12 Weeks Pregnant Vlog

12 Weeks Pregnant Vlog

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Welcome to my weekly pregnancy Vlog! I am very happy to be pregnant again after recurrent miscarriages. In this video I keep it real as per usual & show you how I listen to my babies heartrate at home.

Doppler Link:

I can’t find the exact same doppler on amazon but this is the one I used to have 🙂

hey guys curly Susie here from Cape Breton Nova Scotia welcome to my 12 week pregnancy vlog if you are new to my channel I have a channel that is primarily about how to style naturally curly hair which is probably kind of hard for you guys to believe right now because it is pouring rain outside and so my hair is a little bit crazy but anyway I have always wanted to do pregnancy vlogs and so if you like this video please subscribe to my channel because I'm going to be doing updates every single week before I get right into the vlog I'm just going to talk about something really quick and then I'm gonna try not to dwell on it too much but just a little bit of my background I do have a two and a half year old son Wilson my pregnancy with him was like super easy I got pregnant right away and even my birth and my delivery and all of that was like textbook easy peasy and then about a year and a half after we had him my husband and I started trying to have another baby and I got pregnant pretty much right away and I was pregnant for 12 weeks and then I ended up having what is called a missed miscarriage so I was almost 13 weeks but the baby had passed away just before the 8 week mark and so I had a very like just horrific miscarriage and I did make a video about that and I will post it but it was very challenging for me and then about four months later I got pregnant again and I had another miscarriage right before the 8 week mark and that one wasn't physically as traumatizing but it was still really hard on me so this is my after that I had chemical pregnancy so this I would say is like my fourth time being pregnant in like a year so it's been like a really hard year for me the reason that I feel so comfortable vlogging this pregnancy is because I had an ultrasound and everything looked perfect the baby's heartbeat is strong and I'm gonna actually I have like a little Doppler so I'm gonna let you guys listen to the baby's heartbeat today in this video and then all pardon me and the other thing is that let's say something bad does happen eventually I feel like my youtube family really really helped me to get through those difficult times and I feel like I helped a lot of people out there by making the video about my miscarriage and so I just want to share this whole journey with you guys like regardless of the outcome so anyway that being said I know that sounds like a downer but I am thinking very positively I'm 12 weeks pregnant I was gonna start blogging this pregnancy at 8 weeks but I absolutely couldn't because I was so sick and that's what I'm gonna start talking about right now I'm gonna talk about my symptoms probably between week 8 and right now so today is a good day today I feel like is like a new day or let's say three days ago I started feeling a little bit better up until that point I was so ill and just so nauseated that I couldn't do anything I think I had one day where I filmed a hair video because I'd half-decent morning and I was home but other than that I haven't been able to do anything you guys have follow me you know I only work like three days a week I do work as a registered nurse and the thing that kind of saved me is that I have no morning sickness so when I wake up in the morning until around one o'clock in the afternoon I was perfectly fine and then the nausea would start at 1 2 o'clock 3 o'clock it would get a little bit worse then I would get off of work and by the time I got home from work I would be in agony like I mean so nauseated that I couldn't even function I just was like pacing around my house I would have to go in my bedroom and I downloaded this like anti-nausea soothing music on YouTube I know it sounds ridiculous but that's how desperate I was and I would just blast that in my ear and I tried everything so I met with my doctor because I probably had I probably had a 5 day stretch where I ate nothing like I might have eaten two pieces of toast and some juice and some Gatorade and couldn't eat anything at all so my doctor did tell me that it was okay for me to take gravol I was taking grab all and zofran and it still wasn't really cutting it I was just battling like I was just trying to take it one day at a time and just trying not to be like super depressed and just kind of trying to make it through each day and speaking of being depressed are not somebody that normally suffers from anxiety and depression but when I'm pregnant I usually get anxiety and depression for the first 12 weeks and it's not really related to the pregnancy or like fear or anything like that I think it's just brought on by hormones and I'm just like super down in the dumps so my first 12 weeks were not fun I had extreme exhaustion and extreme nausea and again I was having to take multiple different things for nausea and just basically barely making it through the day in these pregnancy videos I'm gonna talk about supplements I'm taking and talk about like medications and things like that but I just want you guys to know that everything that I've taken I have discussed with my doctor and each pregnant person is very different and so just because I say that I was taking gravol or I was taking something like that I'm not recommending that you do it I'm recommending that you go and talk to your doctor about