FAITH

  1. You are speaking to my heart. I wasn't searching for this tonight, but it's what I needed, so much. I'm shy in my faith and I haven't prayed in a long time. I've been in fear, hesitant, this has made me aware. Amy, you're truly God sent.

  2. What a timely word! Thank you for your commitment to sharing the word of God & being an encouragement! You have inspired me to track down these verses & put them where I can see them. A soldier is always ready x

  3. I only know one person like you in my life I met her 8 years ago, I call her mom. I’m almost 29 and just found a women that helped me in my struggles and kept me from becoming an atheist. I became a Christian 7 years ago. My daughter will be 8 soon so I was blessed to be shown the right way before I messed up my daughters beliefs.

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