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Mia, who is 13 years old, wears a pregnancy bump for a day to find out what it might be like for her pregnant mum. What was YOUR favourite task Mia took on in this video? Leave your answer in the comments… 🙂

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how does it feel to be walking around wow it does feel like oh you've got a little present for me how very generous of you I can't take you out to a shall we basically you get to know what feels like to be me yeah I mean daddy who's headed guy that's my time was good Bismarck and Baxter family fish so you guys voted me R agreed and she is going to be pregnant for the day there's going to be treading in my footsteps training in mummy fizzes actual real-life footsteps up see I had to go wearing this pregnancy belly for a little while yeah it's not it's not the most nicest feeling in the world but it's really not going to take it off plastic backing on it if you peel this plastic backing off it's like superglue in there so we won't be doing that you're too small for it Mir it's not designed for you is it how does that feel yeah all right so how does that feel so far study quite I feel strange for me seeing Mia with a pregnant belly it's nice take your Lynne it's nice to see your daughter like that's great like that right yeah let's do it so it's actually a late to start across the dates divide loads of camera issues so if this looks different it's because we're on Mia's camera I want is going to be going to the camera graveyard because the autofocus isn't working but so having a little bit of a late start today we've already had breakfast so we're gonna be heading out now and they're just doing whatever you feel brave enough to do yeah one of the things I've been really struggling with lately as I am facing these pregnant guys so I don't have it decoded with a massive way a massive mass in front of me every day so I'm quite actually excited that means getting to know what Paul Bobbi has to go through so the first thing I struggle with every day it's putting my shoes on with the bum because you can't bend over and squash the baby it's like physically impossible it makes you make a groaning noise and it feels like you're about to stick up or your feed you just say no you can't squash the baby up you just lost your baby yeah yeah what you do is just yep yeah it's just sweetie but we're gonna let the extra extra a nice to live the days if it's a real baby we must you seem a are taking crap walking yeah but there's a crack open tonight should I take care of my baby okay then right I thought I said leg goes on we've got your seatbelt on property near yeah Denise the bum yeah doesn't feel uncomfortable sitting in a car with a seatbelt on and a big bump no no really yeah I guess maybe cuz I can't feel it like for you it must feel like it's actually like digging into your skin or as for me it doesn't I can't feel the seat belt again yeah yeah I get what you're saying yeah that's good to see underneath the bump safety first so now we're going to be heading to Starbucks America we all want to drink so we're gonna get you to place the order I took on young lady perfume yeah but how do you feel right now been actually in public right now and I must say this is one of the strangest experiences I've ever had yeah I went kicking in me I'll give you a tip just got a go with it nice drinks guys okay replace the pants yeah how does it feel to be walking around wow it's like staring at me see he's getting on my concerts okay yeah I just saw a spiced hot chocolate which it's like a bit of an oxymoron kind of iced hot chocolate please but I don't think they really cared about though weird order we've just had no I figured it's more just the fact what was going on we're now about to go to the most pregnant lady friendly place ever the big bouncy castle we're gonna see if for me it can be normal like kids and teens stuff with the privacy bump and how easily it is to fit into society here have you noticed people were just literally giving that you really funny looks well because we're on walking along the seafront there's like loads of caravans and I just noticed slavery like staring at the window looking at me and me like almost a bit horrified I did to the bumper full heavy at the moment heavy it's just a little bit itchy because it's so big on me like sticks out yeah like they're like velcro it's got nothing really to do with it being a pregnancy bump then just know like how it's made because these are actually I could end the feed bellies as well so it's like usually for the partner or somebody just to know how it feels to be pregnant for the day so it's where I keep us you know it doesn't start to feel heavy because towards the end of the day my feet ache and my back really really ache so just wondering if nearest on snows the way because I think the way she's got now is apparently the way of be right now so no other fluid all those muscles yeah don't record the trampoline well yeah you might weight yourself first you see what happens when you're pregnant we jack up and die me is really embarrassed because Sienna just ordered some tokens to go on this slide the bouncy castle you don't want to go in at da she won t I just hit a man this one she can't go on it and then he just they know what to say he did go down that water slide when we were in California yeah he's gonna have that first water slide okay right hey guys turn turn turn turn Oh done I thought you might back out for a second then you actually done it well done do you get more than one guy yeah you get slow Wow so we just had our first pic with some of the face but I'm usually it's like your thing when we go out usually have about 5 to 10 photos each time we go out and so this is our first one which