6 Hacks To Keep Your Kids SAFE On Days Out | Channel Mum

6 Hacks To Keep Your Kids SAFE On Days Out | Channel Mum

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Now that the Summer Holidays are upon us, we get to look forward to lots of fun days out with the family. But what if you are your child get separated? Here are our 6 hacks for keeping your kids safe on family days out.

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a great safety hack today that with kids is to pop and identity wristband onto their wrist with your phone number on it or you could even use a head just to write your phone number on the inside of their arm teach your child your phone number and their home address as soon as they're old enough to learn nursery rhymes or songs they're ready if you teach them your phone number and address in a singsong voice then it's easier to remember dress your trials in a neon t-shirt or cap so you could spot them in a crowd take a photo of your child so you have that up-to-date outfit if the worst happened and they went missing if you can't fit your child in the public toilet cubicle or they're a bit too old but you want to know where they are tell them to keep their feet under the door not enough hands to load up the car try this car sticker hack place a large sticker near the boot of your car and ask your child to keep their hand on it while you load up the car or strap in your other children the best hack of all in my opinion is to join channel mom calm it is totally free and you can personalise your feed to see videos from real mums and experts or from your phone

6 thoughts on “6 Hacks To Keep Your Kids SAFE On Days Out | Channel Mum

  1. Great advice, when out in crowded areas with us or especially when they are out on school trips I put a piece of paper with our phone numbers in their trouser pockets (never jackets or jumpers they can be removed depending on weather change) and explain to them without scary them when they should use it.

  2. We do all these already. We've taught our children, if they ever get lost, to go to any mummy they can see and ask for help. Mummy's are always around but sometimes they're aren't police officers to go too, so go to another mummy!

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