A Healing Message For Mothers, Mother Mary Channeling | Abbey Normal’s Wisdom Quest

A Healing Message For Mothers, Mother Mary Channeling | Abbey Normal’s Wisdom Quest

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Mother Mary shares a very special message for Mothers and for all Women, as well as Men and Children. See Below for a Link to Joseph Bradley’s visit with Mother Mary. Happy Mother’s Day, from Abbey & Joseph!

Joseph Bradley’s visit with Mother Mary ►

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27 thoughts on “A Healing Message For Mothers, Mother Mary Channeling | Abbey Normal’s Wisdom Quest

  1. What An amazing message! Thank you so much you brought tears of joy to my eye quite a few times! I definitely liked and subscribed and can’t stop watching your videos! I did share your video as well with my sister-in-law who is an amazing mother and doesn’t get the credit that she deserves! I love it your idea about the community daycare that is amazing! We definitely need this in the Cincinnati area! I am determined to bring this to life! Thank you so much for all your wisdom and love! Sending love and light back at you!

  2. Wow, this is really amazing. I taught a 3 hour divine feminine women's workshop today and Mother Mary and Kwan Yin were on the altar at the center of the circle. This message is very affirming that I'm doing the right thing to work with women. Is also affirming because I feel like that story about the couple reminds ne about my marriage and I hope we can deepen our relationship in this way.

  3. I am in a healing space and separated from my family so i can heal my unexpressed emotions that i couldn't heal while taking care of 3 kids. I just found this book THE LANGUAGE OF EMOTIONS by Karla McLaren and she has a great 5 step tool to help you heal your emotions. It feels great to be able to release my sadness, anger and despair and understand what my suicidal urges where trying to tell me. Thank you Abby for this beautiful message♡♡♡. The daycare idea is great but i cant help think there are a lot of moms who are immature and not in touch with their personal power to achieve this level of community yet. I cant wait until moms can realize how much power they have to change the world and our circumstances regarding how we are treated in society.

  4. Abbey, you are truly beautiful inside and out.💚 You are so much more than enough! Was sending you Love all day Beauty, praying you feel that you are Loved beyond measure & supported energetically. Yes, it is so important to be heard & positively supported & through this opportunity of listening & learning with you, I know first hand that we can be connected through Love in ways beyond understanding. 
    All that we put out into the lives of others…
    Thank you!
    Hugs, Full of Infinite Love xo

  5. Thank you dear Abbey .I sat ,hugging Mum s late remains ,in an urn which I have decorated with a piece of regal looking fur .We sat together ,absorbing the love and the raw vulnerable feelings of your message from Mother Mary .I was touched and I trust that my raw heart and the tears will bring ,not only healing and refreshment to me , but also to my late Mum and all women of this earth .For women to come together and share their deeper feelings ,fears and dreams ,to nuture one another and laugh together ,is an amazing and beautiful way to encourage we women to actually do .Even a fun gathering of women ,where we have footbaths ,style each others hair ,have face packs ,apply new ways with make up ,good food and laughter .Yes ! I would love to experience this !!!Thank you Lovely (kisses)

  6. I feel like what you’re feeling when you first tap in to mother Mary is what it feels like to be a mom. I don’t know if your mom or not Abby but for me that’s exactly how it feels. It’s so warm and unbelievably overwhelming it’s hard to think straight. That’s how much I love my children.

  7. What a Beautiful gift this is💐💜💐💚💐😇💐🙏💐 This channelled message from our Blessed Divine Mother of Peace💐💐💐 I can pass on to my Mother today, these words of comfort and guidance from…Our MOTHER..our ONE TRUE BLESSED MOTHER OF PEACE😍

  8. in my honest opinion i see nothing wrong with lacking, having flaws and not being good at something i just think there is no such thing as failure, good and bad there just labels i think it's ok to lack and have flaws i would not want to get rid if my flaws and lacking because i love my flaws and lacking i did not want to be better good at something i also don't want to improve on anything that's just me i know you understand because you comment me about it i saw your comment on your other youtube channel i know i comment you on there thanks for letting me know that we are biological being we are way more energy i did not know we were also biological being that's my first time knowing that but i have always know that we are energy because i can tell i can feel it it's obvious everybody always talk about energy that's why i knew and always had a feeling we are energy already we are electricity too just like you and most other youtuber's say when i'm touching something i can feel my being shocked by electricity that does resonate with me back in the day i did not know that there is no such thing as correct or incorrect until i found this persons video by looking up nothing is real here on video made by burt harding he also said the same exact thing you and most said he also talk about there is no right or wrong should or shouldn't , incorrect or correct that resonate with me so much i completely agree i also be saying to myself there is no such thing as correct or incorrect when i was young i still believe that to this very day too i keep it to myself because i don't want other people to think i'm crazy for thinking differently because we are all told in society that it's not ok to be difference and have difference prospective i learn so much feel him burt this way back in 2009 or 2010 he also talk about the i am, it's just is and we are powerful we are not just a person we are so beyond that as well that resonate with me too that's way before i found your youtube channel i found your channel when i was looking up alien experience that's how i found your channel i did watch some of your old videos i'm happy most are not afraid to share there prospective what resonate with us and what does not resonate with us anymore now a days have to heal us all i also have always believe in dimensions too when i was young kid i still do i always will believe in other dimensions i think they really do exist to me i didn't know today was mother's day today i want to say happy mother's day to you abbey i love this beautiful message i love both male and female equally i also think we are all very powerful beings! 🙂

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