5 WEEKS PREGNANT | VBAC Thoughts | First Prenatal Appointment

5 WEEKS PREGNANT | VBAC Thoughts | First Prenatal Appointment

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In today’s video, I share with you my 5 week pregnancy update complete with stats, symptoms and a belly shot! Also, I share how the baby is developing this week. I had my first appointment this week to have a confirmation of pregnancy and get my initial labs done. I got the chance to speak with the doctor about having a VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarian-section) and share my thoughts with you.

This video was filmed on August 17, 2016 when I was 5 weeks pregnant. My due date is April 19th, 2017. In this video I had not yet gone to my first ultrasound to find out if it is twins again.

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it's starting to look like a little baby everyday we dance lots been smiling this I got you hi everyone it's Natalie welcome back to my channel I make lifestyle and mommy vlogs over here and today is my five week pregnancy update if you haven't caught up with my pregnancy test videos and my other pregnancy updates I will leave that playlist linked in the description box as well as the cards of this video today is the last day of week five so I want to tell you all about how this week has gone including my experience with my first prenatal appointment I am still dealing with this ridiculous laryngitis it's just hanging on and I think it's because of that post nasal drip stuffy nose crap that I've got going on which I believe is a pregnancy symptom and not from the cold that I had a couple of weeks ago but I still have this raspy gravelly voice and it's driving me crazy so sorry if my voice is a bit different and annoying and Western things it's like live and sultry and he makes fun of it but likes it at the same time but you know whatever men so pregnancy stats I actually gained a pound this week but I don't know if it's related to pregnancy because I fluctuate one to three pounds during the month anyway when I'm not pregnant so I stepped on the scale this morning at the end of week five and I am 116 point 2 pounds versus 115 pounds so it's you know I don't even know if it's related to pregnancy but my waist is still the same size 27 inches around and as you can see my belly hasn't popped yet I am still really early in my pregnancy obviously but because it's my second pregnancy and because my first pregnancy was a twins pregnancy I am expecting that I will show a lot sooner and actually I am already feeling a change in my shape a lot sooner than what I remember from my previous pregnancy and I hope it doesn't annoy you guys that I refer to my previous pregnancy it's all I have to go off of and I actually feel like it's a very cool thing to be able to compare both of them obviously we don't know if I'm having twins or not I actually explained in my week three pregnancy update my thoughts on that and go check out that video if you want to hear about you know what the chances are of having twins like tiny water low pregnancy thirst is real you guys that is a symptom that I have experienced all the weeks of this pregnancy yes something that I experienced the entire pregnancy in my last I'm just always very very thirsty which means I'm always running to the bathroom it's crazy not to mention when you're pregnant they're just added hormones and everything make you feel like you have to pee more often and that is actually a new symptom this week which is just the urged pee which doesn't necessarily mean my bladder is full and I have to pee it's just this feeling that I have to pee it's just the urge to pee is a lot greater and that is just due to the hormones and I have noticed this week and that not only are my breasts more tender they're continually getting more and more tender as we go along here but they're actually getting bigger which I don't mind because after I weaned my twin boys they were 20 months old when I weaned them and my milk went away after that it was like I didn't have any boobs anymore and I have always been someone who has you know boobs I don't even know how to put that not big boobs but not flat shriveled up little raisins like I have been experiencing post narcing post weaning the boys so it is nice to start to get some volume back in the girls sending that I've experienced this week that is a new symptom and I know it's related to pregnancy is a lot of lightheadedness and like I'll get up out of bed in the morning and I'll feel whoa I feel a little bit dizzy or if I get up from the couch or if I stoop down to go help one of my boys with something or play with them I just get this rush of just dizziness sometimes I will see stars and that's it as far as symptoms go this week that is it as far as symptoms go this week I want to share with you what the baby is doing what my little app tells me I use the woman log pregnancy app it's the I actually upgraded for the 399 to the pro version because I like all the extra features that that offers and it is telling me that week five the baby looks like a list let me show you the baby is starting to not look like a circle or a blob of cells anymore but it is starting to elongate and it's telling me that during this week that the small primordial of the fetus starts developing from different types of cells the spinal cord is forming the heart of the fetus is developed and it is circulating and it started functioning which that makes me very happy and I know that in week 6 is when that heart starts pumping blood and beating and that's when you could first pick it up on an ultrasound this week the baby is the size of an apple seed so growing from a poppy seed last week to an apple seed this week is huge growth I mean think about the percentage of growth that's really cool god is so good so that is what is happening with me as far as stats and symptoms that's what's happening as far as the baby's stage of growth and now I want to share with you my experience with going to my first prenatal appointment for this pregnancy so when I was four weeks and one day pregnant which means the first day of the fifth week that makes sense um I had my very first prenatal appointment which was a lot of fun it was very exciting and I actually I had to sneak a a little bit I'm actually not telling my family about this pregnancy for another couple of weeks we're going to reveal it at the boys to your birthday party and and we're not revealing on YouTube until we have our first ultrasound and we see the heartbeat and that's just what we are comfortable with right now and we feel really good about that decision and that scheduling of you know revealing our pregnancy but I can't wait I am so excited