A Mothers Love Vintage Journal (Sold)

A Mothers Love Vintage Journal (Sold)

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A design team project for Artymaze using My Sweet Rose digital kit.

more than everyone I'm just back today to share my own latest journal with you all it's a journal based on a mother's love well that's the title I forgive it and it's just really with Mother's Day in mind I know Mother's Day is coming up shortly here in the UK March I think it is I think it's a little bit later in the u.s. is it June that brings about but it just thought it'd be nice really just sort of share a love with her half row mothers and making this was a little bit sentimental for me because as you a few of you know I've lost my mom a few years back and I sort of put a lot of my mom into this journal things that I knew she would have loved like roses my mum really did love roses and she's a very pretty feminine things and anything vintage so there's a lot of my mom in this but it's just really a celebration of a mother's love less waffle and I'll start going through it with you it's a lace covered journal well meaning the lace of the cover I've printed on fabric a little vintage image of a mother and a prosumer daughter just carrying two little baskets of roses but I just thought they were both really pretty and there's several layers of lace on it some of it is vintage and some of it is new but there is quite a lot of vintage in it as you can tell from the sides I've just put three little buttons on it and a simple ribbon closure and some crochet trim from a toilet and a little bit of roses and a little bit of cheesecloth them some more vintage trim like I said it's a very simple closure just press it down to open and journal actually measures or eight and a half by five and a half and it has 64 pages front to back I've made it with the craft it's like I said have copied it with all various laces and fabric the inside cover I've just done a little music pocket which I've laid up with some lace and some trim a little bit of cheesecloth there's some journaling cards in here love greetings to my dear mother and this doesn't have to be a Mother's Day journal as it's very feminine and pink and full of roses the kit I used was absolutely gorgeous and it's the arty amaze my sweet rolls kit but it's beautiful too a few like anything feminine pretty and this is the kit for you instead of just pop some internal in cards in which of all beans have lined with either lime paper arty stay in paper and that's the job job I've got to do today stay in some paper I put it off as long as possible because I detest doing it and it's funny because I watched a video of the day I think it was Gina Weisman from the Firefly studio and she said exactly the same thing and I can't believe how much I hate doing it but I think I've got two sheets of paper life so it's becoming a matter of needs moss but the weather he was beautiful today suffer I mean as well take advantage and I think would promise 20 degrees here in the UK today and it is on with February which is mad Bob make hay while the Sun shines so they say and next page has just got a vintage music sheet I've just got a little flip these were inspired by Laurie fuse go do a few of you all have watched all my videos but I love these little tops that she put these fuses and it's just great for using up scraps just gives you a little bit of an extra writing space oh another little image off Pinterest of a Victorian lady and her Edwardian lady and her little baby um I've been I've been absolutely binging and all the love it envelopes I keep seeing who y'all make it so I thought I'll have a little attempt I think I do this one following the G curse tutorial but I've put some journaling cards and write in space in it but I just love these and I think they're lovely way if you use and up and I've just put a little bit of rice paper think I've done two of these in the journal but I've got madam making these lately and I've watched some lovely tutorials one that I really did love was Charlotte Peterson like I said G Curtis a good one and analyse and from Sweden her often on vilasa of course but I'm sure you all know that and some of paper from the kits I've made several handmade little tags throughout and this is just erm it looks to be a mother with her children here and I've tried to keep them very pretty and feminine or very pink to it sort of coordinate with the papers a little bit of ledger and all this has two signatures some journaling cards with a bit of writing paper some more journaling cards just don't some little trim here of them it's public already but you know what is what is that stuff come to me don't swim up the sides here with some vintage laces another little journaling card of a mother and a daughter little bag little journaling card tucked in here put a little bug in with some writing paper in which I just stand I'm just trying to use up my scraps and be quite mindful of waste and everything so I love about this since I started journaling the stuff that I'm now saving and not for all awareness it's really it's a good way isn't it of like just not wasting and throwing stuff out more journaling card little doll a lot they pitch him the other side of the bag with a little journaling card in some tea stain paper which is actually in the kit and I love this I didn't even have to actually tea-stained it myself or paper first point of journal and space in this because I thought if it is for a Mother's Day gift it might be nice for a mom to write her memories in and things but I know when my mom passed away I found several little half filled journals of memories my momma draw about her mother's day she'd kept most of a Mother's Day card whichever from us when we were kids and I've got them wrapped up and I do treasure them so I think it's nice really just to leave sort in from the future my niece said to me the other day can I have all you journals when you die because