5 Heartwarming Mother's Day Ideas

5 Heartwarming Mother's Day Ideas

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33 thoughts on “5 Heartwarming Mother's Day Ideas

  1. I almost burnt my house down because the wax fell into the pan and lit up on fire. Thnx nifty. Would love to do it again very soon.

    Anyone doing this please use a double boiler or wax melts…. ur welcome

  2. I made the flower card for my teacher for appreciation week. I accidentally glued the whole petals together instead of the tips. That was a horrible mistake. Make sure not to do that

  3. My mom and dad split, so during weekdays, I’m with my mom (cuz her house is closer to my school), so I spend the weekends with my dad. Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, and I’m with my dad… I’m heartbroken because I can’t spend Mother’s Day with my own mother….. 😭💔

  4. I dont like the paper flowers >:( it didnt work for me and i ended up just writing a boring card. How on earth wer u abl to do it???! I did the exact instrucstion and it still didnt work. I hate it. Be more specific cuz it was frustrating.

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