5 Ways I Hide My Thin Hair (Postpartum Hair Loss)

5 Ways I Hide My Thin Hair (Postpartum Hair Loss)

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In this video, BuzzFeed producer Erin Phraner shares a tutorial for how to disguise thinning hair on women, especially due to postpartum hair loss. Learn how to hide thin hair with easy hair tricks anyone can do at home. Make your hair seem fuller, thicker and healthier in minutes—no bald patches!

Here’s what Erin does to help with her own postpartum hair loss journey…

1. Brush hair BEFORE the shower (not after or in the shower)
2. Use a hair powder, like…
-COLOR WOW Root Cover-Up
3. Try clip-in extensions
4. Tweak your part but only slightly
5. Use mini clips or bobby pins to add volume

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if you are dealing with postpartum hair loss or you're just someone that has naturally thin hair here are five things that I love to do to make myself feel like I have a big thick beautiful head of hair to be honest I've never loved my hair and throughout different parts of my life I have struggled with it thinning in patches but nothing prepared me for the hair loss that I experienced when this little one turns six months old my hair comes out in clumps in the shower they have to be really protective of it and a little creative for covering up the thin spots I know means is this necessary but if you're watching this video it probably means that you're also working with some thinning like I am and you're just looking for some ideas to feel a little bit more confident I hope these help let me start by showing you what we're working with would you like to hold my me scrunchie I'll put it on your Foott so my hair on the top of my head is just really thin kind of all over there's no one spot where it's falling out more than others I would just say sort of an overall thinness yeah this is just kind of what my hair looks like now as it before tip number one is to brush your hair when it's dry before you get in the shower this is a trick that I learned from a friend who works in hair and it kind of completely changed the way that I do my routine I have naturally curly hair that needs conditioner otherwise it gets really frizzy and I was noticing that when I was combing the conditioner through my hair I was just getting clumps and clumps and clumps of hair in my fingertips so my friend said to brush my hair before I get into the shower and that way when my hair is wet and it's most fragile I can just smooth everything over and it has made a huge difference for the amount of hair that I'm losing every day tip number 2 is a hair powder I actually have three different powders that I used I was kind of desperate one day and I just kind of bought a bunch of different options trying to find something that worked I really like the WoW powder I use light brown or this powder called topic which comes in a little shake canister not only is it pigmented but it has a little bit of fiber to it so it kind of clings to your hair and like builds up a little bit of volume and then isn't medium brown do you hold by please while I do this so I just put it wherever I have to thin this and then I kind of just comb it through doesn't take much and it just sort of makes it a little bit less noticeable I could probably do this flash more so yeah this is this is something that's really easy to do I can do it quickly it kind of works as a dry shampoo to you which is great as a new mom tip number three is something that I never thought that I would do but since having a baby and really experiencing a lot of hair loss I kind of hit a point where I was just like you know what I'm gonna give it a try and see if it makes a difference this isn't something that I do every day but it is something that I do or party is where I'm gonna be on television something to just make me feel like I have more hair because it can be a little bit you know discouraging or me embarrassing I guess when you feel like you don't have hair anymore so I did actually go to the store and I bought these clip in hair additions to add a little tiny bit more volume I'm gonna just drop them in real quick usually I just had one to be on it I'm not very good at doing a straight line and putting them in like a professional would so I tend to just do one towards the bottoms that my natural hair covers it and it just gives me a little bit of volume at the bottom tip number four play with your part ever so slightly I think it's really great when people are like we'll just do a completely different part but for me I don't feel like myself unless I have a center part so it's a little tricky to say oh I'm just gonna part about this time it'll all go in with my finger and change my center part to cover things up and if I get a spot where I still have a lot of visible hair loss I'll just go back in and add a little bit more of the hair powder to cover that up and finally tip number five I like to use little bobby pins or those miniature Clark Clips to pull back just a small section of my hair I find that my hair is laying completely flat it's more noticeable the hair loss but if I pull out the stabbed it and I kind of used to clip put those in and I'll kind of just pull up on my crown a little it adds a little bit of volume in the back kind of like a 60s vibe just feels a little bit more full in the back like these are just the five things that I do to make myself feel a little bit better about that hair that I'm living I know me as any of those necessary but I know for myself I feel a little bit more confident walking out of the door if I feel like my hair that looks like it used to I hope this helps whether you just had a baby or you're someone who's had then hair your whole life I feel you let me know in the comments if you have any tricks for faking thick hair and we'll see you soon bye you set up all by yourself like a big girl q q do you want to turn it off for God

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  1. Thank you so much. I went through post partum hair loss about 1.5 years ago but I had surgery 4 months ago and I’m losing so much more hair compared to the pp one 😞
    Your baby is so cute 😍

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