it and I mean I really mean that but I will mention that so I was taken gravol and I was taking Szold friend and I also had to start taking an iron supplement because I am like sort of anemic I've always been sort of anemic if I don't watch what I'm eating all the time my hemoglobin drops pretty fast and because I wasn't able to eat at all my hemoglobin was kind of going down the tubes at the same time which it was making me like more exhausted more nauseated and just making me not want to eat anything at all and so the iron supplements were just adding fuel to the fire like they just tear my stomach apart and like I wasn't eating anything so it was really bothering me and making me really just feel like constipated and bloated and just awful so I had an awful I'd say four weeks were awful like from week until now have been unbelievable I feel like unless you've been through it you can't even imagine how sick I was um but anyway so I'm back to normal if now I'm just trying to eat small meals and eat healthy and drink lots of water and I'm back to taking my prenatal vitamins and I'm able to take my iron and I'm not having to take anything for nausea right now so I'm feeling a little bit better and I'm feeling like making these videos so hopefully starting next week the videos will be a little bit shorter and I'll be able to talk about just my symptoms for the week so those are my symptoms up to the 12-week mark extreme nausea extreme exhaustion I was kind of depressed I was just feeling bad about myself in general did you ever wake up in the morning and you're just like I'm disgusting I'm hideous my body is gross like I just was so down on myself which I am not normally like like normally when I'm pregnant and my body starts to change I put on a ton of fluid when I was pregnant with my son I didn't get hung up on that I was like this is amazing I'm making a person who cares I'll get back in shape eventually like I'm super easygoing I wore tight-fitting clothes I was chubby everywhere my face was troubling my arms were chubby I didn't care I just was so happy to be pregnant um but the last 12 weeks I just felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and just fat and I just kept saying negative things about myself and it just again like it wasn't a good 12 weeks but I feel like I'm on the other side of that now so the other weird symptoms I have I had with my son one of them is that like I get razor burn super easily so it's like really hard for me to shave like my legs my bikini line on my armpits which is brutal when it's the summer and you have a pool and you have people over all the time no matter what I use to try to shave my legs I get like Superbad razor burn and it's weird because it only happens to me when I'm pregnant so I'm just like itchy my skin is kind of acting up I don't really suffer from headaches or anything like that I do have sore boobs but than crazy and one thing I want to mention too if you're watching this and you're either like earlier in your pregnancy or around the same amount pregnant as I am is that throughout all of this and all of these symptoms that I was having I did have a few days in my first trimester where I just didn't have any symptoms for two days so because of my history I just automatically assumed that there was something wrong with the baby or that I wasn't pregnant anymore but then the good news is that like two days later my symptoms returned and I'm having a perfectly healthy pregnancy so if you're watching this and you're not having any symptoms it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong when I was pregnant with my son I barely had any symptoms at all and he was perfectly healthy everybody on YouTube always lists like their pregnancy cravings but unfortunately and very disappointingly to me I have had no cravings I had the extreme opposite so I just didn't want to eat anything at all nothing sounds good to me even like crackers and things that make me feel good like I just forced myself to eat them when I was feeling better in the very beginning I was kind of craving soup a little bit and salty things but really over the last four weeks I haven't been craving anything things that have helped a little bit like I said our crackers playing french fries I've eaten a few popsicles water with lemon in it and speaking of lemons like when I was really really nauseated one of the things that helped when I couldn't even drink water was that I had like a bunch of lemon slices in a baggie and I would hold them under my nose and smell the lemons guys that is how pathetic I was we're gonna talk about the baby a little bit and the app I have been using is the pregnancy plus app and I'll show you why if I can find it I'm looking for so this is the pregnancy plus app I don't really like any of the pregnancy apps anymore because I just read through all of the information on them so I just feel like I'm just reading the same things over and over again but it says that this week and week 12 your baby is now both the size the Kiwi however even at this size is still difficult to determine the sex on an ultrasound your baby now has the ability to open and close its fist and make sucking movements with the muscles in its mouth it's just a matter of time before the thumb and mouth meet all of the organs of your baby's digestive system are developing and to look into their final shapes including the stomach the stomach oh my god the stomach liver pancreas and intestines even your baby's lungs are practicing breathing but only with the amniotic fluid so anyway that's a little bit about the baby and what I like the most about this app is like I don't know