I can't wait to tell my family and then I can't wait to get that ultrasound and reveal it to the world so anyway um I asked my mom to watch my boys during my first appointment she didn't know that I was pregnant and I told her I was going to you know my yearly female checkup which I don't think that she suspected that I was going because I was pregnant I don't know I will know if she suspect or not in a couple of weeks when I actually tell her I'm pregnant so she took the boys for me it was no big deal and I went to my appointment going into this appointment one of the main things that I wanted to talk to the doctors about was the possibility of having a VBAC which stands for vaginal birth after c-section how my birth went for my boys I had a vaginal birth with Liam the first baby and then a c-section birth with Judah baby B and it was crazy and so I am someone who has had a c-section it wasn't the goal but it happened and it was fine but since I have experienced a vaginal birth and since that c-section was quite stress-free it wasn't an emergency c-section and I recovered very well from it the scar has always been super healthy and and I am young I think that I'm a very good candidate for a VBAC so that was something that I definitely wanted to like straight out of the gate make sure that this group of doctors at this clinic were totally on board with which that conversation will need to be had with every single one of the doctors who are on the team which I believe there are a total of five or six and they all need to view together and then give their consensus on if I am a candidate and if that's how we are going to proceed and so I'm just praying about that now because I know that you know if it's in the hands of the doctors and if I don't really have a choice as far as like being seen by a midwife then you know that's just how it is I've experienced both types of birth I would rather have a vaginal birth but if it turns into a c-section I've gotta roll with the punches if that makes sense but I'm working and I'm going to do everything that I can to advocate for a fashion Alberto and the doctor that I met this first visit seems to be very enthusiastic about it so we will know more as time goes on and this doctor's visit was very standard they had all the paperwork to do and I came with my own list of questions for the doctor including is a VBAC possible when can I get in for my first ultrasound because I've shared in one of my other pregnancy updates that we want to have an ultrasound as early on as possible to see if we're having multiples um it it affects everything it affects planning it affects our home situation we're looking to buy another home and it's like are we going to get more bedrooms like it affects everything for having twins or not so we really want to find out as soon as possible so that was also on my list of things to ask the doctor as well as things like can I continue using the essential oils that I'm using because you guys know I love using you living essential oils and they're really pure grade and so many of them are safe for pregnancy and so I asked about that that was on my little list and i really suggest before your prenatal appointments to just jot down questions that you might have for your doctor and specific to your pregnancy it really helps when you're sitting there going I don't know that I do I have any more questions for you I I'm drawing a blank of course they needed to do blood work which makes me so nervous cuz as you know I hate o hate needles I have a needle phobia I am completely honest about that now I tried to hide it before because I just felt like it was super immature of me but it is what it is I hate needles so much so I had to get my blood drawn they took seven vials for all the different tests that they're doing and that was that the gal who drew my blood was chatty and she talked me through it and she was aware that I hated needles and she was just the sweetest and she was totally cool with me taking my camera out and I was just telling my mom that being with vlogger being a youtuber is definitely something that just enhances my life so much because even the mundane things like getting my blood drawn and going to a silly prenatal appointment where they just take blood pressure and ask you a bunch of questions is an exciting event for me because I get to take my camera along and get footage and document my life it's such a blessing I love being a youtuber we have an ultrasound date set September 7th I'm going in for my very first ultrasound by then my family will know and so I'm going to get my mom to watch the boys for that Weston is taking the day off of work so we can go in together and find out if it's one baby or two babies and to see that heartbeat I'm just praying that that heartbeat will be there oh my goodness that will just be such an incredible it since I've experienced it before I'm just realizing what an incredible experience it is to see that heartbeat for the first time of your child I was just realizing and you guys have heard me share it in my last two pregnancy updates this whole feeling of peace that I have in this early pregnancy time which was not how I felt in my other pregnancy I was so scared and that I just have this feeling of peace and one thing that the Lord just put on my heart I was the other night when I was putting my boys down for bed and they're big they're 27 pounds they're just big babies and I just lay them down in their bed and they put their little thumbs in their mouths and snuggled up with their little Bears and started falling asleep and I was looking at them and I I just realized like these two babies these big 27 pound thriving healthy children once or the size of an apple seed think once with sisal poppy seed and the Lord sustained them and they grew and it just overwhelmed me with a sense of peace and whether or not this pregnancy goes to term or lasts or as healthy or whatever I know the Lord intends it for good whatever happened if you clicked on this video because you are in week five of your pregnancy let me know in the comments what your symptoms have been what your experience this week of pregnancy has been I love comparing I love seeing what other gals are going through especially in the week that I am in so let me know in the comments below if you are not subscribed yet to my channel please do so I am going to be uploading my six week pregnancy update next and I want you to be subscribed so you'll see what I post fat thank you so much for watching today's video and I'll catch you in my next one oh my oh god there's no jason bateman don't you stay every night I'm like I'm just trying as I could great I can do this yes you can I can do this oh look at it note

