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good morning you guys 39 weeks pregnant very exciting but we it sine o'clock we're just off Jeff has to take his car in for like a full service so we're both gonna drive to the dealership and then I'll Drive him home and then he's gonna work from home today and then we have a midwife appointment at one o'clock which I'm excited about confirm back to seeing our regular Midwife so that should be good and then really need to renew my driver's license today about a month overdue but need to do that and then I think we're gonna go to Costco later and kind of like stock up on some food for before the baby comes which everybody's telling me to like make freezer meals and stuff and I'm just like I would go to Costco to get some like big bulk items of stuff and need toilet paper Costco has the best price on toilet paper it's like shocking the amount that I'm peeing right now I'm going through a roll of toilet paper a day like it's not not insane can't believe it but anyways yesterday I did like the tiniest bit of painting like just did the last bit of trim that I wanted to get done and I hurt my shoulder again and now it's like killing me today but I just put some peppermint oil on it and it's actually feeling a little bit better now so that's a tip if you guys have any aches and pains put some peppermint oil on there and last night my hips were like the Atheist things in the world like it was agony to lay in bed so that wasn't fun but you know not much time left so trying just to ride it out and with us oh the Lightning crotch has been on fire so much like the crotch like last night it was like every yeah like every five minutes babe I had like a shooting pain in your jaw yeah and my crotch anyways we need to run out the door now maybe we'll get a little two wines breakfast each other way but well they have to be on meat burgers now that Tim Hortons which is kind of cool yeah like everywhere has them anyways we got around it the doors we'll see ya later we're back missing like every turn but we got it with a fresh breakfast sandwich in the bag – I know anyways here is the Tim Hortons beyond me breakfast sandwich it's the they have one that you can get like egg and cheese and then this one is like the vegan one so it's just lettuce tomato and the sausage on biscuit which I'm excited about but no job yeah it doesn't come with any sauce and it's a little bit dry if you don't had I put some mayonnaise on mine ah so gonna eat this sandy and Jeff's gonna work on the computer and I'm going to sit here and bug him we just left the Midwife it was a good appointment you think yeah I'm a fingertip dilated very excited in things happen she says my cervix is nice and mushy but the baby still needs to come forward a little bit more they're still kind of like on their side in fact she felt around and everything and she's like no I'm not worried about your measuring small at all it's just that the baby has dropped by your bedroom bit smaller and she felt the baby she's like but it doesn't feel like a huge baby would you feel like it's me yeah but she's like I can't really tell she's like sometimes you'll give birth to like a big baby and we'll be like where was I hiding but oh good and then our next appointment is in another week and she's actually gonna come to our house for that one which is nice cuz she's on call that weekend didn't have any office appointment so almost next appointment and like she said a book again like Monday or Tuesday of next week which I'll be 40 weeks by then and she looks at me she goes no nothing until Friday I'm like oh I'll be over over do that week that's perfect but really hoping we don't need that appointment Saturday would just be the perfect day to give birth because we're getting the house clean fighting Jeff will be at home my mom will be at home everyone will just go like a ball practice but we are off to go pick up Jeff's car because it's finished now and then I think we're going to forget all our responsibilities under friends cottage that's good I'm excited about the play that made me feel good yeah no it's good apartment sounds like everything's raised we're you know as it's supposed to be so but she went to check me for dilation Jeff's like what do I do I just look at my phone all good news [Applause] oh good morning you guys the next day I didn't finish vlogging yesterday because we got that from our friends cottage kind of late and then we just went to bed we had the best time at the cottage it's just so nice being by the water it's like so relaxing and everything and we had like a barbecue for dinner it was a lot of fun so that was awesome and our friends just had a baby three weeks ago so we like got to meet the baby and got all their details of everything it was so nice so loved that but today not too much I'm gonna like go to the grocery store and stuff I'm having so much pressure down there like some people describe it as like a bowling ball between your legs I haven't felt that at all it's just like a lot of pressure like in my pelvis so Jeff was like don't go to the grocery store like I'll go tomorrow or something he has like the next few days for him are so busy because he's trying to cram in like all of his appointments for work this week cuz like next week is our due date so he wants to kind of be like able to be on-call for that week so the next three days are like crazy for him but he said he'll try and go to the grocery store tomorrow or something so we should be good for groceries today we still probably just do spaghetti or something easy for dinner but yeah so I'm just gonna lay low today also did not sleep I feel like I'm a broken record saying that but I was like crazy crazy heartburn last night in the middle of the night like I woke up like choking it felt like I was choking on acid like it was just coming like up and through my mouth so we're just thing in the world so don't really sleep so I might go have a little lay down nap situation also gave me some like exercises that I can do to get the baby again in like the right position and get them to drop down low there's my belly so I think I'm gonna do those later today so I'll show you those and then you know trying to get things moving along I'm not gonna do anything crazy till I can do sleeper like I'm not gonna do like castor oil or anything like that I want the baby to come with their bratty but like again this weekend would be the perfect baby keep trying to tell them you can come up this weekend but they're gonna come when they're ready and I'm surprisingly feel like and be very patient about it but our Midwife was