we've had today see on the screen and while she's coming down there but obviously no one actually knows that Mia is wearing the fake pregnancy belly so I wonder whether some people are going to be analyzing that photo afterwards and going mmm what's going on there all these pregnant baby's developing everywhere is making us all pretty hungry even this plastic baby in there is actually making you hungry it's time to get cravings to feed it's just it's making me want to create my own bump our food so you had a nice time on the trampoline get some lunch your token all right yeah sure so you don't need any assistance it really relieves me from it oh wow you actually lift it up baby okay that's nice but I just need to turn this log camera back on so don't mean to embarrass mommy fears but just in case this is the moment I need to repeat what she just said right when I'm so hot and I'm kind of sweating I'm not sure if my water broken or if I'm just sweating so it's tomorrow the videos late then you know why you've heard it if that's what's just happened made it into town guides exceptionally busy is Sunday daytime you know we're always telling you to get your comfort zone and then it makes everything else in your life feel much easier when you're doing something we love it if we're got to say this is probably more difficult than when I done it I think for me it to be doing it as a 13 in the hood so everything else in life is going to feel well easy after this I reckon you you doing really well even though obviously it's no big deal like what's she doing she's got a piece of plastic attached to her stomach but it's these things where we always like give them some sort of I don't know extra significance where we feel really paranoid or nervous or anxious about things and it's always about that exposure you know what we said when we went up the world's tallest building and then we went down that glass slide like the more you do something I'm not necessarily saying pretend you're pregnant right the more often you do something what you feel in fear of then it's easier and then you're not in fear of it you're just so fearless we just walk past there by even eating well this is a buffet by the way guys Sonia's probably feeling a bit about the case people fingers got food baby yeah really you know what that happened to me when I had it on it happened to me as well because you feel the pressure on your like intestines all the time so it feels that UV and even though you haven't ate your brakes and listen tonight you've like eight or nine yeah some might say that this food is like the type of food that song of morning sickness yeah I just don't feel hungry how on earth just one thing in there I passed a big too high no one's happened like yes you've got a real life honey I know but initially were you eating a lot initially though no no all right I would say so maybe it was that pressure to start with and then actually not so hungry washing that needs to be dealt with when I feel it's only fair that the young prep and lady experience is what it is like for the whole department lately if I submit some dry well they should be dry some towels in the tumble dryer how are you coping with having that big lump in front of you fine you able to navigate your way down there digitalis for dry yeah I don't know that damn thing we need to put them in for a little bit longer when you have a baby on laid you have a lot of washing but so now you've done that the washing with the bug and that was relatively yeah you don't work now you need some playtime now I think you should get to know what it feels like to bounce on the trampoline but you didn't want to do an area in public did you you do feel like doing out the kids there did you so let's find out what it's like bouncing on the trampoline I'm kind of loves for this I feel like this is just gonna probably end up coming off me because it's not super tight I disappear hanging on me do you feel like it's easier for you or nice when I go a trampoline it feels terrible like this that we relieve me of the pressure of this two point five kilogram use with pregnancy bomb yeah you got a good workout actually yeah it's the most exercise you've done in months what was worse the actual habit affirming is way around and it's scratched into you sir this has got all the bells around stickiness always it the fact that you looked like to other people pregnant I don't really like the way it doesn't feel that heavy did you get that darn yeah I guess but the God swear word sounds a little bit annoying an itchy but yeah I also felt that weird like people are thinking that is pregnant that as the stray yes especially will come after you're pregnant but gradually going up there [Applause] exactly are you having a laugh compare bow but that's gonna be the end of today's video guys hopefully that's helped you think about getting a becomes own habits and finally what's next your little getting out of your comfort zone and you're pregnant guys yeah I wondered our teenager sky belly and if you haven't why don't you get some of them at foam Prescott probably well together fake pregnancy belly you should just take the last six days you have remaining now to get yourself some of this treasure others merch which is basically all about treasure others being yourself so be yourself whatever you want to do whoever you want to be as long as you're not hurting anyone else if you want to walk along with a fake pregnancy belly on if you ain't had anyone else it doesn't matter just be yourself shine we're all born to shine we're all made of Stardust so therefore you can choose to shine click subscribe as well join the fit songs you make video every single days we'll see you again tomorrow thanks for watching

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