25 Weeks Pregnant | Update | The Mummy Blog

25 Weeks Pregnant | Update | The Mummy Blog

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Time is flying by and the weeks are too.. we’re 25 weeks into our pregnancy already!

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I’m Shannon,

I’m 22 from South Yorkshire and a mummy to our 16 month old Son and our littlest one who is due in August 2018!
I’m a stay at home mum, raising and enjoying every second with my little boy. I blog, blog and just generally be myself through instagram and my blog – themummyblog.co.uk.

I’m currently 16 months into our breastfeeding journey, and I’m continuing to breastfeed throughout this pregnancy and afterwards too! I can’t wait to tandem feed my babies together 💛
I am excited to join the ‘two under two’ club in August and I’m looking forward to taking you all along on this journey with us!

hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video is my 25 week pregnancy update I'm so cute watching so I am 25 weeks and one day payments day which again it's going so fast like ridiculously fast too fast for my life financially I feel like it's actually going to be over with fire now wait and I'm gonna be really sad like it's done because I'm just I just absolutely love being pregnant and just love it I'm so yeah I'm 25 weeks and one day I had my 25 week made a wife appointment yesterday and so everything went fine we got to listen to you baby's heartbeat which was really really nice I always love hearing the heartbeat I'm it's just something about it just it makes me warm and like fuzzy inside it's so nice I'm so yeah we gotta listen to baby's heartbeat um and well a okay until I have my gross guy in two weeks so we'll see what that brings we'll see what they say on the size and whatnot I'm trying not to draw some stuff out too much about that still um because yes I'm a stress head and I need to not worry about it too much I'm just gonna kind of take home just see what happens um but yeah so everything went well with my Midwife appointment yesterday I did get a chance to speak to her because I've been having like super mega bad Braxton Hicks still I'm and to the point where they've been like they feel like more than rice and it's obviously I know the difference between breasts and hips and labor though so I know it's not laying but um but basically she just said that it could be because my body's been through it once already or it could possibly be I'm just kind of like things getting ready have to go so she said if I have too many bad bounce then obviously go and get them checked which I will do um but other than that I kind of probably hated to stay until the end so I'm just gonna crack on with them and I have been referred to a physio for the absolute agony that I'm in with my back and my hips which is good I'm really glad that I have been referred this time because last time when I was pregnant with Zachary I didn't kind of want to push on them too much how I saw it was something that I'd needed spoke with then by the time that I told them when I was like 20 20 35 weeks they were like yeah it's too late there's no point of sending you to physio or anything so yeah I've been referred earlier this time which is good because it's a lot worse early on this time than it was when I was pregnant Zachary as well I'm hoping that a good lot of physio will sort me out because I honestly feel like my spine is crumbling I'm but fingers crossed it'll be it'll be okay and we'll have something that we can work out to help me and to stop it her into bad I mean at the minute I am Ashley just basically live in on my birth involved and because I own a comfortable place I can be it's not even comfortable to lay down it makes my hips hurt too much um so yeah the ball has been my Savior I am the past especially weak I had such a massively busy back holiday weekend as well um this is kind of like the first day I've got to chill out and she's been sad my ball or morning playing with Zachary so it's really nice but yeah it definitely helps us in on the birthing ball with my back I'm I just feel like it takes the pressure off I don't know if it's because you obviously have posture and you start on it um or what what is yeah great so if anybody is suffering with pregnancy related back in hip pain get yourself a birthing ball and get on it because they go into your help it feels so so much better so I've got my yeah grossed gone in two weeks and then I've got another Midwife appointment the following week so I've not got long and some my next appointments now which is nice because through second pregnancies in the UK they tend to not give you as many Mike midwife appointments or anything as you do when you have your first pregnancy I am so I've kind of gone from my last Midwife but one at sixteen weeks it's like ten weeks nearly just under I am I've gone without seeing them I am so yeah they're picking up again they're gonna be kind of about every three or so weeks and then my grouse guns are gonna be every three to four weeks as well and so it's nice that I feel like we're getting that consistency on being seen in a while but um coz I like that I feel like it just puts me at ease I feel good because I've seen a health profession like yes everything's okay I'm alright so yeah for me that's like spot-on that's why I like um but other than that there's nothing really new in the way of pregnancy symptoms this week it is just the chronic killer backache um I had the same assorted so I say sorted I know it's not gonna be fully sorted until the baby's born and then they'll just appear on