34 & 35 Week Pregnancy Update – Sickness, maternity leave & ultrasound pic!

34 & 35 Week Pregnancy Update - Sickness, maternity leave & ultrasound pic!

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hi everyone today I'm here to talk about my 33 34 week update I turned 35 weeks tomorrow so I thought I would update you on what's been going on for the last two weeks I had an ultrasound today I've had an OB appointment since our last update so let's jump into it and I'll give you all the details so I know at the beginning of this pregnancy I sort of said it's so interesting that you know everyone's telling me this is a girl because my pregnancy has been exactly the same as Elliot's well no longer is that the case this pregnancy has been rough at the end I mean at the start it didn't really feel any different I think until it basically 20 weeks like I never had morning sickness I never had any of these things a lot of my friends who had girls experienced so it was weird to me now I don't know that it's that I'm having a girl necessarily but I think her position is making it so that I have some uncomfortable symptoms so let's jump into those and then I'll roll into talking about what we're doing from maternity leave because that sort of has started a little bit and then ultrasound and OB appointment updates so okay so for symptoms nothing is staying in my body so I eat something and I'm sick not vomiting so much I've only thrown up I think once and that was that was a doozy day I felt horrible all day but I'm having some bathroom issues like nothing it just like everything is going right through me which is really unpleasant I'm trying to drink a lot of water I am killing it in the water department I am drinking like bottles and bottles of water each day but the trouble with that is I have had heartburn pretty badly well since like third trimester basically now with Elliot I did have heartburn issues near the end of pregnancy because he was big and you know you're cramped and like I think that's just part of like third trimester is that like things are pushing up and so like you're not digesting as well this time I have this weird combo of like heartburn which they tell you to not drink too much water because then it can create additional fluid for the acids to build and having some bad issues that are requiring you to drink extra water so it's like I don't know what to do literally everything I eat this morning I had an ultrasound okay well backtrack last night we had dinner with friends and it was like we had Chinese foods like it wasn't super healthy so like that's probably what irritated me is that like it was not like a home-cooked meal we went out but I had like nothing crazy I had like some chicken some like chicken balls and some chicken fried rice and a spring roll like I didn't have anything spicy or crazy and from like 9 o'clock last night until about 3 o'clock 2 o'clock this morning my stomach just felt wretched and then I got up and had some issues in the washroom and then I felt so sick and the way I deal with feeling sick is I sit in the shower so it was like 3 o'clock in the morning and Steve was like are you okay because I was literally just sitting in the shower like on the verge of tears cuz I just felt so sick so this morning when I got up I thought okay I know I need to eat something but I don't want to get anything because I wasn't feeling well so I had like a piece of I had made homemade rice krispie squares yesterday so I had like a piece of a homemade rice krispie squares I thought okay it's like cereal and little bit of sweetness so like that I like settle and half a banana no still felt awful so it's like it really doesn't seem to matter what I eat I just it's my body is not digesting food very well right now and so that is making for a very unpleasant stomach situation basically every day so that's been different this pregnancy I did not have that was Ellie's pregnancy and so I find that that is like my number one kind of like complaint or symptom is that I've been feeling so much movement which has been so nice and so reassuring to be able to feel like everything's okay because my body my body does not feel okay and so it's like stressful when you're feeling so sick you're like well is my baby okay like what's going on anyway so that's the main thing I haven't really had any other symptoms I mean I'm out of breath but like that's just part of pregnancy but like nothing No really otherwise just like a lot of stomach issues and like cramping that comes with that which and this is part of why I think I was stressed in or day two because when you look up like early labor signs like upset tummy is one of the things if they say especially if it's prolonged and this has been going on for like two weeks so I'm a little bit nervous about that I am gonna bring it up at my next OB appointment which is on Wednesday so hopefully I'll get some answers about ways that I can deal with it okay so this week I had massage pregnancy massage or prenatal massage and it was very nice I mean it's painful but it's like it's nice and she told me she's like your hips are like in a different position than they have been and I was like oh that's interesting and she's like yeah like kind of feels like they're separating a little bit have you had any symptoms and I was like well I told about the tummy troubles and about some of the sleeping issues and she was like she's like who wouldn't surprise me if you went early I was like okay that's interesting then I get a call from the Obie's office because I had blood work done the week prior and they said that I had alarmingly low b12 which makes sense if my body is not absorbing anything I'm eating so I'm on a b12 supplement in addition to my prenatal now hopefully that helps I got my rhogam shot at the hospital I was at the birth unit on Tuesday getting my