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Self-care is so important for mums! It doesn’t have to cost the earth either; here are 5 cheap ways to get some self-care and treat yourself for free – or for not much money at all.

The blog post that goes with this video, which is all about more indulgent ways to treat yourself:

Yoga with Adrienne:

Hi, I’m Rachel Brady! I’m a UK stay/work at home mum. I make content about family, food, home and style. I have a tolerant and amusing husband and 2 gorgeously pesky kids aged 8 and 5 with another due in September 2018. We live in a small village where we are renovating a farmhouse. It’s SO muddy; but we’re very happy. Nice to meet you!

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hi everybody i'm rachel from mrs. rachel brady mrs. rachel brady is a blog and a youtube channel and a book club and it's all about family food home and style I'm a mummy too – Arthur is eight Beatrix is nearly six and I have a baby due in about six weeks but maybe sooner I think so today's video is about five ways to treat yourself nice and cheaply so where possible without spending any money that's always amazing but like if not no money then yeah okay a little bit of money might be required but I just think as mums we're a bit crap at treating ourselves and it's our responsibility right nobody else is gonna do it for us nobody else is gonna remind us to do it I'm a stay-at-home mum so a lot of my time is spent kind of putting other people's needs first because I kind of feel like that's my job every mom feels like that not just stay-at-home mums but also last year I quit alcohol and that was a huge step for me in terms of my own self-care it also meant that I've got a bit more money to spend so on my on myself and my self-care but more than anything more than money it kind of just meant that for the first time in my life like my well-being was really brought to the fore so I've learned a few things about the self-care and some really cute cheap easy ways to treating yourself so I thought I'd share them with you today so one of the first ways that I really like to treat myself cheaply is to get supermarket flowers and it literally can be as cheap as like to pound 36 so the flowers I'm going to show you in this clip are were some amazing huge sunflowers and there were two parents 36 they were in the sale so obviously they were kind of approaching their sell-by date or something but they were absolutely fine one thing to do as well if you get essentially if you do get them from the bargain bucket is to cut off a decent amount of stem at the bottom where it's kind of got a bit of soft I always do this anyway with any flowers like that put them a nice fresh water always put the plant food in as well but so after a couple of days do it do that again snip the very bottom of the stems are freshwater and they will last a really long time these sunflowers lasted like over a week well over a week and they looked fantastic the second way to treat yourself that doesn't have all much money is to have an at-home spa date this can be as small as lavish as you like I mean literally just go for like a boots facemask something like that I try to do that kind of once every few weeks I mean it's lovely to go to a spa but how easy is it to do it at home whack on a face mask paint your nails I mean you can get the cheapest now a varnish now for like a couple of pounds you can even go for a really decent nail varnish like Essie is one of my favorites that's about 11 pounds but that little bottle was with 11 pounds worth of nail varnish will last you gosh like 10 20 applications it's so much cheaper than going to get your nails done I think all of these little things like having a bath putting a candle on face masks doing your nails they all really contribute to that overall feeling of you are worthwhile take time over yourself let literally force yourself to do it the next way to treat yourself cheaply and this is one that I was Aemon an hour and about whether to include is to get a subscription beauty box so I've tried our birch box for the first time ever this month especially for this video because it's like a really nice idea isn't it about getting a little package in the post this 1295 there's loads of other types of the beauty box is available now some you can get really cooled like hippie fide ones that I looked at like with like crystals and essential oils and things like that they're always around the kind of 10 to 15 pound marker so I was like initially you might have seen an insert I'm not that impressed with the birch box content however I'm reserving judgment for maybe one more month because I think I judged too harshly so for example in this box which was July's box there is a shower scrub that's a decent size 50 ml that is a decent salaries but travel-sized hairspray which I've been using really nice the shower scrubber is nice too and then there's these two products hey I really like Ashley there's like a sparkly grey eyeshadow went by Aiko and that's a full-sized one and then there is a highlighter here I already have a clinic highlight that's really similar this but this is a really nice highlighter as well and I have used it and I do like it this I've yet it on unravel I think is it look is it is it a contour or is it for an eyeshadow I'm not sure I'm sure I'll come to use it in time I am not sure whether I'll continue with this and being completely honest with you I'm gonna give it one more month just to see but I'm the type of person who I'm not overly excited about having lots and lots and lots of little bottles and boxes and too much stuff I'm trying to cut down on stuff however that said I do think it's a really nice way to treat yourself and maybe do it for like three months maybe split it with a friend or something like that and like give each other the bits that you want and the bits you don't want I'm not sure I thought it was worth including the next great way to have some self-care for not much money or even for free is to do YouTube yoga so as you can see from this clip I'm very heavily pregnant right now I'm 34 weeks pregnant so I am doing let's be honest not much not much pregnancy yoga on YouTube however doing this little clip it kind of just gave me that little boost thing do you know what let's do this a bit more often now especially cuts them coming to the end of my third trimester but before I was pregnant I got into a lovely routine of doing adrià yoga with Adriene who loads of you guys will know her she's really she's like the best yoga person on YouTube in my opinion however she has hardly any pregnancy yoga content so that's not my deal for me right now but what's amazing about this is that we have now TV so you guys can pretty have some way of putting youtube on the telly or if not just put your ipad your phone prop it up there's no excuse you don't have to get childcare to go to the class you don't have to pay to go to the class you pop on a YouTube video you don't even have to do the kind of paid subscription yoga signup things which I've tried before and I actually prefer yoga quote on YouTube if there's no excuse so for me doing exercise on YouTube or the equivalent of meditation is the headspace app which actually I like so much I ended up paying for this subscription service there's no excuse when you've got it when you're doing something in the home whether it's an at-home spa or yoga with YouTube or anything there's no excuses there you just pop on a pair of leggings you don't even really need a yoga mat you can just do it on a rug and it's a really good way to have some self-care 15 minutes a twenty minutes something like that just invest the time in you my final suggestion for a way to treat yourself with really nice and simple I mean it's pretty obvious but I like having these when Adam stays away or if he's in like London for the night or if he's not here I just think right well what I'm gonna do then is have a movie night for one and I'll pop on a film that I would never subject him to so like it might be like a Jennifer Aniston movie or like a Jennifer Lopez movie or something that has like Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton in or like that type of movie which would just make Adam just like rola sighs I really like those types of films like not at all mentally strenuous or maybe for you you would like to watch like an arthouse film and your partner would normally like that watch something just for you pop your face mask on at the same time get a bowl of popcorn or a huge bar of chocolate and just indulge in a movie night for one because why not and it's it's free you've probably got something saved on your media files you've been meaning to watch for ages or if there's Netflix there's so many things out there do you know what binge watch a whole series of Real Housewives of Cheshire whatever floats your boat so guys I hoped you enjoyed my 5 ways to treat yourself cheaply this is going to go alongside a blog post as well on my blog which is all about treating yourself a little bit more indulgently like spending a little bit more and do check out bloom and magic flowers as well they were kind enough to sponsor that blog post and they are an amazing way to treat yourself they sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers so go and check that out give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and do comment below how do you treat yourself have I left out like some really glaring and obvious way I really want to hear all about it whether it's going to Starbucks and having like a trashy magazine coffee and flapjack half hour to yourself or like just tell me what you do to treat yourself cheap ok that's all guys see you next time