the board but never mind but yeah that is about it we bought Matt a new car this weekend um so one of the things that we had to go and deal was after we bought the car we had to have a drive with some other care and have a test to see if the double-bogey would fit in his car which I am pleasantly surprised at how small the eye candy peach folds up into like that's our chosen and double because it's a tandem it's inline so it's not a super wide one I can get out and about on it I can get out about with it on my own so it's nice and easy and yeah it just Falls up like teeny tiny and fits in the new bill which I was a bit worried about because my car has got humongous boot so I knew for a fact that it fit in mine with Matt's new car I didn't know who it's gonna fit or not because it's a bit shallower than my boot and it's not quite as DP there and backwards wise so I was like mm mm yeah cause a lot of stress during the purchase and I feel so much better I don't know no it fits and we're okay I'm gonna be able to get the doubled from Matt's car so that means we can go I'm up car as long as my car miss Matt's causing you in the mine so it's nice and so it's nice so you guys to drive and we get to go in his I am but yeah so that was obviously made me feel good was causing me some serious chronic so I said that I would keep you guys updated with my whole breastfeeding through pregnancy and when my milk switch is over situations so I mentioned a couple of videos ago that I thought that my milk might have been some you know so I turn to the colostrum on this side I am and not this side and it's a lot bit of a weird one so the way that sacrified is that he had a morning feed on this side and an afternoon well I say afternoon is actually lasting a nice and even appeared on this side and then sometimes you'll have a feed or two during the day as well now I go entirely by his call really um he has cooked down to those foods naturally himself and I just think it's because he obviously adores food but also he's so busy playing that sometimes I think he forgets that is there um but I have noticed that he has wanted to feed a lot more recently and actually I think it is because my milk has now officially switched to the culture colostrum on both sides so before if I would like hand express after feeding him I could see that there's milk coming out I am and if I would have an express if he hadn't fed a lot I thought I could just do with Horlicks person in the bath I am obviously milk would come out now if I do that now it's like a it's a really sticky like almost it's almost clear but you can see the slightly yellowy colostrum coming out as well um and after he's fed if I owned this best trait after he's fed there's no milk at all this it's entirely that so I think that both sides have switched to the colostrum now which would probably explain why he's wanting to feed a little bit more because it is a lot sweeter than normal breast milk um so I just find it fascinating they have done that so really and because I didn't really know when my milk customer switch over to the question I asked him in why she said it's entirely dependent on my body I could keep the milk all the way up until like a week before I go into labor and then he could switch or I could switch switch at like 13 14 weeks it's entirely dependent um so yeah we've hit 25 weeks and I haven't got any more breast milk it's just classroom so that means it's all ready for baby number two which is crazy and exciting and also scary thought because obviously body's gonna have to readjust it's gonna have to find I'm like what demand the baby wants but also the demand of feeding Zachary well so I basically melon quite a while once they're born and especially if I maintain their supply like I did with Zachary with pumping in between as well so yeah we just will just see how that goes and I just I keep you guys that don't my mic cuz it was something that really interested me and there's not a lot about it I couldn't find a lot about people who were breastfeeding and were pregnant at the same time and we're gonna continue to breastfeed their first baby once a second baby was born as well as speaking a second baby so yeah that's my kind of little thing that I'll show you today um and then yeah I think because we switch to the classroom now I don't think it'll change the Midwife state probably won't change um until baby's born and then obviously my mom will come in again so excited feels weird but it's exciting at the same time I'm I think because I first read Zachary for so long and obviously there's always been milk that I feel a little bit like this pang of sadness that I've got no more milk left and it switch to the classroom but I also have this like really giddy excited feeling that it's question so that means they it's ready for for this baby to I'm Zachary already seems just a little bit for that perfect I'm but yeah that's what's happening with that how crazy but short and sweet one for say guys I am cuz not much new in the way of any kind of the symptoms or anything that's happened since my last update I will be doing an update in two weeks time because I've got my consult an appointment on the gross scale into II see your guests come bitches see and hope you have to let you know how we get on especially with things like the growth I am so obviously keep an eye out for that please give my video a thumbs up if you liked it and also don't forget to subscribe if you're not already and I will see you on the next video guys so thanks ever so much for watching

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