10 TOP TIPS FOR NEW MUMS | Zoè Wallace

10 TOP TIPS FOR NEW MUMS | Zoè Wallace

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Hey and welcome back to my channel! Todays video is my top 10 tips for new mums! From sleeping to having family around. I hope you enjoy this video!

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so I've just gone to film and the minute that I sit in the window I press the record button it's just that it's snowing so I am over the moon I want it stick so bad hi hi hello my name's away and welcome back to my channel and if you're new here then hi thank you so so much thank you so so much for clicking on this video please subscribe Jeremy little family that I've got here and it means so much to me thank you for watching and thank you for clicking on my video Oh today I'm going to do my own top 10 tips for new moms if you're already been in one before you might find some of these tips useful but this is my list going off my own experience and I do apologize for the noise in the background because my son is currently watching Peppa Pig so if you can either hear a Peppa Pig I could hear him show you in I'm so so sorry I'll try and edit edit to out the best I can so let's get right into the video the first thing that is on my list is sleep when your baby sleeps now this is so important because you will be drained you will have no energy so the best time to sleep is when the baby sleeps if there take three naps a day you sleep for them freeing up to their if they're all asleep Couture's app just six hours a nap you can catch up on that sleep in the day and that is key don't think about doing anything else don't think about housework think about family your friends dropped a collect nothing when your paper goes down for a nap you go down for a nap too so the second thing on my list is try and get into a routine now this is harder than it sounds and I totally agree with that because I struggle to learn little by to get in a routine but it does come the more you try and try the routine will come to you if it's a bedtime routine if it's a routine through the day whether it gets at naps anything like that just try and push it and push it and it will be stressful but what part of parenting isn't what per a permit in isn't stressful so the next one is that enjoy your baby as it does go quickly they're literally your baby growing up we'll go in the flash of an eye it doesn't feel that two minutes ago that I could birth to a little bite and knows eight months old and it's like words that time gone so really do enjoy all the loving they're doing and dry everything that comes with parenting because as stressful and emotional and happy and everything that comes with it as how does it can be it's the most amazing thing ever so the next one is controversal and what masked spectrums are a bit both breast is best now if you can't breastfeed oh don't feel comfortable breastfeeding and that's fine use formula no one's gonna hate you for that no one's gonna judge you for the way you decide to forego end of the day it's your body and it's your child as well the way you decide to pay is totally down to you know I wanted to breastfeed I really did because obviously breast is best to getting most nutrients when the poor layer then being breastfed they're gonna get everything they need and I just really wanted to try it because I don't want to have any more children so trying to even breastfeed was really important to me but because they had such a traumatic labor I just couldn't do it and I hope mike said no and that is fine that is fine if you choose to formula feed your child that is fun nobody can judge you for your decision I repeat you decide to breastfeed nobody can judge you for that decision so breast is best but if you decide to use formula then that is fine so the next one is one that I really lived by and that's bad visitors in the first couple of days now people are gonna wanna call Rena see yah chard the one I grew around and you know give you gifts for the new arrival they're gonna want to see him I heard they're gonna want to get you know to know the other little bundle of joy book you need time to recover you've just been through a traumatic labor you've got this new human being in your home that you've never had before you need to settle in you need to get yourself sorted and you need to take them first few days as a family it doesn't matter about anybody else there will still be there in a couple of days time and there can still welcome your new bundle of joy they can still give you gifts they can still meet them yet they can still have could always everything like this just give that first few days to yourself and that's what I did I was really really glad that I did that because in the first few days we will adjust camera and we start over Chinese and we looked after a song and that's all we did and we could sleep we could eat we could do whatever whenever we needed to because as well once people around is can stressful when you're trying to deal with a bear bear and they're just I want to hold them out to do this out to do that it can't get on top of you so maybe just take their first few days after the birth to adjust as a family and then have as many people around that you want to so the next one it's housework do not worry about housework won't keep giving birth that is a last thing that you need to worry about and again this comes in hand would not having visitors because if you have visitors you're gonna feel pressured to keep everything tidy and that's the last thing you need and it's gonna be really hurting babies make a lot of mess even though they're not doing nothing especially when you're up in the now and you're doing but also you changing the bomb and your baby is sick the changing clothes is a lot to do and just do it at your own pace don't feel faster constantly doing housework enjoy your baby take time out to sit down with Rob a bit and do the things that you need to do as a mom and as a DAP don't feel fast to do housework but the next one on my list is don't Google everything now Google is a really good tool but it can be a real about tool and you know yourself if you go to your on center symptoms you could be having a brain tumor you could be having a seizure even we perfect the farm it's really misleading and it can really worry or when you googled things about the child as well please don't Google anything just contact a midwife and that leads me on to my next point is if anything concerns you about you or your bear-bear after you birth contact you midwife contact your health visitor contact your GP any medical professional and they will see you and that's the best way to go around it doctor googling because you're gonna really cause extreme wear for yourself so my next one is be prepared for a thought of mixed emotions after birth know after birth you really are gonna feel a lot of different emotions it's no you've just been for a traumatic experience and your hormones are definitely all over the place you're gonna feel I'm sure she's gonna feel excited you're gonna feel sad you're gonna feel you know every emotion every emotion possible and Nix can be really overwhelming it can be a really overwhelming feeling when you are feeling these all these emotions at once and it will happen after only baby as well every now and then you will get this real sort of emotions where you don't know what to read all of its cried or whether to smile and it is a lot it is a lot to take on Oh burn with the emotions breathe through it and it will pass it is totally normal it is totally normal to feel all these emotions at once so again this leads me on to my last point which is the most important point if you are feeling down if you are feeling happy if you are feeling excited talk about how you feel it and also talk about how your coughing let somebody know what is going on if you're feeling happy that you know any emotion talk to somebody about it because if it's unusual then you can be given the help that you need because portal depression is very common so what people pass off as the usual memories can be something more serious so please please please just recheck how people think that you need it talk to people about how you feel it and how you can't bend that's what medical professionals were there for that's what your friends are there for and that's what your family surfer Derr Derr to help you they're there to help you with your child there is no shame in asking for help and I promise you that through someone who's been through that personal experience for yourself and I will link that video I don't belong for someone who's been through that it's really really hard to ask for help and I totally understand that but if you think you need some help just reach out there is a lot of people willing to help yeah and I'm even willing to help you if you want to speak to me thing you know my socials are don't belong let me know I'm willing to talk to her lack said I've been frozen back and I will help you I don't mind so I'll do anything for my subscribers literally you're all like my little fun where is it my top ten tips we've been a new mom but you enjoyed this video it is still summer when it's odd just a little up there on that and alright please like and subscribe if you haven't already it means so much to me I said I've got a family of last 60 people born earlier and I love it saw so much that people like to sit and watch my videos it's it's amazing and most of videos that I do are for you so let me know anything that you want see you down below I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give it a big thumbs up subscribe and I shall see you in my next video

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