16 And Pregnant – From Student to Teen Mom

16 And Pregnant - From Student to Teen Mom

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When Poppy turned 16 years old she got her first true boyfriend. His name was Aidan, he was super cute, and they were in a few classes together at school. In fact, they were assigned to be lab partners in chemistry class, which was unexpected but exciting for Poppy.

They hit it off right away and the more she got to know him the more she liked him. Based on everything they talked about, she thought he was a pretty great guy, a perfect first boyfriend.

They started spending more and more time together, which was great, but, sometimes she did feel that he wanted things to move a little more quickly than she did.

Poppy was raised in a very religious Catholic family – and she had been taught that they were absolutely NOT supposed to do anything intimate or serious until after marriage.

Even just at 16, a teenager, Aidan didn’t agree with going slow and abstaining until after marriage. And, because he didn’t agree, and because he felt like 16 was old enough to do anything they wanted, intimate or not, he always put a ton of pressure on Poppy to do things she didn’t want to do. She pushed back, of course, but she also probably ended up doing some things earlier than she wanted and mostly to keep him happy and with her.

One time they were just sitting around after school at her house, watching tv on her bed while her parents were both at work. They got a little bit bored so Poppy asked if he wanted something to eat, or drink, or pick another less boring movie – but instead, Aidan turned the TV off and came up close to Poppy. He stated telling her all sorts of things to convince her to fool around, maybe even to go all the way. She didn’t like this kind of pressure at all, pushed him away and told him to stop.

She told Aidan that at 16 she just wasn’t ready to take that step, wasn’t ready to do that. That made Aidan really frustrated and mad. He said he would break up with her and leave her if she didn’t do what he wanted her to do – to loser her virginity with him. She had a very hard choice to make – she didn’t want to be 16 and pregnant, of course, but she didn’t want to lose her boyfriend who she really felt that she loved.

She made the choice and ended up doing something with him that she would come to regret, and deal with for the rest of her life – she slept with him.

Fast forward about a month or two. Poppy started to feel weird and different. She started having weird cravings for strange foods that she would never usually want. She had to go to the bathroom like every five minutes.

Also, of course, she ended up feeling nauseous as well, and it got tot he point where she was throwing up every morning – she knew something wasn’t quite right and so she told her best friend what had been happening. Her friend looked at her strangely and gave a bit of a wink – “have you DONE anything lately?”

And then suddenly Poppy remembered that afternoon after school, with Aidan, when her parents were out. They went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test, but the whole time she was just thinking – no way, no way could I be pregnant.

It was positive – she was pregnant – and she and her friend just sat there in her room hugging and crying together.

Poppy has been through a lot since that day. Maybe the worst thing that happened was that she was kicked out of her house by her parents, being 16 and pregnant, and unmarried in a strict Catholic household was not something her parents would accept.she was thrown out to be on her own because her parents were so disappointed in her.

She has learned so many lessons. Like one, that you should never be taken advantage of or convinced or pressured to do something you don’t want to do.

Now she has a beautiful 3 year-old daughter that could never for a moment regret having, BUT she does regret having a baby the way she did, when she did, so young.

But she is working now at a job, going back to finish high school, and knows that she and her daughter will be fine, they’ll be great. It was just a very hard path to take.

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when I was 16 years old that was when I first had my first boyfriend his name was Aiden so I met Aiden in school and we were assigned to be a chemistry lab partners and we just hit it off and I thought he was a pretty great guy based on everything we talked about and we hung around a lot but sometimes I felt like a relationship was moving a little too fast I came from a very strict Catholic family so we aren't allowed to do anything intimate or serious until after marriage which Aidan didn't agree with Aidan always pressured me to do things I didn't want to one time we were just sitting around watching TV on my bed while my parents were at work and I asked him hey do you want something to eat or drink or maybe we could watch another movie because this one's going to boring I didn't kind of took the remote and he turned the TV off and he started telling me things things that I didn't want to hear and I just asked him please stop I'm not ready to do this I didn't kind of mad and he said he would leave me if I didn't do what he wanted me to do so I was faced with a choice that I would regret for the rest of my life I ended up doing something that I regret with him fast-forward over a month a month and a half later maybe I started feeling different I was craving more different foods that I usually wouldn't eat and then I always needed pee and sometimes I feel kind of nauseous and I remember that when I started getting nauseous and more nauseous tests were throwing up every day I told my best friend Lily and she looked I'm here and she said has he done anything lately and I asked what do you mean and then I remembered that night I was like yes yes I did it and we went to the pharmacy and we caught a pregnancy test and I took the test it came positive and I remember when I came positive Lily just held me there as I cried I went through a lot after that day I was kicked out of my house because I was pregnant but I learned quite a lesson that you should never be taken advantage of you should never be pressured in doing anything you don't want to today I have my daughter she is three years old and I don't regret having her but I do regret having her at the time I did it was much more difficult for me and right now I am working to get back to school and always remember don't do things unless you want to oh my god we totally talked about the cliff head is amol of a short you

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