A Mother's Love – Speechless

A Mother's Love - Speechless

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Ray (Mason Cook) successfully wakes up from his surgery and learns that he and his mom (Minnie Driver) are more similar than he thought. Maya brings him all of the adventures he hoped he would have in his hospital bed. There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love.

Watch this scene from Speechless 1×11 (Season 1, Episode 11).

hmmm things some people will do to take down a vacation I made it you did cheated the odds I've got a few things to show you you're gonna be here for a few days in recovery to the trip ends here but as per your itinerary rubberband ball you said you wanted the biggest one in the stage you woke up too fast we'll need to make that but I'm guessing this is one of the bigger ones in the hospital oh well you know he wants to pan for gold this is my grandpa's watch it's yours now thank you you were so good back there so brave strong nothing better organized why do you think you get her I'm my way for the stuff that matters I have a lot that matters which so I have to let go and have fun with the rest of it we're not so different you and me how do you feel trying a great mm-hmm I gave you the 115 pound out probably none to knock out two of you you know how you wanted to go to the zoo this is a lion oh you got a face you yeah

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