14 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect – Channel Mum

14 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect - Channel Mum

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You’re now 14 weeks pregnant! Finally you can start to look forward to brighter days ahead – like getting your head out of the loo and finally getting that much spoken about pregnancy glow. Charlotte tells you what you can expect at this stage of pregnancy and discusses the symptoms – from the good the bad and the ugly. You’ll also hear from mum who are 14 weeks pregnant and see what their bumps are like – and hear how they’re feeling. But what about you? Tell us how you’re feeling at 14 weeks pregnant in the comments below.
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mumma's I would like to officially welcome you to the second trimester yep this is week 14 and it's time to settle in and get comfy because this is likely to be the trimester where you get proper bump you're not tired anymore you get the glow and you're not living with your head down a toilet so textbook say that your baby is now about eight centimeters long which is roughly the same size as half a banana or a lemon depending on which one you prefer and weight wise they are weighing in at 42 grams which is actually the same size as your average chocolate bar and yes I do think that means that celebrate by eating one up until now your baby head has been growing a lot faster than everything else but this week the body is finally starting to catch up and by the end of week 14 your baby in arms will be in proportion to the rest of its body its little legs still have some catching up to do though but it won't take long your little baby is also growing hair on their heads and their eyebrows now when you and your partner hairy babies because it might be a sign that your little one is too the cutest update for this week while baby is now able to suck their thumb which is just adorable isn't it and as well as that they are learning how to use their facial muscles now so if you could take a look in there they might be squinting and groaning and grimacing all of that stuff which it is not the stuff that actually make these all really broody if I'm honest we talked about baby but what about you how are you feeling this week and what is being 14 week present really like well here it's on a mum we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with a little bit of help from some in that so as I mentioned before you are now in the second trimester which is usually everybody's favorite trimester your bun is probably growing steadily now as starting to show but don't worry of yours isn't just yet because everybody grows at different rates and you may find it if you have previous pregnancies your belly will grow much more quickly earlier on this time around I certainly found that with my second I felt huge within weeks now if you aren't feeling really interests at don't let it get you down I know that's easier said than done but there's no magic week when everyone just magically feels better and for me personally it wasn't until I got to around 16 weeks I can feel myself starting to turn the corner and now it's time to look at those 14 week from here or how mine and some other pregnant ladies bellies looked at just 14 weeks this is my 14 week belly wise I care about when would I be in those but other than that like first thing in the morning I have no gone and avoid end of the day I had quite a big homes as you can see I'm going to get a proper little bump which is really lovely I'm trying to get used to one of the weirdest symptoms for week 14 is the introduction of baby brain now as presently these can find ourselves getting a little bit forgetful I know surprisingly it's not a myth research is actually showing that your brain alters during pregnancy and some parts of the brain get bigger but overall the brain actually decreases in sign and it's actually at its smallest when you're four – how crazy is that so what else can you expect well over on channel mum we've got vlogs for every week of pregnancy from other expectant models here at the same stage as you are right now so let's take a look and see what they said about being 14 weeks pregnant I'm definitely starting to feel better I'm not getting as many headaches now although I still get them on the occasional day and I'm feeling a lot less NIC as well implies pretty much the same I refer to understand about everything full of Dom down a bit so what a lot of tired it's been going for like seven hundred nine or nine o'clock definitely coming into the second trimester and kind of getting rid of the festmaster symptoms so that's really really good I'm feeling a little bit better thickness wise it's kind of embarrassed but only maybe twice been our mother's importance identity so that is wonderful welcoming that change so I was getting better and then I was really really sick yesterday which wasn't great at all has been really really soft with my headaches that's been really suffering and this just won't go away but pins and needles in my hand when I sleep my nails are growing super fat opposite a little bit of pain when I sneeze still in my stomach and a few poles on either side of my stomach but other than that into have been really good this week I think has grown but I don't know whether a lot of that is because I indulged in too many burgers and ice creams while I was in Florida that to me is definitely grown I've definitely popped now I've um I think people have definitely started guessing now want to enjoy this now I want to you know get my glow and get my groove on like you know be this blooming pregnant woman and be excited and not just be preoccupied with thoughts of puking on people's it's ridiculous before I go it's time to get on it with the channel mom good the bad and the ugly of being 14 weeks pregnant the good is that a little bit of a bump I see yep you're probably starting to pop now and embrace that bump you look beautiful trustus the bad if you find yourself sniffing a lot then it's actually down to nasal congestion which is really common in pregnancy – all that extra blood pumping around your body the things we go through and the ugly you started obsessing over food yep it's cravings time and you're getting really excited about things like much potato bhisma pickled onion let us know what you're craving is that the ribbon mine was always strawberries weirdly and that's it we hope you've enjoyed watching the textbook versus the truth of being 14 weeks present as always we're in this with you you're not alone so please let us know in the comments down below how you're feeling this week we really would love to hear from you and if you'd like something to watch after this then we've got tons of blogs over on channel one but every week of pregnancy including wheat 14 that will leave a link down in the description for you so you can click and get watching but that is all from me so you take care and we will see you and that little baby of yours next week you

29 thoughts on “14 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect – Channel Mum

  1. I am pregnant with my first baby! Super excited but hate gagging in front of people 😂 I still puke and yet get super hungry like if I never eaten in weeks😫 I crave a lot dunkin donut egg bagel and hashbrowns. I get stomach ache and can't tell if it's hunger or just upset stomach. My husband tells me is probably hunger😅 it's always the case

  2. Thank you so much for posting this!!!!! Ladies, don't worry….I cried during this video too!!!! lol!!!! This is my second child, and my bump is very pronounced. Still have no energy whatsoever! All of these women have makeup on and I haven't worn any in like 1 month lol. I am really craving healthy foods (of course with some pizza and hamburgers in between) I am obsessed with HEART OF PALM with salt and pepper. So good!!!!! Congratulations beautiful mamas!

  3. I’m 14 weeks tomorrow and I can’t really see a bump. I’m overweight so it’s harder to tell . I poke around to make sure baby is there and it feels like baby is sitting really low . Right above my hoo ha.

  4. I'm 14+3 and I feel absolutely horrendous!!! I feel like how I was at 7 weeks x 10. Vomiting, nausea, burps, constipation, leg cramps, thought of food is off putting, certain smells, nipples feel like they are about to fall off, hate the taste of water now, not being able to lie down cos of indigestion. I am just not enjoying this pregnancy and feel like utter poo. Not only that but my 12 week scan was a nightmare, had so many scares but all is well now. Are you sure this gets better??? 😥😑

  5. Still sick on and off. Headaches on and off. Very tired. But I can feel the baby moving which makes up for it. I wouldn’t say flutters per say like with previous pregnancies but movement and sometimes light little bumps. It’s wonderful! Helps with the paranoia of losing the baby when I can feel it bumping around a few times a day. I’ve been craving red meat like crazy. I’m also super super thirsty all the time.

  6. I’m 14 weeks with my first baby in a couple of days I feel huge already tho 😅 I never had morning sickness in my first trimester just nausea that would last a few hours in the evening also my baby brain is starting to get really forgetful lately haha can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me in the future weeks 😊

  7. Pizza cravings all week long have won! But shortly after, please pass the ginger ale- acid indigestion and heartburn are a real downer. Forgetful much? Yes! Baby bump with baby #3 is really poking out now and there’s no hiding this pregnancy any longer. Still feeling quite fatigued on most days and occasionally queasy. Overall- excited to
    Meet this little person in 26 weeks!

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