20 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That May Surprise You, YOU WILL SURPRISED AT #14 !!!

20 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That May Surprise You, YOU WILL SURPRISED AT #14 !!!

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20 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That May Surprise You, YOU WILL SURPRISE AT NUMBER 14~!

20 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That May Surprise You, YOU WILL SURPRISE AT NO. 14 TIPS!

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Thus, Here Are List Of Do’s And Don’ts You Must Aware Of During Pregnancy.

Consume Ample Amount of Multivitamin.
AVOID From Smoking.
Get More Rest.
Avoid Alcohol.
Perform Light Exercises.
Avoid UNDERCOOK Seafood.
AVOID High Mercury Fish.
Avoid Deli Meat.
Avoid Too Bumpy Journey.
AVOID Unpasteurized Milk Products.
Perform Gentle Yoga.
AVOID From Sauna or Hot Tub.
Get Flu Shot.
Limit Yourself From Caffeine.
Gain Weight According to Guideline.
AVOID From Cleaning Cat’s Litter Box.
Do Visit Your Dentist.
Wear Proper Car Seat Belt.

Share these tips to your pregnancy friends or partner in order to protect baby fetus growing in a safe and healthy development.

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hi welcome to seven remix healthy tips hit the subscribe button now and also the belly button decided so you won't miss latest videos thank you 20 pregnancy do's and dont's that may surprise you you will surprise at number 14 tips all pregnant women plays role in having responsible to help promote baby's growth and development in a healthy environment thus here are lists of do's and don'ts you must aware of during pregnancy 1 consume ample amount of multivitamin by consuming a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals was the best way to supply your body with important healthy nutrients for healthy development of your baby however with just healthy diet alone was not enough especially for pregnancy this is why the prenatal vitamins often you prescribed by pregnancy doctor can help to supply high nutrients needs for expectant mothers such as folic acid calcium iron doc and EPA these vitamins and mineral ensure your baby's healthy body development and prevent from birth defects your doctor can help you find a multivitamin or a series of vitamins that are best for you even though it is important but do not overdose the vitamins amounts since that can harm your baby to avoid from smoking babies born to women who are smoking during pregnancy are more likely to have low birth weight early birth learning their behavioral deficiencies in your child or even miscarriage even pregnant moms who are often exposed to secondhand smoke during pregnancy can also relate to the risk of health issue mentioned 3 get more rest throughout your stages of pregnancy your sleep can be affected by the fluctuation of hormone levels anticipation and things I due to the demanding energy especially in the final trimester you will need more sleep to replenish your energy this is why you should at best schedule for quick naps if you feel fatigued or tired also ensure your normal sleeping time is seven to nine hours of each night for avoid drinking alcohol since alcohol can pose harmful risk to your baby's development including symptoms such as fetal alcohol syndrome cause low birth weight disabilities and learning behavior problems slow growth and development you must quit drinking while you're pregnant even small amount is problematic so consult with your doctor as soon as possible or if you need support quitting it 5 perform light exercises it is true that by doing light exercise regularly such as walking or stretching during pregnancy can help you to fight problems like insomnia muscle pain excessive weight gain and mood problems consult your doctor for safe diet routine exercise adjustments if you didn't exercise regularly or especially when growing to second and third trimesters 6 undercooked meat must not pregnant women must not eat raw and undercooked meat or eggs because that will cause risk of foodborne illness like listeriosis and toxoplasmosis which can leads to food poisoning or at worst severe birth defects and even miscarriage so ensure all kind of meats and eggs you eat during pregnant are well cooked thoroughly 7 avoid undercooked seafood cooked seafood is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids zinc an island that are important for both mom and baby however undercooked a raw seafood can also carry harmful bacteria and viruses which are eliminated when seafood are cooked thoroughly avoid high mercury fish avoid from eating fish containing high levels of mercury such as shark swordfish tilefish and king mackerel pregnant body easily absorbs the high mercury from fish that can impair a baby's growing brain and nervous system since you need important nutrients like omega-3 from fish so eat cooked fish lower in mercury such as salmon tilapia tuna canned light cod and catfish 9 avoid deli meat process of deli meats and even include the hot dogs sausages smoked salmon and other cured meats king leads foodborne illness listeriosis and toxoplasmosis also so always cook these processed proteins well they're thoroughly to reduces pregnancy risk 10 enjoy your intercourse unless advised not to intercourse during pregnancy is fine but if you have helped complicating factors such as placenta previa or other types of high-risk pregnancy your doctor normally advise not to 11 avoid too bumpy journey when a woman is pregnant she is carrying lives of two people and so be extra caution is necessary especially long-distance and bumpy road jeromy's should be postponed till one delivers unless the trip is urgent or permission by doctor 12 avoid unpasteurized milk products avoid from consuming raw milk product since unpasteurized milk hasn't been heated to kill bacteria that can cause illness even miscarriage or life-threatening risk due to bacteria Listeria also remember to consume only pasteurized not raw milk and only hard cheese not soft cheese to prevent food poisoning 13 performed gentle yoga choose the type of prenatal or gentle yoga classes that are designed for expecting mom but if you were not doing loca before pregnant consult your doctor first before signing up the classes instructors in prenatal or gentle yoga classes will know which poses that are best and those you should avoid and take note to avoid hot yoga 14 avoid from sauna or hot tub even though you need a lot of relaxing but you must avoid any high heat environment such as hot tubs jacuzzis and saunas that can be too dangerous for pregnant mom research had indeed discovered that those who use these during your first trimester may double the risk of pregnancy miscarriage 15 get flu shot pregnant women should get a flu vaccine injection as long as you don't have a prescribed condition or circumstance stated by the manufacturer this vaccine will protect you as well as your developing fetus to prevent from getting influenza whereas the risk of severe side effects is greater than same age women who are not pregnant 16 limit yourself from caffeine drinking too much caffeine products 3 cups or more coffee or tea daily in first trimester has linked with higher risk of increased baby's heart rate low birth weight and miscarriage so pregnant women should limit caffeine intake to less than 200 milligrams per day 17 gained weight according to guideline you often thinking you are eating for two so some pregnant women may think of eating whatever you'd like can gain a lot of weight which actually do more harm to your baby than good first trimester only need 100 extra calories a day while third trimester calorie is closer to 300 a day so check the guideline of pregnancy weight gain video in the playlist 18 avoid from cleaning cat's litter box you can play your pets all you like and wash your hands after that however do not clean a cat's litter box get your husband to help you out since the feline waste is filled with millions of parasites especially Toxoplasma gondii parasite control is dangerous risk of pregnant baby with seizures and mental disabilities stillbirth or even miscarriage 19 do visit your dentist expert obstetricians and gynecologists suggest expecting mom to get a routine oral health assessment while pregnancy along with regular dental cleanings since pregnancy gets hormonal changes that increase risk of periodontal disease and tender guns that can bleed easily or known condition of pregnancy King the Vitis so remember to tell your dentist that you are pregnant 20 car seat belt while you are inside a vehicle it is important that the seat belt was properly fastened in order to avoid injuring yourself or baby the method to wear the seat belt is three point restraint which is by securing the lap belt under your belly low and snug on your hip bones must never wear the belt across your belly in case of minor car accident the sudden jolt from a belt in this position could cause the placenta to tear away from the uterus or can leads to other pregnancy injuries so share these tips to your pregnancy friends or partner in order to protect baby fetus growing in a safer and healthier development 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