how well you can see that but the graphic of the baby is really real looking and detailed and you can actually hear like the fluid and you can hear the heartbeat once the heartbeat starts beating and then the other thing is you press this little ruler and it gives you the approximate size of the baby so this is a scale you know picture the baby if I hold it up to my belly I can get a sense of how big the baby actually is so my husband actually really likes this too you can do like a 3d look at the baby um yeah I just really like that and so you know I don't want to have too many things downloaded on my phone because I find I run out of storage on my phone all the time but this was the app I chose if there's a better app or an app that you guys like more then please let me know but basically that's what's been going on with the baby up into this point I had a few tests done so I did have an early ultrasound just because of my history and that was I was nine and a half weeks and the baby was measuring perfectly and the heartbeat was 170 which I'm going to talk about in a minute um so when my husband and I went to that ultrasound it was a really big deal for me because my last two pregnancies when I went for my ultrasound there was no heartbeat and the baby was no longer living so when I got there and the ultrasound technician said like do you want to see the baby and turn the screen and we could see the heartbeat and everything like that was just a really great moment for us so that made me really happy and then the other thing that I did aside from having blood work and stuff that is I did have my first OB appointment and your first OB appointment is pretty much the same everywhere I'm pretty sure they just asked you a ton of health history questions make sure you know what not to eat and make sure that you're following healthy diet and that you're not like having depression and that you have the supports that you need and I was only ten week so my OB didn't listen for the baby's heartbeat and that's one thing that was causing me like a little bit of stress so I did get one of these this is a baby Doppler and this is by sauna line B you can get this on Amazon I borrowed this from my friend but I ordered one my first pregnancy and then I ended up giving it away but this works really really well and it gives me a lot of peace of mind the only thing that I will say is depending on your own Anatomy and where your baby is sitting in your uterus you might not be able to find the heartbeat for like 12 13 14 weeks like it might be hard for you to find I was lucky enough to be able to find it around ten weeks but guys the baby is so low at that point the baby is basically like sitting behind your pubic bone so you have to hold it down really low and be really patient but I'm gonna show you guys like a little clip of the heartbeat so this is my heartbeat and you can tell here's the beat that has been giving me a lot of peace of mind this was like my real only pregnancy purchase I've got since this pregnancy started and I'm really really glad that I have it and when I say pregnancy purchase I'm just saying that out of habit but I borrowed this but you can purchase this on Amazon and I will leave a link below so let's talk about the baby's heart rate a little bit and I'm gonna kind of wrap things up a bit so the baby's heart rate was 170 and based on the old wives tale if the heart rate is above 145 or 140 or something it's a girl so here comes my big dilemma I honestly feel like I'm having another boy I've got all the stuff for a boy I have a boy Wilson has two cousins that live directly across the street that are like his siblings they're similar in age and they are two little girls so I just think it would be nice for him to have another little boy to play with and but since I heard that the heartbeat was high now I just have it in my mind that I'm having a girl and we have no girl names so I'm gonna talk about this a little bit more next week in next week's video you guys know any unique girl names that are pretty please please post them in the comments section below because this is driving me and my husband crazy we are gonna find out the gender and maybe we are having a boy and then we don't have to worry about it but that won't be for another month so it's until that time comes I am going to be obsessing about finding girl names alright so now I'm going to show you the bump shot and guys I'm only 12 weeks my uterus is only as big as a grapefruit but I definitely definitely have a bump I think more so than when I was pregnant the first time because your body is already you know it's already been stretched into that position so I just think that you're like uterus it's more forward in your stomach and everything just kind of sticks out a bit more plus I'm bloated this is where I really notice kind of that funny shape and it's very hard in there and so I think it's a combination of like bloating and again like the shape of my uterus but there's a little bump for 12 weeks very happy about it I am somebody who tries to keep like a positive body image throughout my pregnancy so you know my pregnancy with Wilson I was not a cute pregnant person I put on a lot of fluid and I put on about 40 pounds but I'm just trying to be happy you know that I'm pregnant and kind of embrace every stage that I go through so I know my guys thank you so much for watching if you are pregnant along with me please leave that in the comment section below if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you didn't like this video give it a thumbs down subscribe to my channel and I will see you next week in my pregnancy update video bye

