A Day In My Life! Stay-At-Home Mom 2016

A Day In My Life! Stay-At-Home Mom 2016

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hey guys it's Liz so right now it's about like 7 10 in the morning and yeah I woke up like maybe 30 minutes ago i got ready and i was awake I have to make the e-stat up right now and he's going to school today so I'm just picking out his little alpha is no wear these pants little dinosaur shirt so I'm going to go get him ready as I make breakfast and then we're going to drop off my husband at his little thing he has to do today and also have to drop him off after so we all kind of woke up a little bit late it's like our Mondays but it's a Tuesday and little bear just we'll just waking up a princess I'm gonna get her ready eunuch you friend Erik today oh yeah what's been at school see you we got fuller yes you want to dip it into we get your pretty nuts in your room – oh yeah baby daddy I love you too baby Oh flower ain't never gonna do even scared and I I miss you you can miss you more busy you so much okay mom I know you had something go hey breakfast now okay breakfast mendelian okay he's ready for some mmm I'm having a ball or doing this girl's hair because if I do that she just hangs out here little piggies when we're in the car and then I forget her and then her hair looks like crazy it's like all messy when I stand her up so I'll just brush it put it boo hey baby chill it bit low dietsch a big lip at Moody's girl excuse the mess we're in the rest yesterday see mama girls talking so much more know when diptych mine we have a lipstick I left in dumpsters let's go get breakfast one busted okay breakfast you gonna bring him down babe okay you still don't get it did you did it so cold it's getting so cold in the nights now I'm starting heater in the room is that cold we can't see me okay good thing I clean downstairs if I like it's always like I always clean downstairs like my chore I have to do but I kind of forget about there's sometimes let's get some light in here shall we nicely done my best – being Eric Amy knows she gets all tips on my my Oh get many gay breakfast started Laurie so Emma wanted a cutie so I'm going to go ahead and fill her one you betta cutie Emma do you want it with the waffle and need my two hands Oh Princessa she wants me to hold her I can't hold you while I'm peeling some b-fast Imams the fastest pillar in the world you want a waffle with it you don't want pumpkin waffle at thirty seven thirty guys and have to drop off my husband at like this thing he has to do for work it's not like he's not going to work but something like work they need to do yeah I have to make something really fast for them to eat and have to make sure even eats before it goes because he's going to be there till 11:30 some pumpkin waffles s baby putting your pumpkin waffles to make mm-hmm you like pumpkin waffles okay right that's not okay so check in we are on the way to drop off heavy at like his work thing they has to do I brought a waffle in a container and the kids are eating it back there and yeah I was pretty hectic morning we were like in a rush to get off the doors stuff like that and yeah I might be won't make it on time Reba you're gonna make it yeah we're gonna yeah we're gonna go to your school buddy okay yeah had lots of fun yeah you're gonna see your friend Eric oh why so happy you're happy and guys he's like really good at going to school now and he doesn't cry this good anything he just happy he just sits down he's like okay bye mommy it's like oh it's just so relieving like to have him like that now because it was scary you know like leaving him like that like when you was sad and stuff so I'm happy that he's happy you know it makes me happy to drop him off and I'm like no no worries I used to like be praying I still pray in the morning like first day and stuff like that place to be like lord please let him cries it's the but then like ya can't take my peers and it's fine out so I'm gonna be dropping off some dropping off him and I'm Ethan and are you staying with me is you so baby okay this is the baby humming Pacific Decker yes you might baby always forever okay which a handsome being useless you're into wax King yeah your mom okay always we made it to Ethan's school and I'm gonna take them off we're not late at all happy about that I'm gonna go ahead and took these kids out of the car ready for school baby yeah yeah I get her lots of fun yeah okay good that sex right here I'll go get it for you okay it's so cold outside huge I got a beanie for you it's freezing out there oh okay her here crazy person it was so windy out there and it's so cold I don't think I've ever had a morning like that yet this year it reminds me of ones here and I'm scared of winter because you know it was nice to snow but oh my gosh actually having to go through that oh my goodness I'm not looking forward to that oh that's why I love fall because it's not snowing yeah but it's fresh you can wear a jacket but it was really cool it's really cold this morning play with Dinosaurs oh my you see good so right now Emma is playing with your little kitchen heck early and I'm gonna eat my breakfast I'm coming to breakfast cuz I forgot I make these cookies yesterday is my first pumpkin batch cookies with caramel frosting so I'm just having this that's with almond milk and it's my first time trying all milk guys almond milk so I'm like so nervous about it I just hope I don't like gag because I read like um you know like regular milk and like eggs and all that stuff