5 Unforgettable ‘Teen Mom’ BF Introductions | MTV Ranked

5 Unforgettable ‘Teen Mom’ BF Introductions | MTV Ranked

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A look back at some of the first time we met the boyfriends of the stars of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2,’ including Kailyn and Javi, Cole and Chelsea, and more.

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26 thoughts on “5 Unforgettable ‘Teen Mom’ BF Introductions | MTV Ranked

  1. Leah's friend and EVERYONE else: You should go slow and take your time to get to know someone this time.

    0.25 seconds later.

    Leah: I'm in love and marrying this person and he's my forever.

  2. I just realized leah lived in a trailer and kail was basically homeless before the show…they were all a mess except Chelsea and maci! Lmao. I guess it took laying on their back and getting pregnant to get rich…

  3. I find it hilarious that almost every person they date they end up marrying having a kid with and then they divorce 😂😂😂 meanwhile I’m 33 and no kids and have been with the same person for years (6.5)

  4. Why does kailyn say that javi tried to get at her bc she was on tv? Didnt you let him on? Didnt you say yes to dating him? Didnt you say yes to MARRYING HIM? Blame game lol. And then hates on his new girl.

  5. Chelsea is the only one who has ever had a normal healthy relationship with barely any drama (Adam doesn't count because he was a piece of shit anyway) Chelsea and Cole have never been toxic for each other. It's the perfect love story! Cole is such a great guy.

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