30 thoughts on “12 Weeks Pregnant Vlog

  1. I am so glad you are feeling a bit better, I have been praying for you so often. I will keep praying, you are so sweet, keep your chin up, you deserve a happy, healthy baby.
    Ps… Your accent is so darling. ❤️💜❤️

  2. Oh my goodness, we are almost exactly the same gestational age… ? I'm 13 weeks right now (one week after you posted your 12 week video).

    Praying for you and baby. I've miscarried too and it certainly makes subsequent pregnancies feel more precarious. ❤️

  3. Oh Susie I'm so excited for you! I have followed you through all of your pregnancies since Wilson and I'm so glad it's going better this time. I will be sending all the good vibes your way. ❤

  4. I'm also pregnant, 19 weeks now
    I have had an ectopic pregnancy last year and a miscarriage after that. This time it's going great. Will be my first baby. I think it's important to share the bad and the good. Many women experience the same.

  5. I am soooo happy for you!!! I follow your curly girl videos and remember you have had quite tough time so now I wish you the very best for the months to come and congratulations!!!❤️❤️❤️

  6. Btw…my 13 and 11 year old daughters were adopted through foster care. We struggled through 17 years of pcos-related infertility before fostering. So I'm completely invested in your story.

  7. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you and your family, and excited to hear all about your pregnancy!

    You mentioned that your skin was really itchy. I got the same thing when I was pregnant with my daughter. The only thing that helped was the Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Super Rich Body Cream with Shea Butter. I was miserable until I started using that. Fortunately, I didn’t experience this with my two boys.

  8. You asked for names for girls. I have two beautiful granddaughters, almost 4 years and 17 months (and a 10 month old grandson). Liviana Addison is the 4 year old's name, and Areille Marie is the youngest. I think they are pretty names, and somewhat unique! (If you need a boy's name, lol, my grandson's name is Tyson Carter).

  9. Congratulations! The sickness is such a bummer but hopefully the worst is over for you. Chewing really strong minty gum helped me a lot with my morning sickness. I always kept those carnation breakfast shakes around for when I knew I was like "sick" hungry and needed to eat to not be sick, but couldn't eat real food because I was sick. Best wishes to you Suzie!

  10. Love that you’re doing these videos. My daughter’s name is Gemma. It means “gem of Christ” and is the actual word for Jewel in Italian. Very unique here in the States but popular not sure about your area.

  11. Congratulations Susie!! Fellow curly girl here, also an RN, and currently 13 weeks pregnant! I’m so happy for you and glad you’re starting to feel a bit better. I to have been quite nauseous throughout my pregnancy and very very tired! I love following along with your pregnancy journey.
    Some girl names I’ve been liking are Charlotte, Julianna, Sophie, and Emelia. I’ve been having a hard time with boy names! Looking forward to your next video!

  12. Congratulations!! I’m happy for you. I never have trouble with depression but every 5 of my pregnancies I had first trimester depression. I think it’s hormonal. That app looks really cool. I would have loved to have that app to share with my other kids when I was pregnant.

  13. hi Susie, you are so sweet to be so open and vulnerable with your story. I know the miscarriages must have been horrible painful, in every way. Have you had your MTHFR genes checked? If you have that, and a lot of people do, that can cause miscarriage. You would need to find someone to do the genetic check. I'm past having babies, but if I was having miscarriages, I would DEFINATELY get that checked. Please consider it.

  14. Susie! I’m so happy for you. You recently messaged me back about my recent miscarriage last month. I have been afraid to try again, but even though you have had more troubles since your first miscarriage, I feel so hopeful seeing you happy again. I found out my baby stopped developing right near 13 weeks, but I didn’t know until at my 16 week appointment. Ugh! It was terrible. I feel like I would be so anxious until baby safely arrives, but you sound like you are doing great. I think having the Doppler would help. I will be praying for you and baby!!

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