is bad for your face and I'm really trying to like stay away from my dairy product and stuff like that so I wanted to give almond milk just try and if I think I like it I'll probably give it to the kids to you just because I don't know seems a little bit healthier than my clear milk let's try it I get my reaction was named in that bag not bad at all I was gonna be like gross like really really gross like unbearable to drink but it's not that bad my pumpkin cookies I love you so much I wish I can like make these free all you guys and like you know deliver to your houses oh my gosh look at our you live waitress hey gorgeous she's ready yeah mmm little girl she loves my lip gloss huh he put it away that's the best oh my gosh look at her here I'm gonna do that right now I'm going to clean up this mess I put on some sweatpants but you know when you get home you just want to be comfortable so right now I'm going to clean my room it's a mess and yeah like it's a big mess look at that so I'm going to clean it probably record it too you know you I'm playing a dress I'm gonna figure to you in love it it's been like five minutes and she's still doing this yeah I love it though I love getting choked to death by my baby you talking wait uh all right so I just got done cleaning upstairs and now Emma was bugging me to play her nails that's telling her no because I just did it but then she saw this and she really wanted me to paint him so just fine okay she wants your Hello Kitty nail polish you want to create enough tape of a mom myself I needed criminals anyway his dad's gorgeous best now painter in the world baby mama doing mommy's hands off look at that my gosh professional right here look at her girlie here room in such a girl's room hello karma so boyish I love having both it's about okay that's it good job I've heard piggies to know she looks a cutie sassy girl so now that these nails are on fleek Carolyn fleek their ah nose bye Emma now we're going to study this little alphabet book oh yeah the animals what's on oh yeah what is the worst thing Wow what's the goats day Wow good job what's efficacy is Izzy what's that yeah what's that good job yeah and a fun day no no let's read the other ones yeah monkey is really girl mostly is oh yeah huh what's that okay sue Panda fan good job hey back yeah zebra yeah we have pretty fingers Emma so we're gonna finish studying now cuz she's trying to get away from me and she needs to like learn her little animals so she's trying to paint her nails more oh my gosh alright so Emma's going to color her mermaid coloring book well I make the lunch for today yeah so I'm going to make them so some of this grill and ready chicken guess you better okay time to pick up Ethan gotta get go in pick Ethan up you ready to rise in this all right super here at the Dollar Tree and I quickly pick up a tablecloth and so you think I'm paid later Emma yeah then I'm just gonna do quick so he's hungry need easy lunch should I do this really fast so this right here is Ethan oh my gosh my camera sign darn it this is my guy was balling all day today so um yeah people aren't working at Uncle so this is the kids lunch I just you know I showed you guys that girl and ready chicken I just fry it microwave it and fry it in a pan the pasta noodles all I do is add a little bit of butter and then also with the let me show you the type of cheese I use I add in some of this string cheese and chop it up in little pieces and it melts and it's really good if they loves it like this you like your lunch and they're also going to have some their little juice boxes okay guys so the kids are sleeping and I was like laying down with them forever but I'm like I have to get up cuz up to cook dinner before yeah before they wake up cuz I like to do it before they wake up cuz then like they want my attention and all that so I like getting that done before they wake up okay guys so I just got done preparing dinner but like I couldn't like finish it because my husband or he says that he has to be picked up because he's done he wasn't supposed to get off to like 6:00 but they let him out early it's barely three so I have to wake the kids up because yeah they're still sleeping the meats finish I just have to come back and put everything in the oven and he has small so good um I'm gonna hurry up and put on my pants so don't let it like that okay all right so I gotta go yeah so how was your thing babe boring long belong oh did you learn a lot like that use these just like you are you daddy's princess no no you calling daddy the whole time going getting everything y'all want to go in the big-boy swings are the baby swing okay so this is how it came out looks really yummy okay guys so that's it for my days in life I hope you guys enjoyed it I have a vlog in a while and it was fun to catch up and yeah so the kids are going to sleep rarity Eric's putting them down I'm the only one that has it showered so I like to shower before I even touch my clean cheese no I'm saying you know you want to go in their bed all dirty and I just want to wash my hair so thank you guys so much for watching and I'll talk to you guys in the next one bye you

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  1. Love the video! I am also a stay at home mom and blogger and just started my channels! I’m excited to connect with other moms on here! I’ll be sharing all things about motherhood, my lifestyle and also home organizational tips and decor. I look forward to following you!

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