  1. My son's school is 5 mins away from 'off junction' motorway service station, with a Costa, McDs and M&S Food. If I'm early to pick him up, I love to get a latte from McDs, sit in the car with my music on and scroll through FB etc. It gives me 10mins with a nice coffee that doesn't cost too much (and every 6th one is free!) to collect myself and be by myself. Lovely!

  2. Found your channel yesterday and loving it. I too am a stay at home mum and spend all my time making sure everyone else is ok. I take 1/2 an hour every day ( either I get up earlier or I wait until little one is in bed) and I do yoga with Adrienne. I love it. Makes me feel calm and balanced. X

  3. Your video is spot on! I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with our 4th baby and have been feeling down and burnt out a lot due to not enough of self care. Thank you for reminding me about it. Have a great day!

  4. Hi, I'm new…only discovered your YouTube channel yesterday. I can tell you now, unreservedly your you tube vlogs are going to be so successful & popular, you won't believe it. You are classy & sweet. Very salt of the earth, and likeable. You have alot to offer, and your style of sharing that info is beautifully articulated. This channel is going to climb to great heights….keep your finger on the pulse! X

  5. With two boys with autism getting on YouTube to watch a vlog is a treat 😂😫 Iv been ordered by my gp to make some me time so this was very timely ❤️💖( Iam going to pick up some cheap flowers tomorrow too! )x

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