A Mommy's Sacrifice | NIDO FORTIGROW | Nestlé PH

A Mommy's Sacrifice | NIDO FORTIGROW | Nestlé PH

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Watch as the magic of a mother’s love unfolds in this Filipino-produced animated short film that is NIDO FORTIGROW’s love letter to #1MOMs. #DearMomThankYou

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39 thoughts on “A Mommy's Sacrifice | NIDO FORTIGROW | Nestlé PH

  1. We need to know how our mothers sacrifice to us… when she is tired she will be fine if she see you smile love our mother because they not give up to teach us and to learn I love you Mama

  2. Beautiful!
    Moms are the best gifts we can ever get in this life. Those who don't have their moms with them, really know a mom's importance and what life is without this most beautiful creation of God.
    Moms give everything for us but we cannot see it. We always misunderstand them and then misbehave but still their love does not get less.
    Mom's love is the best example of love you can quote. This is what you can call true love with full belief.
    Treasure your mother. If you lose her, you will lose your whole world. With mothers only life has colour otherwise everything gets dull.
    Love you all🙃


    My opinion: no, a mother's power may not be seen but more powerful than Super anything. A power of love is the best and that is 98% of mom's around the world have. It may not be seen, it may not feel, but only mother can make you feel by a simple thing

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