45 thoughts on “5 WEEKS PREGNANT | VBAC Thoughts | First Prenatal Appointment

  1. Your videos gave me so much peace especially now that I'm in my 5th week pregnancy, I'm a Christian too and you reminded me to keep trusting God and He is the one in control, not me 🙂 Love you sister! ❤️ I love how calm you are towards this pregnancy and how you always smile whenever you speak about God 🙂

  2. I just found out I was pregnant and my symptoms have been nausea, tender breast, headache, spotting and I’m soooo bloated and constipated lol I get very sharp pains in my uterus but my doctor says it’s normal

  3. I am in week 5 day 4 of my pregnancy:) it was a surprise 3rd for us, and I'm trying to hard to just not live in fear and to just enjoy every moment with my 3 and 5 yr old!! 15 days until my first appointment:) thank you for making these it gives me comfort!!

  4. I know this series is several years old, and I’ve watched it before in hopes of becoming pregnant….so now it is SO FUN watching the week corresponding to the week I’m at in pregnancy!! After almost 2 years of infertility I am pregnant naturally with our miracle baby. ♥️ I’m in week 5 and my symptoms have been a lot of bloating, some light feelings of nausea/gagginess, some tiredness, and waking up thirsty!

  5. How did you visit on 4 th week 1 day?? I mean I missed my period too and I’m on like 4th week and 3 days but isn’t it too early to get tested?? Ohh I also got cold issues and fever and headaches also but afraid to take home test if got negative !!

  6. Hi am in week 5 as well noticed I added few pounds,always feeling sleepy, painful nipples n my boobs increased in size as well, having cramping n waist pain

  7. Hello Natalie! I have seen some of your videos now and I think that sharing your experience is great but most of all what you talked about the Lord…it surely is peaceful! I am 5 weeks pregnant (1st pregnancy) now and I can relate to some of your symptoms: I do get thirsty and I found myself running to the bathroom all the time. Today is my second drs appointment and my husband and I are both nervous and excited because last Friday we were close to loose our baby. Hope the Lord makes it all thrive!