my rhogam shot my second one so normally you get it at like 20-something weeks but because I had spotting early on they gave it to me at like nineteen weeks maybe I can't remember exactly when it was but it was early or maybe it was like 20-something weeks and then you're supposed to get it like 28 so I had to get another one so I went back got the second one everything was fine what else I was excited to make it to March 17th because that is I mean I don't think it's the 17th yet but the 17th is like in the next day or two and I'm not going into labor in the next day or two hopefully but I'm excited to admit it this far not because I thought I was going to not but because there's a new program in Ontario that if you are if your baby is born March 17th or later you get five additional weeks of parental leave which Steve is taking it's for it's if you share your leave and so Steve will have five extra weeks to be with Piper which will be wonderful it'll help us get through the stretch of like I go back in February the first day February I'll be going back he'll be off February March April May and then we just have to find care for her for June and then I'll be off July and August with her and Elliot because Elly it'll be starting kindergarten at year and then she'll start daycare in September so I think we've got that whole plan worked out so that's really exciting this is March Break so technically I was off this week anyways but I did actually get written off on medical when I was at my doctor last week so that was unexpected I didn't think it would be I didn't get ran off with Elliot so I didn't think I would but the beauty of that I mean it besides just being home and being able to like relax and not have to worry about my stomach issues while at work is that I can get through my to-do list on my own time and I've gotten a lot of the main things started or done that since I've been off this week for March break but additionally it means that my maternity leave the actual maternity leave portion does not start until the baby is born and so with Elliot I went off two and a half three weeks before he was born so those weeks were like wasted like they came out of my maternity leave weeks as opposed to if you're on medical you're on medical until the baby's born and then maternity leave starts so it doesn't take away from any of my my or Steve's time with her which is also really nice huh what else the ultrasound here is the picture the ultrasound picture from this morning um it was rough not gonna lie it was rough I don't know what happened I just I knew I wasn't feeling well as I mentioned earlier going into the ocean I wasn't feeling well but I was so excited for this ultrasound and it's the first one actually that Steve has been to like medical ultrasound this pregnancy at all because he was starting a new right around the time we got pregnant and then it was just easier for like my mom or my grandma to come with us and then just like Phil Steven on all the details because they're very thorough when they come to appointment so he never felt like he missed anything um and he was on probation so didn't want to take time off anyways um so he came to all the private ultrasounds like the 3d ones but not them like medical ones so anyways so this is the first time he's been to the medical place with me this pregnancy so that was nice um but I felt so sick and so I was lying down and like I could feel tears like rolling down my face and I was like what is happening and then I got really hot and I was trying to just like breathe through it but I could tell she started like a minute ago like I knew there were a lot of measurements she made it and the tech looked up at me and she's like are you okay do you need do you need me to stop and I was like yeah and so I like sat up and Steve gave me water and I just sat there and like caught my breath and like okay try to lie down again and within like a minute was feeling that like sick feeling again almost like when you get a fever like you can kind of feel it feels like you're literally like the heat is like coming over you it was like that like it was like a hot wave was coming over me and I was like what it's happening and then I started feeling nauseous and lightheaded and the tech was worried I was gonna faint and so I sat up again and then she actually told me to lie on my side so I laid on my left side and she did most of the ultrasound while I was lying on my side which was really nice of her to you know obviously she wants she has to get her measurements and like she could see she wasn't getting them that way so it was really weird and a bit like almost like frightening because I've had a number of ultrasounds between Elliott's pregnancy in this one and I have never ever had that happen and so it was just a bit alarming anyways so we got through the ultrasound so in my OB appointment last week my doctor felt she was annoyed down I can feel her feet blah blah blah everything's good she said she was I'm measuring so that that time I was 34 weeks I think and I was measuring like 36 so I've been measuring fun Haight and an ultrasound about two weeks ahead but then today they told me that her weight is approximately in the fifty to sixty ahthe percentile which is interesting because Eliot was always like 90 percenter he was always just a big baby um so I'm curious to see like what she comes out as the ultrasound tech today said that she weighs approximately six pounds right now which is crazy to think that like right now like she's six pounds and we still have some weeks to go her length I didn't actually catch a length I don't know that she told me that but she said that she's like she's got long legs she's measuring 37 weeks in length and head circumference and belly like diameter I guess so she has a big chubby belly which was really cute she looks super pudgy