like I know who you feel like that now but she's like but some people a couple days from now like totally flap and be like get this baby out of me but we will see if we go over due date um I believe at like 41 weeks we'll do a non-stress test in the hospital where they just like monitor the baby and when you feel the baby move you like click a button and stuff so they make sure everything's okay and I think they make sure like the placenta is not too deteriorated or anything like that so that would be at 41 weeks if I go over do and then after that we'll talk about abduction so like to avoid an induction but again gonna flex inflows gonna happen yeah I feel bad I haven't had a baby watch blog up a week like today's Wednesday but I'll try and edit this vlog throughout the day today and get up for you guys tonight but yeah I just hadn't really been doing anything looks like nothing to blog and had a bit of a lazy weekend but it was a good weekend so just walk up for you guys today so you're not wondering if I had the baby or not which I did not fortunately but I'm actually feeling like pretty good and like prepared for the baby to come I mean the only thing I haven't done is my license but I really do that maybe I'll do that yeah tomorrow or Friday see how I feel then but we did kind of have a busy day too yesterday like we were out at the house like all day so I think that's why I'm feeling like a ton of pressure down there and so I'm just going to take it easy today but we're gonna go lay down for a little bit try and have a little bit of a nap then I will check back in with you once I'm a little more refreshed oh you guys before I forget I watched the best video about breastfeeding ma the midwives recommended it it's dr. Jack Neumann he's apparently like the breastfeeding guru and I'll link the video down below it's like a thirty minute video but basically goes over everything like proper latching if you have a low supply if you have cracked nipples and stuff like that like it was so informative so helpful I highly recommend ed and he has like a ton of information – a lot of information about drinking and breastfeeding which is very interesting as well um he basically like obviously you can't get drunk like don't stress about like having to drink and like breastfeeding your baby like the amount of alcohol that passes through was like 0.05 which is the same as having like a non-alcoholic drink so loved that but yes so so interesting so if you are pregnant and wanting to breastfeed watch this video really like ease my mind cuz I was feeling when I had that one Midwife appointment she was going over all the breastfeeding like it just was like overwhelming me slightly be like oh my god I gotta make sure the baby's proper latch and all this stuff like it's just so much to remember but that video was so helpful like a 10 dividuals a lot of nips video but were super informative so I highly recommend it again I'll link it down below or just type into YouTube like dr. Jack Newman and a ton of stuff will come up so left that make me feel a little more prepared in that department okay now I'm gonna really do have a little nap it wasn't able to sleep for some reason but I did shower that's an accomplishment for the day but I'm feeling so nauseous probably just from like lacking with you but do not feel well right now so I'm just making some plain rice to eat and then I may even put like some sriracha on it because they say spicy food can get things moving as well but I'll show you the little exercise that a midwife told me to do to get the baby I'm open to go on stairs and like put one leg up and kind of lean in towards it to open up the pelvis like so and she said stairs is good because they can kind of like hang on to either side of the walls or you can do it on like a chair or something just keep doing this then she said bouncing on an exercise ball is good too so I'll probably do that tonight when we're like watching TV and she said squats so I've been trying to like I was just picking up the shoes down there but trying to like squat down with each shoe also my girlfriend told me she went into labor after her three-year-old son made like a huge mess with all of his toys and she squatted down to pick up H every toy and the next day she went into labor so also gonna do some squats tryna do this yeah baby and again I showed you guys this in a few blogs ago but that front line thinks so she said it even if you just sit in the chair grab the back of another chair and just kind of hang forward ahh should help move the baby down honestly you broke a sweat to eat this rice oh yeah so have you got there Blair leap eat like three times in the last like 15 minutes too and it'll be so annoying because you feel like you have to pee so much I'll just be like a little dribble oh my gosh now complaining just reporting symptoms fell pretty content and I'm feeling like pretty good for you know carrying around another human being but anyways gonna eat hopefully that makes me feel a little bit better oh I don't check back in with you guys later 5 o'clock I'm still here bet well I think we're good just at this vlog because not much else is gonna be happening and probably just gonna make dinner bounce on the ball watch my brother all that exciting stuff so thank you guys so much for watching also if you see that Vaseline in the background of like all my Instagram pictures like always there I put it on my lips every night before bed if I don't my lips the next day are completely chapped and like nothing well like help them like they won't get chopped I do like even exfoliating them or anything I have to sleep with Vaseline on my lips but I think petroleum because it does please petroleum jelly is that bad for you because I saw a video being like don't use petroleum jelly on a baby so let me know your thoughts on that but I've done that for literal years please Dan this lock here and I hope you guys enjoyed it I'll be ball vlogging again tomorrow so I'll see you guys read good bye

9 thoughts on “39 WEEK MIDWIFE APPOINTMENT | BABY WATCH VLOG #5 | Anna-Rae Leslie

  1. Dole Canned Pineapple Juice. I drank 6 mini cans throughout the day and went into labor the same day and had baby in the evening next day. 6 mini cans of pineapple juice. It thinks the cervix. It worked for me so I highly recommend. Yay for baby watch 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you’re already 39 weeks! I feel like you were just announcing you were pregnant. So excited for you I had my daughter at 39 + 5. Thinking of you! Can’t wait to see the baby 🥰

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