5 Times Pink Proved Being a Mom Is a Total Blast

5 Times Pink Proved Being a Mom Is a Total Blast

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Raise your glass if you think Pink is the most relatable celeb mom.

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five times pink proved being a mom is a total blast number five when she hilariously tricked her daughter willow only pink can turn a facemask into the perfect prank like the time she convinced her daughter she was turning into Shrek and willow believed her number for the time she turned vacuuming the house into a game pink is all about turning her home into a fun house pun intended which is why the singer turned vacuuming her house into a game of chase the dog genius number three every time she did a baby bump dance talk about getting the party started number two when she captured willow and Jameson's sweet bond and a moment every mom of two can relate to number one any time she freaked out over shopping for willow pink Doc Marten boots willow will surely grow up to be as spunky as her mom Cher if moms have more fun

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