and healthy and that's all I can ask for but because of the way she's sitting so the ultrasound tech she like looks up and and I was like oh because she put the wand where like her head would be and I'm like that's not a head and she was like oh it's definitely a girl I hope you knew that we were like yeah yeah we were pretty sure it was a girl because her like legs were spread and like there it was not a penis so that was cool to see because that was the first time I was like wow there it is like okay that was fun and but except that her butt is where her head should be so like she's sitting like her butt is like kind of in my pelvic region and her head is off to the side so she's not frank breech anymore which is good that was the concern was that she was so high last time now she's I don't know what she's doing she's sitting in a funky position though so she's got her head and feet on one side and her butt down low so I'm gonna try and keep walking a lot and I'm not as stressed about it as I was in the past ultrasound when she was frank breech because my OB told me she was head down less than two weeks ago so to me that says okay she's just flip flopping in there and that's likely why I've been feeling so awful because she's big repeat and and she's flopping all over the place and pushing on all my organs and because my placenta is on the outside her movement is much more impactful on my organs because there's less of a cushion between them so I appreciate that whoo I am feeling yucky is justifiable however I would like it to be less common anyway so there's that so I'm off I'm off on medical now so I have a couple weeks I mean I'm 35 weeks tomorrow as I mentioned and so and I'm measuring a little bit ahead but not you know nothing alarming her position though I'm not sure if that will be a concern like I don't know how might what my OB will say about that I know babies can flip-flop all the time but I assume she might want another but this was supposed to be my last ultrasound I assumed she might want one more now because just to like check on position but maybe not because if she like knew I don't know I like squish around and I'm like it all just feels like hard blob like I don't know what I'm feeling um so she might want another ultrasound or she might just go by like the fundal measurements and and sort of feel where she's feeling her as I say I have an OB appointment it's like next Wednesday so hopefully that would be good I'm feeling a little bit stressed about work right now I think I'll feel better once they've got someone like hired and in there the position is posted but they have yet to close it because of March break so it closes next week and then once I can actually like relinquish control to somebody I think I'll feel better for my team's sake right I teach kindergarten so it's not just like grade one where I'm just passing it off you know to one other person it's it's a six-person team we've got two EC's in my homeroom and two c's in the French homeroom and then the kids switch every second day so like I've got you know 60 kids that are looking out for that person and I just really would like to I'll feel a lot better when that person is there and I can give them everything and fill them in on all the info and just really feel like I have left the position because as a right now I still have some meetings next week that I'm gonna go to not really supposed to because I'm like off on medical but these are really important meetings for these kids and I just need to be there so I'll be doing that but I won't be on the floor anymore like teaching as of now so that's what's going on I feel like I've forgotten things but I also feel like I've been rambling for half an hour so let me know if you guys have questions I have a whole list of videos that I'm gonna try and pump out before she's born we're gonna do one on Elliott like how we're transitioning Elliott to having a sibling and how he's been doing and talking about it I'd like to do it to your update on Elliott because he's so much fun and I don't want to forget all the wonderful things he's doing but he's like two and a quarter now so I'm like is it worth it maybe I don't know so I might do that I have to pack my hospital bags I haven't done that yet so when I do that I'll do a video on that um nursery tour that's still coming but I'm not quite down the nursery yet so you can see I've got my pieces of things to finish before I can do some videos but I've also got a lot of like nesting projects around the house that I want to do so I did the closet one I like posted that video but that's about it so far so hopefully you guys are having a great day if you were just finishing up March Break then hope you guys had a great break and as I mentioned if you have questions or video topics you'd like to see just leave them in the comments down below and I'll do my best to get to them before she gets here so Oh last thing we have a baby prediction site going I will put the link in the description box below so be sure to go in and put your guesses in last time with Elliott it was a youtube friend that actually got the closest no one actually bang-on got it but they guessed the right date and wait it was just the time I think that was off so anyway so that's super fun so be sure to put your guesses down below for the baby Piper prediction for when she'll come and how big she'll be in all that and we'll see you next video okay bye for now guys

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  1. That feeling you had during the ultrasound always happens to me if I lie on my back during pregnancy starting about halfway through. The baby and everything can fall on a major artery or something and cause that feeling and that’s a sign to your body to change your position before it affects the baby.

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