she said I just think I'd like to read back on your life and I thought yeah but when I think of it after it's like yeah a few generations might be looking and reading back on things and just nice sometimes to share memories with family another handmade tag which I've layered up with cheesecloth excuse me little doily a little bit of lace trim some more vintage lace a little vintage erm delay there just put a little journaling card and some more space for writing some ledger paper little nice snippet another journaling card with memories on said it's just lovely for writing for memories are tucking photos behind and another little snip it with her envelope yeah there's a little journal card in but what pull it out because I'm will be sure putting things back again like I said that weather made today's beautiful just looking at my garden and it needs a good sorting air but hopefully I can start addressing that there and working part-time yeah and I'm still enjoying my part time I was can't believe a dog about to work till tomorrow so I can see the weekend ahead a holiday and little Tim Holtz little card another little handmade tag with just layered up again with fabric some pieces of lace cheesecloth bit of rose trim this is the center of the journal which I've just used the tube I felt quite coordinating papers to meet up this is the start of the second signature just using muskrats up again made some more little writing space with a little snip it on the top there just some vintage ways to trim down the side for belly band with some journaling cards which you can talk all your photos letters or anything in there this is just beautiful this kit is the lovely it's very very vintage and feminine and like I said with all the roses it just really did think made me think of my mom and the butterflies my mother loved butterflies too little belly bound with some journaling cards in and this is my second envelope of me and gods have another attempt at some of these today but I've really enjoyed making these very very quick just a little bit of a stump in collage some rice paper on a little bit of fabric and some feminine side I said I've put two of these in here just think they're a little something different to play with when you're making a journal a little bit of stump that poor stamps on them look a journaling card of a beautiful lady with roses on a hat a bit of them vellum paper wallet to ledger paper a little card in this page beautiful I just love it it's like you look close you can see a little bit of script T staining roses and really does do the most beautiful kits and I will do a link for her store below and center of a journal I've just put her in one of these bags and I've left the top it's open but they are empty so I just thought it would be nice to put whatever you want in them like maybe letters are maybe little cards or postcards little things that mean something to you little short a paper through the side of that fellow some more lace trim another one of the Laura fruits got inspired toppers I think she called them toppers but just really love them with those longer rolls Marie really so inspiring and I'm loved watching her videos shows makes me want to come in below and start rooting through my scraps to make some stuff and a little bit of pink lace down the side and the other side of that lovely paper I've just a little guest check here which I've just layered up with some more Ross trim again and some more little writing paper a little bit of trim on top another journaling card I think this is I think I've done four of these tags throughout the journal I think this is the last one but there is writing space on the back so they can be used for journaling off not a little bit of this wasn't from the kid this was just some paper I had leftover so I just thought I'll just back it with some line paper and they'll do for journaling yeah splay snip it there's more trim and music paper more writing space and this is the back of it now I'm coming to the end of it I've just put some journaling cards in and a little pocket at the back and this is the back of it it's also been laid up with laces little buttons but like I said it make a lovely Mother's Day Journal but it doesn't really have to be used for Mother's Day but I just thought I just wanted to do a Mother's Day themed one because I've been thinking about it for a while but never got around to it and I've just listed this now and me Etsy shop and if anybody's interested actually in buying it I can actually do them achieve a little bit cheaper than what I have put it up for Annette it's just for its you have now got too low for shipping charges and everything so if anybody's interested could do it a little bit cheaper if you'd want to pms anyway I hope you all enjoyed the rest of your day and those of us in the UK having a sunny day make the most of it and because I they're not here forever rather once again thanks for watching catch you all later bye

22 thoughts on “A Mothers Love Vintage Journal (Sold)

  1. Hi ya, I am a journal maker and have been for a couple of years, I am just starting my channel. I just want to say your journal is beautiful, I lost my mum too so I totally hear you and lastly what a lovely lady you come across, new subbie here xxx

  2. Ohhhh!!!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS Karen!!!! Mothers Day is May and i so miss my mother!! Shes been gone 7 years now. She would have adored your amazing work of art!!! I relate…..

    The collage lacework and each unique page are just beautiful!!! Your mum would have loved it too!!💝😇

  3. Karen, it’s absolutely beautiful !!!!! I totally love the ways you’ve layered your laces etc, to make your cover.
    And inside is just exquisite!!!! Beautiful co,ours, trims, tags , embellished envelopes etc etc!!!! ( you forgot to add a link for your shop sweetie).
    Thankyou for sharing your amazing work !!!!, xxxxx❤️😊

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