10 Things to Expect in Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

10 Things to Expect in Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

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on the third month of pregnancy which marks the beginning of the second trimester your baby bump may start to really show as your unborn child grows ears eyes fingerprints and packs on the pounds moms-to-be can also expect these Pleasant and uncomfortable changes in the second trimester of pregnancy say goodbye to nausea and morning sickness and hello to a research of energy thanks to less demand on your body now that the placenta is fully grown heartburn a particularly annoying symptom from the first trimester may transfer into the second with associated acid indigestion bloating gas and constipation many moms-to-be complain about sinus congestion in their second trimester it can often be so severe that it causes snoring at night painful swelling of the ankles and feet as you carry around extra pregnancy weight is an uncomfortable side effect of the second trimester many call it pregnancy brain but what they're referring to is that dizzy forgetful phase that pregnant women suffer in the second trimester now that your appetite is returned cravings may begin in the second trimester increasing your appetite for some pretty wacky food combinations that sought after pregnancy glow often kisses women in their second trimester of pregnancy as a result of increased natural oils as you cope with raging hormones swollen ankles constipation and weight gain your sex drive might diminish on the other hand some expectant moms experience a stronger sex drive half of all pregnant women suffer with varicose veins during the second trimester these rather embarrassing bulging veins can become painful and even turn into blood clots pregnancy puts excess pressure on the lower body which can restrict blood flow and result in hemorrhoids or varicose veins in the rectal area to learn more go to active feet Comm to read the full article or check out some of these related videos

17 thoughts on “10 Things to Expect in Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

  1. I'm 22wks preggo and I'm thankful i never had to experience the pain of having the pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and lost of appetite except of headaches though. To be able to eat anything i want was the best part of it and craving for good stuff and not junkie. Now I'm only having trouble to at night because of uncomfortableness. But other than that..I'm all good! Especially with my lil monkey moves a lot☺️😍😍

  2. Not even has the energy in the second trimester, nor is not everyone free from nausea and sickness. Appetite also doesn't always happen to everyone either. EVERY SINGLE PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT!

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