  8. Does this app show fetal age or gestational? I hate the difference u feel better thinking u are further but if u know when u conceived it's not what the app is showing..hard to explain.

  9. I just took a positive pregnancy test that a past weekend and listening to all your symptoms I feel a lot better. I had a miscarriage back in January so this is very scary for me. First time mommy ❤️ I’m so excited and I’m hoping and praying everything goes good this round

  10. I’m so glad you did these updates!! I know they’re “old” now but I’m currently 4w 4d pregnant and hearing you talk about the peace you felt in early pregnancy really helps put my nerves at ease. It’s hard not to worry about this tiny baby growing inside of me but he/she is a blessing whether I make it to 6 weeks or 40 weeks. So thank you!

  11. Hello. I am currently 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first child. I have a fear of miscarriage but God has been reminding me to trust him… He is good!

  12. this is my 5th week as well but I found out close to two weeks ago when we were two weeks along which is rather soon. the doctors thought we were eight weeks along but since ny period is So irregular we got the first ultrasound last week. Everything seemed to be in order but the baby itself still wasnt visible. I have to admit that worries me a little although I know its still early. It's my first pregnancy and we Will Be anouncing to both our parents this friday

  13. So I know I'm very late to the game on watching these. But I'm new to this channel. Been watching since I have baby fever all over again. And I just wanted to say that my daughter and your daughter were on the very same time line. I had my first visit on September 8th. I found out I was pregnant August 7th. At 4 weeks 2 days.

  14. I'm loving your videos! Thank you for logging this experience!
    I'm officially 5 weeks today and feeling the first hints of nausea… nothing too blatant.
    A bit sore in the breasts but if I didn't know, I wouldn't even notice!
    I'm hungry and thirsty all the time and smells hit me stronger!
    For instance, if someone brushes their teeth and I am nearby, I feel like I am walking into a "cloud" of mint!!
    So fun to follow along with your updates!

  15. I started following you abt 2 weeks ago when i found out i was pregnant! Natie you are such a blessing. I love you mentioned the Lord in all your videos! God bless your family!

    Im in week 5 now and i pee soo much! Wow. Im also thirsty allll the time. Another symptom is low cramps and muscle tightness in my abd. 🙂 baby at 5 weeks is a true tiny miracle <3

  16. Hi! Im actually ttc, im 3-4dpo im doing my 2ww before taking a test. I just found your channel and love your videos. You seem so sweet and love being a mother. It is so incredible the journey an egg takes from ovulation to birth, and I love that in a world where being a mother is taken for granted can still be cherished. I knows this is an old video but congratulations on all your babies.

  17. This video made me cry so much. Exactly one year after my miscarriage i'm pregnant again. I have very sore breasts, cramping frequent bathroom visits and omg i'm so excited!! You seem so sweet !! Do you have any tips?

  18. I'm so happy I ran into your video, I'm 23 found out I'm pregnant (first pregnancy) I'm 5 weeks, had an ultrasound and so far al they could see is the gestational sac and the yolk sac. I will admit I worry and have some fears but your words help me see that I need to enjoy every moment whether this pregnancy goes full term or not. Thank you!

  19. I am so happy I came across your channel. I just found out I'm pregnant with my first and am currently 6w2d. I love how you do weekly updates and your symptoms/experiences it's helped me so much!

  20. I've recently found your channel a few months ago and had been watching along. I just found out I am pregnant and 5 weeks this week. 🙂 now I'm going through and watching your videos again! I've had similar symptoms, frequent urge to pee, VERY tender breast, very thirsty, and last week I had very bad morning sickness and nausea. I've since then been able to stay ahead of it by eating a few pretzels before I even sit up in bed in the morning. Love watching your videos- god bless you and your family!

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